Comparing The 3 BEST Premium Tier Credit Cards | WHICH IS BEST FOR 2024?

Now the three most premium credit cards Out on the market right now is the AmEx Platinum Card the Chase Sapphire reserve And the Capital One Venture X out of the Three we're gonna go over which card is Best for you and what strategy you Should take in order to maximize the Value from every single one of these Cards now the way I see this video it's Like comparing Charizard to Venusaur and Blastoise this is like the three final Evolution starter Pokemon and I'd Consider these cards really to be the Best so let's break it down in this Video we're gonna make it super easy to Understand and the way I'm going to Structure this is first of all just go Over the brief benefits and welcome Bonuses currently at the time of filming This video on these cards we'll also go Over the credit score that you actually Need in order to get approved and then Towards the end of this video we're Going to be going over the pros and the Cons of each card and I'll give you the Exact formula on knowing which card is Best for you so first card Amex Platinum This here is widely considered to be the Best Elite Tier credit card for a long Time because of of its a wide range of Benefits and let me tell you even within My wallet the Platinum Card it literally Has the weight to back it up it is Literally one of the heaviest cards that

I have within my setup and currently the Public offer on the welcome bonus is 80 000 points after spending six thousand Dollars in six months now the annual fee On this card here is going to be 695 Dollars it's going to be the highest out Of the three in terms of its earning Rates very simple you get 5x points on Flights booked directly with the airline Or through Amex travel on up to 500 000 Per year you get 5x points on prepaid Hotels booked with AMX travel and then 1X points on all other purchases there Is a lot of benefits with this card and If I took my time going through this It's going to be a long video so if you Guys need a full rundown of all the Benefits and knowing how to maximize it Be sure to watch this video that's gonna Pop out here for now here's the benefits On your screen Now the recommended credit score on Getting the AmEx Platinum is 680 on the Minimum but I have seen people with a Shot up score of 650 still getting Approved next up the Chase Sapphire Reserve this card here is very Comparable to the AmEx Platinum it has a Lower annual fee though of 550 but the Benefits stack up pretty well so first Of all welcome bonus offer 60 000 bonus Points after spending four thousand Dollars in three months with this card You're also going to be getting 10x

Points on prepaid hotels and rental cars Booked through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal you get 5x points on Flights booked with Chase 3x points on Dining at restaurants takeout and food Delivery and then 3x points on all other Travel purchases now the main benefits With this card you get a 50 point value Boost with the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal you also get access to the Ultimate Rewards portal that we've said Probably four times in a row by now but This portal is great you can transfer Your points out you can book flights Hotels and it's kind of like Experian Just think of that except you have it Within your own Chase account now this Card also comes with a 300 annual Travel Credit on all flight hotel rental car Purchases the whole purchases train Stuff anything pretty much related to The broad category of travel now similar To the platinum card and by the way I'll Just mention it also has this on the Capital One Venture X Card you get free Global Entry TSA pre-check credits and You also get priority pass select Membership for access to over 1300 Airport lounges worldwide now I think Chase is a bit harder to get approved For I'd highly recommend that you have a Score of at least 700 in order to get Qualified for this card now the third Card Capital One Venture X this is what

I consider to be more of a sleeper card And I even labeled this to be one of the Best underrated travel credit cards for This year but there is a bit of a catch So first of all this card is considered To be one of the most elite cards within Capital One setup a lot of people also Forget that within Capital One they're Very strict on the cards that you can Get they have wacky rules where instead Of you not getting approved because you Have a bad credit score they tend to not Accept applicants of people who have Really good scores because they seem to Be a bit more against people who are Maximizing and optimizing the whole Credit card point to Miles game and We'll talk a bit more about that later On but with regards to details for this Card it actually has the lowest annual Fee out of the other two which is at 395 Dollars a year now this card also has a Very solid welcome bonus offer of 75 000 Bonus miles after spending four thousand Dollars in the first three months with The earning rates you get 10x miles on Hotels and rental cars booked through Capital one's travel portal you get 5x Miles on flights book through that same Portal and then 2x miles on all other Purchases now here are the benefits you Get a 300 annual Travel credit when you Book through the capital and travel Portal so it is not as flexible to use

