CoinMarketCap’s Chat GPT Plugin!

Imagine having the power to get Immediate answers to complicated crypto Questions like how correlated are Bitcoin and ethereum in 2023 or does Bitcoin typically perform better on Weekdays or weekends and what was Bitcoin's performance in the month Leading up to the US elections for the Past three election Cycles even with Advanced crypto tools fetching the Newest information pulling data from Different platforms and understanding it All can be quite tough now there's a Much quicker and easier way to get the Answers that you need introducing the Coin Market market cap Chad gbt plugin The coin market cap Chad gbt plugin is The first of its kind bringing together The power of CMC data with the magic of Chat GPT it's like you've been given Your very own crypto analyst intern Always on hand to Crunch the latest data And help answer the toughest questions Sure the intern doesn't always get Everything 100% right but they are super Eager to learn and will happily take on Any task that you give them and best of All this intern will never be on a lunch Break when you need them the most ready To meet your intern simply head over to Chat. turn on chbd 4 and select Plugins choose the coin market cap Plugin and you are ready to go there are Some of the things your very owned CMC

Chbt crypto intern can do for you Analyze the performance of different Crypto assets we ask Chad gbd to find The correlation between Bitcoins and Cardano's Price analyze bitcoin's price Performance after each hen Event and analyze whether more liquidity Is bullish or Bearish next analyze Global Market Pattern found patterns in crypto during Significant economic and social events And checked bitcoin price performance in The leadup to US presidential elections And analyze correlations between tokens And metrics CH jpd checked the Correlation between different token Distribution models and price Volatility and analyze the correlation Between popular erc20 tokens and E if You have not used Chad GPT before here Are a few tips and tricks to improve the Quality of answers that you receive give Specific prompts for instance if you Want table formatting tell chadd put Data into a table next ask the tool to Refine its work if you get faulty Returns run the think step-by-step Prompt or try asking chbt to give me a PhD level answer and lastly work off Examples use the examples provided in Our blog post linked down below to begin With and shorten the learning curve by Applying what has worked the premium

Version of Chad bd4 Powers the CMC Plugin with real-time data up to the Minute crypto data the default chbt 3 Only has data up to 2021 remember the More more you ask your AI intern the Wiser it gets feeded enough queries and Soon it'll be smarter than a caffeinated Analyst with eight keyboards and a wall Of monitors so the only remaining Question is what will you name your AI Crypto intern learn more about the coin Market cap Chad gbd plugin linked down Below


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