CoinMarketCap DexScan Tutorial!

Coin market cap is doubling down on the Data with a powerful deck scanner tool That gives you an in-depth look at Onchain data in the defi ecosystem and How individual pools and assets are Performing if you're a decentralized Exchange user then this tool is going to Prove useful so what is a de well Decentralized exchanges or dexes are a Relatively new type of cryptocurrency Trading protocol that allows users to Swap cryptocurrencies with one another In a completely permissionless and Decentralized manner so there are three Main main types we have automated market Makers or amm and these use Decentralized liquidity pools and simple Mathematical formulas to price assets And include popular platforms like Unis Swap pancake Swap and curve then we have Orderbook dexes these are similar to Centralized exchanges and these provide Users with a bid/ask order book and Albeit the order book and liquidity are Decentralized so some popular examples Include serum and dydx now there's also Aggregators so though not strictly Decentralized exchange protocols these Protocols aggregate liquidity and Features from a variety of dexes to Improve efficiency and streamline the User experience so some of the best Known Dex aggregators include 1 in and Orion protocol now decentralized

Exchanges are widely seen as the Successor to centralized trading Platforms since they are arguably more Secure accessible and private however They are generally more complex and Expensive to use since all trades and Interactions are kept on chain so why Dex scam Well in the last 5 years the Dex Landscape has grown almost exponentially To help users better navigate this Growing landscape and understand the Opportunities and risks these platforms Present coin market cap created a tool That scans the most popular Decentralized exchanges across the most Popular layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains And provides a breakdown of the relevant Data so this tool tracks decentralized Exchanges operating on more than 50 Different layer 1 and layer 2 Chains Including a established platforms like Ethereum arbitrum BSC polygon optimism Apple inch salana as well as upand Comers like ZK syc arbitrum Nova kto Polygon ZK evm and many more some of the Most popular dexes supported by the tool Include pancake swap Unis swap Cur Finance balancer Sushi swap quick swap Buy swap Trader Joe Pengalin spooky swap Wu Swap and more so here's a quick look At some of the things that you can do With this new tool so we have filtering By Network or Dex so the number of Def

Capable blockchains is growing rapidly With many blockchains now already Hosting one or more decentralized Exchanges manually keeping tabs on all Of these platforms is a daunting task But coin Market Cap's deck scan tool can Help to simplify the process by Providing an overview of the most Popular dexes for the most popular Chains so using the web app you can Select your blockchain of choice using The left-hand selection menu this will Narrow the results to only include dexes Operating on that specific chain going One step further you can isolate your Results to a specific Dex on a specific Chain using the exchange selector option This allows you to for instance explore Only the Unis swap trading pairs Available on ethereum or optimism Helping you optimize your gas efficiency Or compare prices for the same pair on Different chains this is particularly Useful when exploring multi-chain dexes Like sushi Swap and Unis swap since this Can reveal potentially profitable Arbitrage opportunities now next explore Individual pairs so from permissionless Trading to liquidity provider and yield Farming opportunities many decentralized Exchanges provide users with a great Deal of utility Dex pair trade history The core market cap Dex scan tool allows You to explore how each of these dexes

Is operating by providing a breakdown of Every current active liquidity pool Supported by the decks as well as a list Of recent trades conducted through each Pool pool liquidity so for data Enthusiasts details about the activity Of each pool are provided including a Count of the number of transactions Processed in the last 24 hours in Addition to its liquidity and current FTV this will help to provide an Indication of the pool's overall health Now traders that want to compare and Analyze a specific token say we across Various chains and dexes to determine The best volume and liquidity for buying Or selling can simply refer to the Dex Pair section Beyond this we've Integrated go Plus's security scans for Each pool helping you quickly assess the Risk of trading the tokens included in The pool these scans include an overview Of the token contract security such as Self-destruct and also mint functions And Honeypot wrist details so for Example Blacklist and Whit list Functions it also provides an overview Of the number of token holders for the Main asset traded in the pool so helping You better understand if you're trading A popular or relatively obscure and Possibly fake token now there's also Customizable price alerts through Telegram bots so another popular method

For Traders and investors to keep track Of deck scan pairs is the coin market Cap telegram price bot which serves as a Convenient and efficient tool by Providing hourly price alerts and trade Alerts directly through the popular Messenging app so by receiving timely Price alerts users can make better Informed decisions when buying or Selling assets and this level of Real-time information access allows them To keep up with the everchanging market Further more hourly updates curated by The bot ensure that users remain at the Forefront of Market happenings allowing Them to spot vital trading opportunities And shifts in price trends with ease Then there's trade alerts on CMC web and Also app users can also set trade alerts Directly on the coin market cap deck Scan platform when these preset Conditions are met the system is Designed to immediately notify users Through web push notifications as well As through dedicated app alerts on their Chosen mobile devices this feature Allows users to proactively monitor the Market and also take timely action on Their Investments or trades without Having to watch the market incessantly Then there's also token holder Information by clicking the I button on The right of the holder section users Are presented with a percentage

Breakdown that showcases the Distribution of token ownership so this Feature offers valuable insights into The concentration of tokens among Various holders assisting users in Conducting due diligence when making Investing or trading decisions Furthermore links to each address on Ether scan are provided ensuring ease of Navigation and in-depth research for Those interested in analyzing individual Addresses the SP SPL feature with well Over 5,000 different cryptocurrencies And 50,000 liquidity pools now in Operation it can be difficult to keep Track of which assets are trending and Which are gaining or failing in Prominence so did you know coin market Cap also provides an overview of the Most popular centralized exchanges you Can also check it out in the link in the Description below now there's also Trading pairs so the new Spotlight Feature helps to cut through the noise To help you quickly identify upand Cominging cryptocurrencies and hot Liquidity pools and this is done by Providing a list of the top 100 most Trending pairs the deck scanner can help You spot potential opportunities and or Risks so that said it's also important To bear in mind that trending doesn't Always equal attractive by tracking the Pairs based on a number of criterias

Including but not limited to page views Volume and liquidity the tool identifies Asset pairs that are generating the most Hype and interest from users in addition To this the top gainers and top losers Feature provides a breakdown of the Biggest winners and losers in the last 24 hours and this is measured by the Change in token value over this time Period so by default the top winners and Losers list Aggregates results from all Chains and also dexes but you can refine The results to a specific chain using The chain selector in the top left Corner 24-hour trading volumes also Factor in the results filtering out low Liquidity pairs up to 100 results will Be displayed based on this filter make Sure to explore the defi ecosystem with Coin market cap and deck scan right now Links in the description Below


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