As the Chase Sapphire Reserve but it is Not as difficult either though as the AmEx Platinum now you get the TSA Pre-check with this card the global Entry and you also get access to Capital One lounges as well as Plaza premium and Then also the priority pass membership Now each one of these cards is also Going to have their own own Hotel Collection benefit I think out of the Three Amex Platinum definitely comes out Ahead because they give you access to The Fine hotel resorts collection where They give you even more benefits so it's Upgrades if it's available but I've Noticed that I've been getting upgrades Almost I would say 80 percent of the Time on top of that you get extremely Late checkout that you don't really see Within other card issuers and on top of That it seems like American Express gets A bit more recognized with hotels rather Than if you're pulling up Chase's Hotel Collection program or even Capital ones Your miles may vary on this it just Depends on the hotel who's running the Management there but that has just been My own experience now with capital Adventure X the recommended credit score Is actually going to be low I mentioned This earlier but the recommended score Is going to be lower than 700 so if you Have anything above 720 you're gonna Have a harder time than getting approved

Than if someone had like a 690 credit Score so I would never say go ahead and Intentionally tank your credit score but If you're desperate in getting a card Like this and you also qualify for the Rules because there's a lot of nitty Gritty rules with a lot of these credit Cards like as an example of Capital One You can only have two personal credit Cards and they make you space it out Within a I believe six month period like There's a lot of things like this if you Guys need a way to keep track of all the Rules I actually went ahead and put it Into our notion template this is Completely free check out the link Down Below in the description get my template And then go into the index section of All the major rules for the banks and Then you could refer to that so now that We covered the general benefits the Welcome bonus offers how do all of them Compare now in terms of the welcome Bonus offer out of all of these three Cards I think American Express comes out On top just because they don't confine You to having to spend a huge amount Within just three months they're Allowing you to spend it up to on half a Year you get six months in getting that Minimum spend requirement and then it's Also the value of these points American Express tends to go a pretty long way if You know how to redeem your points and

If you don't I also made a full guy Talking about that on my channel as well The winner is going to be American Express on the welcome bonus offer but In terms of the points itself I'm gonna Have to give that to Chase Chase has Always been very flexible with their Ur Points and if you don't want to go Through all the hassle of transferring Your points out trying to find an Upgrade availability see you know it it Does take more work you can always go Ahead and just use your points within The Ultimate Rewards portal and find That you still get a decent Redemption Of anywhere from two to even 5 Cent per Point in terms of anything else though Annual fee I think that's important Regardless of all the benefits you get I Know some people are Balling on a budget And the annual fee award is definitely Going to go to Capital One in terms of Card Prestige feeling like a baller MX Platinum wins that second place Chase Sapphire Reserve third place Capital Adventure X in terms of ease of use of The card benefits I would say Chase Sapphire Reserve comes out on top Amex Platinum comes down on second now it is Very close it's a tie almost because the Chase Sapphire Reserve does not have as Many credits as the Platinum Card does But it is just so easy to use like that 300 travel credit it just flies out of

Your wallet very quick Amex platinum on The other hand and if you happen to be Using a lot of the things that they're Giving you in those benefits on that big Screen we mentioned you may value Amex Platinum way more than the Chase Sapphire reserve and this just comes Down to Independent personal spending Habits and your preference of where you Shop so if you're someone who likes Using Uber versus Lyft or you like using Ubereats versus something like instacart Or doordash that's when you can start Seeing the Fine Line thinning through Coming up on which one may be best for You what am I doing here what am I I'm a Fish I'm a fish I would say though if You're someone who travels a lot I think The AmEx Platinum is going to be the Best one for you but with that being Said I think this might change in the Next year because Amex Platinum was King As the travel premium card you get Airline incidental fee credits you just Get the luxury status behind it you even Get things like Marriott bonvoy Gold Hilton gold like you get Hotel statuses All for free with this card that some of These other cards aren't giving you now The reason why I think Chase Sapphire Reserve is on the up is because Chase May makes a bank JP Morgan is not just Like a small Contender I don't even see Them within the same realm of competing

