CoinMarketCap Application Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide 2024

Welcome back everyone today we're going To be going over the coin market cap Application and just giving you a brief Overview and tutorial of how to use it Let's dive in all right so first things First when you have coin market cap Downloaded the first thing I would Recommend to do is click on the top Right here you can sign in to your Account this would be needed to create a Lot of things such as watch list um Engage with the community various Different things with your portfolio It's really ultimately just highly Recommended to create an account and It's completely free to to do also once We're here I'm just going to toggle on Dark mode because that's personally what I like now here we're just going to go Over the main page so here we're going To see the top 500 assets but we can Actually Rank by a couple of different Other ways like for example if we just Want to see the top 100 we can do that And just sort by that number and then we Can also see the 24-hour percentage so This would be the price change that You're going to be seeing on the right Side of the screen so you'll see those Little price charts that's based off of This number right here so in this case Let's just say if I wanted to make it by 1 hour change percent that would be that Ranking right there now in the case of

This I'm just going to make it the past 7 days if I wanted to sort by the Highest gainers in the past 7 days then All I would ultimately do is just click On 7 days and then from here I would Just see the top 7day percentage gainers In the top 100 when we Tak a look at the Market cap app with rankings per CMC now If I wanted to do it by the 500 I could Just click on that and then again these Are the top Assets in the past 7 days When it comes to the biggest percentage Gainers now if I also just wanted to Reset back to how it looked before then From here I would just click on market Cap and it would sort by the highest Ranking market cap and from there that Would be the standard default view that You're used to seeing so let's go over The top of the screen we can see the Market cap volume and dominance if we Actually click on this we'll be going Over to that page and from here we can Just get a brief overview of ultimately How the market is looking at a glance so You'll see e gas fees open interest Rates you'll see you know the market cap Of the entire cryptocurrency space and You'll also see for example the Bitcoin Having and when that is going to occur Now going to the right of the overview Page we can see the exchanges so here we Can see the top spot exchanges and also Get their scores and ultimately look at

Their volume by you know how much Capital is flowing in between these Exchanges in the past 24 hours and we Can also go to derivatives and then if We wanted to see decentralized exchanges We can just click on decks and then from Here we will see from the top down from The top 24 hours with trading volume for The top exchanges and we can just scroll Through and look at those there also to The right of that we we can see the Chains so we can see the top chains and Ultimately their tvl in the past 24 Hours and the ranking there so we can See ethereum Tron BSC Etc and to the Right of chains we can see categories so This can be such as just generalized Categories to also just crypto Narratives in the space so here we can See the top trending categories such as Salon ecosystem memes gaming Ai and Big Data if we just scroll a little bit Further we can see some of the other Category names such as base ecosystem Telegram bot memes data availability Optimism ecosystem generative AI Etc There's a whole lot of ecosystems to Explore and with these you can also see Their market caps as well so you can see In Rank by the top market caps of these Different sectors and then you can also Rank by the average price and from here You can see and you just click on the Average price percentage gain and rank

By that way or you can also Rank by Losers if you wanted to see that and see The top losers For that now moving down from the bottom We're going to click on news so that was Markets we're going over to news here we Can just see the top news and this is Just aggregated across various different News sources and along with this it's Also ranked by the newest article as Well in the space so if we wanted to see Some of the top news posts that were Recently posted we can just scroll and Explore those here further now moving Along we can also see some of the videos By yours truly and also just the rest of The CMC team team then to the right of That we can see the popular coins so Here we can see the top gainers top Losers and just trending and recently Added projects in the space so this is Also pretty cool if you just want to see Like what's hot in the space right now And just get a glimpse of what's going On you can do that right here so we can See dog with hat we can see as the top Gainer as of right now below that we can See render fetch AI then top losers here We can just get a ranking by some of the Just obviously top losers in the space Right the name says it all as they say And then to the right of that we can see Trending so these are just trending Projects and we can also get a glimp of

