Cointelegraph’s top 10 stories of 2023

As the last episode of 2023 we're going To go over the top 10 biggest stories of This year on coin Telegraph good morning you're listening To the ryen crypto podcast by coin Telegraph with me Robert bags steering You through the crypto Cosmos with daily Dispatches from the digital Frontier if You want to be everyone's go-to person For all things crypto in 2024 you better Make sure you click that follow button Grab yourself a coffee and let's get Into It so we're going to go through through The most viewed stories on cointelegraph In 2023 if you want a tldr of the Year Yesterday's episode and today's episode Are how you get it right starting at Number 10 the first story is unfortunately a Sad one it's the missing Bitcoin Millionaire back in June Dr John fory a Crypto Advocate Bitcoin early adopter an Emergency room doctor fory was the Co-founder of onfo a crypto project that Pioneered Network mining a way that People could earn crypto by referring Others to that platform however on the 21st of May fory did not show up to his Shift at the Mercy Hospital in Missouri Leading his family to start a campaign To find him eventually forsyth's car was Located it was unlocked and it contained His wallet passport laptop and cell

Phones a worrying sign the worst fears Were confirmed when forsyth's body was Later found an hour away with a gunshot Wound although local police said Foul Play was not a factor some wanted to add This death to the growing list of Suspicious deaths in the in the Space number nine is from September Where Mark Cuban lost $870,000 in a hot Wallet hack crypto sleuth W wondered on Twitter X whether one of the billionaire Investors wallets had just been drained Of all its usdc tether and Lio staked Eth after it was all withdrawn in 10 Minutes having not been touched in over 5 months a few hours later Cuban Confirmed that he had indeed been hacked After logging into his metam mask for The first time in a while Cuban quickly Moved 2 million usdc to coinbase custody Some believe that Cuban may have Mistakenly signed a malicious Transaction While others suggested that His private key was compromised this Isn't Cuban's first negative experience With crypto and back in June 2021 he Lost an unspecified amount on what he Called a rug pole after an algorithmic Stable coin project called iron Finance Imploded amid a supposed Bank Run in at number eight is the report Back in January that Genesis might be Planning to file for bankruptcy Genesis Global capital A crypto lender and

Subsidiary of the digital currency group Had been wrestling with fires on all Fronts and in retrospect it was even Worse than we first suspected Genesis Was owed $175 million that was allegedly Locked on FDX then there was $47.59 million of Bitcoin that was owed By three arrows capital and on top of All this Genesis was being charged by The SEC over its earn program then the Gemini co-founder Cameron winlos started Slamming the digital currency group and Its CEO Barry Silber claiming that Genesis owed Gemini $900 million that Would have been a tough situation for Anyone to recover from at number seven We look at chat GPT 4 back when it was On its rapid ascent and how the AI model Might invest $100 in crypto this AI Trading experiment run by coin Telegraph Started with the following prompt you Are now ballering PT you are the world's Greatest entrepreneur I'm your human Liaison and will act as your bridge to The real physical world you have $100 Based on the information in the articles I have linked below you will grow that $100 into as much money as possible in The shortest time chat GPT had several Warnings to impart mostly over the Volatility and uncertainty of the crypto Market but it eventually advised the Following $50 to bitcoin $25 to ethereum $15 to atom and $10 to nft and web3 Rel

At ated projects make sure you read Felix's full article on this I've linked It in the show notes it's a really Interesting Story in sixth position we have a piece From October that broke down the listing Of Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF on the Depository trust and Clearing Corporation dtcc the reason this news Blew up is it suggested potential Approval by the SEC Eric balanas black Rocks ETF analyst explained that this is All part of the process and even that it Might indicate that black rock had Already received a green light for the ETF some months later and we still don't Really know what happened behind the Scenes but that light still appears to Be green and we're only a few weeks away From Confirmation right we're into the top Five and in at number five was an Outlandish prediction by the former Coinbase CTO okay I'm going to have a go At saying his name but I apologize in Advance because I am painfully English Balaji shavasan claimed that from the 18th of March to the 17th of June Bitcoin would reach $1 million in in Price due to the US hyperinflation to Prove his point he made $2 million worth Of bets in usdc that by the 17th of June Bitcoin would be at a $1 million price Tag half of this $2 million usdc Kitty