With other issuers like Capital One or Even like city as an example Chase's Top Dog and with that Top Dog status they Are investing into a really nice top dog Places for us to all go woof Woof what Some of these lounges are very nice one Of the most recent ones that we talked About on this channel that they open up I saw videos I've seen people's Instagram stories and the food is Infinitely better it's not crowded as The Centurion lounges and it just seems Like a much better experience and it Seems like Chase is just investing way More into some of their higher tier Cards while it seems like American Express has taken a little bit back just Recently I made a video talking about The AmEx Platinum major rule changes Because it looks like they're trying to Thin out a lot of the lounge people like The Centurion Lounge accessors so it can Be more of a viable card so until then It's gonna be a tight fit but if I were To start over again I would definitely Prefer the Platinum Card just because of Things like even like purchase Protection travel protection American Express is Splendid and by the way guys If I'm using these weird words outside Of my lexicon like Splendid you gotta Realize that it's really good that's me Trying to say it's fantastic so I made a

Lot of videos on that too purchase Protection warranty protection travel Protection Amex is probably one of the Best but case is going to be second Place and then I've heard Capital One is A bit harder to work with like as an Example if you're trying to book a trip Through the Capital One Venture X portal Which is where you would actually need To start with and getting a lot of those Car benefits and you need to cancel that Trip I've heard instances of people Within our Facebook group where they had A hard time actually getting those Credits back and getting comped on their Account so it really depends but in Terms of the category for the best Credit card for someone who travels a Lot I think I'm gonna have to give it to Amex now if you're someone who doesn't Travel all the time you know you're Making I would say like a median income Salary fifty thousand dollars to eighty Thousand dollars a year you take maybe Two three trips at a time the Chase Sapphire Reserve I think is probably one Of the best cards because you can easily Make sure you get all the value without Having to ever lose money and the Capital One Venture X card I think is Also another fascinating card it's more On the beginner side but say as an Example you take less than three trips Per year I would say the Capital One

Venture X would be more perfect for you Now here's what I need to mention out of All of these cards you will find Outsized value meaning you will get Positive Roi you'll get free money put Back into your pocket if you all get This card and you sign up for it you get That welcome bonus offer without having To overspend you pay off the statement Balance in full you'll come out ahead These comparisons I'm making is talking About the ROI that the card offers after The first year so welcome bonus hits You're making money if you travel a few Times you're making money but it's after That first year which card is going to Be viable here's the best strategy at a Certain point I would just have all of These cards and see which ones that you Value the most based on the benefits for Me I'm in a season in my life I thought I was gonna travel more but I didn't but Last year I traveled a lot and I took so Much advantage of the platinum card and I even did a whole Excel study within my Own books the platinum card came in Clutch this year because I'm not Traveling that much but I still have Like two more trips coming up the Chase Sapphire Reserve I'm still getting Outsized value a lot of it the welcome Bonus offer the 300 travel credit that I'm hitting like it's nothing if I think I'm gonna be a Hermit for one year or I

Just you know want to cool down I want To save up my money because traveling is Expensive Capital One Venture X Card Plan out a travel way ahead of time use Those benefits collect the welcome bonus Offer and then consider canceling that Credit card after the second or third Year so that is my full breakdown of These cards let me know guys this is all Subjective which card is one of your Favorites let me know Down Below in the Comment section now by the way if you Guys are looking to apply for any one of These cards that I mentioned be sure to Check out the links Down Below in the Description as well if you happen to Have a shot up credit score and you're Trying to get that up too check out the Link Down Below in the description of Joining our Facebook group and our Discord group because we're coming out With some additional products to make Sure that you guys have a full array of Everything you need in order to maximize Your credit get the best credit cards Start a business whatever it is so a lot Of great things are coming out those Links help me out and no cost to you but Just make sure those affiliate links are The best possible offers that you guys Can get because at the end of the day I Appreciate you guys helping me out but I Want you guys to help yourself out first And then help us out love y'all follow

Me on Instagram follow me on Twitter see Y'all soon peace


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