Cointelegraph journo converts French beach-goers into Bitcoiners

Bitcoin [Music] Do you know where Bitcoin is yeah Where is it yeah here right here yeah Because you know ah okay we found it we Found it let's go let's go hey it's Joe From cointalaga and I found the Conference it's time to learn about Magic internet money do you know what Bitcoin is The surfing Bitcoin is above us And Berets and the pre-coiners let's Call them the people that don't have Bitcoin yet are just here behind us do You know what um this thing is on my T-shirt just here No annoyed you no idea it's a b do you Know what the b stands for You know what this B is on my t-shirt Ah yeah that's great do you have Bitcoins no no no no no no but you've Heard about it right what do you know About Bitcoin absolutely nothing it's Just uh Yeah just visual movie about your money Can I talk to you in English for a Moment Yeah do you know or do you recognize This bee No no not at all have you heard of Bitcoin before A Bitcoin it's like a digital money Heard of it before maybe if I say it With a French accent

Um What okay sure okay I'm gonna try to Send some Bitcoin to lose right now if You scroll it's this one here first Bitcoin she's ever received wow okay so You can tap here it says create a new Wallet you've now created your own bank Your own Bitcoin wallet so here you can Receive or send money so who are we Going to click lightning Because there's Bitcoin and there's Lightning lightning is like a faster Version of Um Bitcoin basically um I'm gonna type in here 25 000 SATs which is thank you all so I'm Going to tap on pay Well I received so now you have five Euros two cents or 25 000 SATs Thank you very much Yeah it feels good to receive Bitcoin on The beach merci beaucoup thank you so Much and enjoy your Bitcoin let's see Fortunately the lightning network works A lot faster than this Carousel Mexico Foreign So Nelly Here the horse is a big Bitcoiner Nelly He heard the Bitcoin price is sub 20K Why the long face Oh sorry Nelly I'll stop horsing around This is kind of how I feel about Bitcoin Adoption in beeritz right now I'm the Only one in this great big pool that

Knows anything about Bitcoin and I want More people to join me Bitcoin no okay gorgeous setting in Beerutz remember that Bitcoin never Sleeps Foreign


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