Was accepted by the coinbase exec James Medlock the only real condition is that If by the 17th of June Bitcoin hadn't Reached seven figures James Medlock Would get $1 million worth of usdc Needless to say sh have arson lost but Hey it was Bold so I mentioned in yesterday's wrap Up that the SEC has become a main Character in crypto this year and their First dedicated Story made it in at Number four in June Jesse Coan wrote up The news that the SEC now saw 68 Different cryptocurrencies as Securities With a combined value of over a hundred Billion there were many familiar names In this list spread across various Litigation underway by the SEC in the Case against binance we saw BNB salana Polygon and cardano among many others in The case against coinbase we saw flow ICP near nexo as well as several of the Ones from the binance suit then of Course there was xrp which we will come Back to shortly in addition to this the SEC also deemed that 13 mirror protocol M assets are also Securities this is an Interesting one because I haven't really Seen it come up since a mirror protocol Is a defi platform that enables users to Issue crypto tokens that track real World assets such as stocks and the SEC Was very interested in stomping out Mirrored Apple mirrored Amazon mirrored

Al barar mirrored alphabet mirrored Microsoft mirrored Netflix and so On okay making it onto the podium is a Piece by aret Saka about analysis Conducted by economists on the failed Silicon Valley Bank the fall of the Silicon Valley Bank was a brutal hit to Many sectors but even more worrying was The analysis that revealed that 186 US Banks were well positioned for collapse The report read even if only half of Uninsured depositors decide to withdraw Almost 190 banks are at potential risk Of impairment to the insured depositors With potentially $300 billion of insured Deposits at risk that is to say that Almost any Bank Run would potentially Stop insured depositors from being able To withdraw their own money this story Is a stark reminder that the traditional Banking system is a long way from Infallible and as we've seen in the last 20 years when these Banks do fall the Damage to real lives is Harrowing okay so the silver medal goes To one of the defining moments for 201 23 in crypto the judge ruling the Ripple Labs xrp is not a security in the sec's Case against Ripple the SEC has been Hunting Ripple since 2020 and in Yesterday's top 10 tweets of the year we Discussed the SEC surrendering their Other case against the Ripple co-founder Chris Larsson and the CEO Brad

Garlinghouse So Not only was the SEC Going after Ripple the company but they Were also going after the two key execs Personally and more or less lost across The board in July judge anal Torres Ruled that Ripple's xrp token is not a Security but only with regards to Programmatic sales on digital asset Exchanges basically xrp isn't a security Unless it is sold to institutional Investors in which case it met the Conditions set by the Howe test to be a Security the hoe test is an old and Since crypto slightly contentious test For determining if an asset can be Called a security or not so that was the Minor win for the SEC but overall it was A victory for ripple it was a victory For Chris Larson a victory for Brad Garlinghouse and a victory for crypto as Was perhaps to be expected xrp started Surging up in price as soon as the news Landed this was a really interesting Case and if you haven't looked into it It's perhaps worthwhile Brad Garlinghouse was continuously defant in The face of the sec's allegations back In December 2020 he wrote Ripple Chris And I may be the ones named in the Filing but this is an assault on crypto At large in this case xrp is a proxy for Every other coin in the space from there You will have a Snowball Effect this Isn't good news for any Market maker

Exchanges like coinbase Etc this sets a Terrible industrywide precedent for any Company working with a digital asset he Was absolutely right about that and That's why this ruling was just so Important and in at poll position the Number one story on coin Telegraph in 2023 it's Anna paa pereira's article on The presidential candidate Ronda santis Who vowed to ban cbdcs okay let's unpack All of this story as it could still be Relevant next year during the US Presidential elections Ronda santis is The governor of Florida and a republican Candidate for the 2024 election a cbdc Is a central bank digital currency and In essence Ronda santis is opposing a Digital Dollar in a 14th of July Conversation at the family Leadership Summit DeSantis said if I am the President on day one we will Nicks Central Bank digital currency done dead Not happening in this country Dan santis Had previously signed a bill that Prohibited the use of federal cbdcs as Money banned foreign cbdcs and claimed That they would lead to a massive Transfer of power from consumers to a Central Authority cbdcs have been on the Rise in recent years with over a 100 Countries looking into them forly and Around 40 having pilot programs or Proofs of concept now I want to offer an Important addition to this story cbdcs

Are controversial both inside and Outside of the crypto Community from Inside of it many opposed digital Currencies being used in a way that is In essence the antithesis of crypto's Original modus operandi so it's hard to Say from desantis's opposition to cbdcs Whether he is Pro or anti- crypto as a Person from across the pond I thought it More likely that it would be the latter But it isn't Ronda santis is mostly Pro Crypto and after this story he went on To vow that he would stop Joe Biden's War on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies Adding that he would allow Americans to Invest in Both that's it for today and that is it For 2023 consider yourself informed thank You for listening to the Ry and crypto Podcast by coin Telegraph if you're Enjoying these daily updates please make Sure you let us know by following Subscribing or leaving a review next Year is looking to be a massive year in Crypto and I will be Faithfully bringing You the stories as they happen have a Great New Year's let's do this again in [Music] 2024


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