Their price action and then to the right Of that you can see the recently added To CMC as well now at any time we can Also just click on the bottom search Icon and just search any project that we Want to all right so moving along we can See the portfolio tab which is something I'll get into in a minute we'll spend a Decent amount of time on and next we're Also going to be talking about watch List but the first thing before that is I wanted to talk about community so here You can just see some of the top posts In the community see what's trending in The past 24 hours get just a overall Glimpse at what people are talking about In the space and at any point if you Wanted to for example follow anyone you Can just click on their page and then You can give them a follow if you wanted To and you can stay up toate with Various different people who are posting In the space now moving along we can Also just see who I'm following look at Different topics we can see some of also The coin market cap lives as well which Is something I highly recommend engaging With to get the latest Alpha in the Space moving along we can also just see Some different articles as well and if We wanted to at any time we can just Make a comment as well so for example Hashtag let's let's say # Bitcoin Are you bullish question mark and then

I'll make a post poll yes no and then if You make it #t before then then it will Be searchable through just for example Bitcoin and seeing the community on the Bitcoin page so if I wanted to post that I could post that right there and then The community could pick if they are Bullish or not and also just comment on The post as well so it's just a fun way To engage and interact with the Community and connect all right now Going back to the main page let's talk About watch list and then let's talk About the portfolio which are really Cool features of Co market cap now we Can just take our finger and slide it Over from for example a specific asset And when we do that we can add or remove An asset to our watch list so here I'm Just going to click on the star icon and Then Bitcoin is now going to be added to My main watch list how do you find your Watch list it's just right over right Next to coins you'll see watch list here You can see your different watch list if You just click on your list and for the Sake of this I'm just going to create a New watch list so I'm just going to Write my awesome coins and then I'm just Going to create a watch list I could Also make it public and share it with Friends as well if I wanted to share a Link and then from here I'm just going To click on my awesome coins and then

Click on the three dots to the right of The plus icon and then I'm just going to Set this to my main watch list now I can Also add a bunch of projects easily by Just clicking on the plus icon and then From here if I want to just add all These different assets here aex do Tron Link madic for example UNIS poton and I Also wanted to search coins I could do That there and then just easily add Those to my watch list which is super Easy to do now let's just hypothetically Say I wanted to add a transaction and Have that in my portfolio right now for Example it would depend on the specific Asset obviously so let's just say for Example Bitcoin I wanted to track you Know a transaction that I made all I Would have to do is click on the Portfolio in the bottom corner and then I would just click on ADD transaction Manually and from here I'll just click On I'll just make this main Portfolio and then I'm just going to Create portfolio now all I would do is Click on all portfolios and then I'm Just going to click on Main portfolio Down here and then I can add a Transaction so for example let's just Hypothetically say it was that of Bitcoin and click on this and let's just Say I bought 0.1 Bitcoin and I did that Let's just hypothetically say in 2023 On let's just say let's say December

Okay December here we'll put December 1st and then from there it'll Automatically update to the price of the Coin that day and it was 0.1 so I'm just Going to put that in right here and then I'm just going to click on ADD Transaction so now I can see the overall Chart of how the price is looking I can Also look at the all-time profit I can Look at the allocation in my portfolio Let's just say I wanted to add a new Transaction With another project let's just say Ethereum I bought let's just Hypothetically say 5 eth and I did that Back in let's just say 2024 on January 1st and I'll just click On ADD transaction now you'll see my Portfolio and you'll see in just a easy To view pie chart for the allocation You'll see alltime profits for each of The assets that are ranked here and we Can also just see the whole there so It's a really awesome feature to track What you're holding and also how much Profit you've incurred on this specific Assets right so ultimately it's a great Feature to check out on the coin market Cap application so anyways guys my name Is Trevor here with CMC if you guys like This tutorial let us know in the Comments down below also if you want to Request any other features or tutorials Based on the website or application let

Us know in the comments down below and We will address that so any anyways guys We'll see you in the next one


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