Coinbase Users NEED to watch this video… [BIG WARNING]

Breaking news the SEC now filing suit Against coinbase in Manhattan federal Court it says coinbase is operated as an Unregistered broker since at least 2019 Because it has never registered as a Broker National Securities Exchange or Clearing agency and this is after you Know front page of the journal is about Binance and this is the next Breaking news the Security and Exchange Commission just one day after taking Action against binance U.S has filed a Lawsuit against the largest crypto Exchange in the U.S coinbase Global as Regulators turn up its pressure on the Crypto world in America that's right the SEC suing coin base this morning in the Southern district of New York for Failing to register its trading platform With the agency alleging that it was an Unregistered National Securities Exchange broker and clearing agency the SEC also bringing charges against the Largest U.S crypto trading platform for Failing to register its crypto assets Staking as a service program the U.S Lawsuit filed in the southern district Of New York came a day after the s EC Sued the largest crypto Exchange in the World finance for violating Securities Laws mishandling customer funds and Misleading investors this is the most Concerning thing to me just in the SEC Files for a restraining order to freeze

Finance U.S assets meaning if you have Crypto on binance us the SEC is looking To freeze all assets on binance us this Is all from a court filing get your Coins off exchanges folks this is kind Of your warning everybody what the SEC Is doing to finance U.S why wouldn't They do the same thing to coinbase Listen very closely to this listen very Closely to the precise allegations that Gary Gensler is lobbying at coinbase and Then we'll go over the hypocrisy of it All according to the sec's complaint Since 2019 coinbase has made billions of Dollars unlawfully facilitating the Buying and selling of crypto asset Securities SEC chair Gary ginsler Singh In a statement this morning quote we Allege that coinbase despite being Subject to Securities laws co-mingled And unlawfully offered exchange broker Dealer and Clearinghouse functions in Other parts of our Securities markets These functions are separate the SEC Alleges that since 2019 coinbase has Been engaging in an unregistered Securities offering through its staking As a service program which essentially Allows customers to earn profits from The proof of stake mechanisms of Blockchains as well as through Coinbase's efforts through this staking Program coinbase allegedly pulls each Type of customer's stakeable crypto

Assets Stakes the pool to perform Blockchain transaction validation Services and provides a portion of the Rewards generated from this work to its Customers whose assets were part of the Pool now the SEC says coinbase failed to Register its offer and sales of this Staking program which would be required By law so the largest cryptocurrency Exchange in America coinbase is getting Sued they have to go to court what is The response from coinbase how is this CEO answering to all of these Allegations this was their initial 30-second video response coinbase by the Numbers the number of times we mentioned Staking in our public S1 report 57 so The S1 report is something all Businesses have to do in America to go Public they mentioned staking 57 times In the SEC approved this times we met With the SEC in 2022 alone asking for Guidance 30. percent of assets we reject Because they don't pass legal standards 90. the year the test was written that The SEC uses to determine if tokens are Securities 1949 Tech jobs at risk of being driven Offshore one million countries currently Establishing comprehensive rules for Crypto 33 comprehensive rules the SEC Has established in America zero and this Is the CEO of coinbase's direct response Regarding the SEC complaint against us

Today we're proud to represent the Industry in court to finally get some Clarity around crypto rules remember These four things number one the SEC Reviewed our business and allowed us to Become a public company in 2021. number Two there is no path to come in and Register we tried repeatedly so we don't List Securities we reject the vast Majority of assets we review number Three the SEC and the cftc two of America's biggest regulating bodies have Made conflicting statements and don't Even agree on what's a security and What's a commodity and number four this Is why the U.S Congress is introducing New legislation to fix the situation and The rest of the world is moving to put Clear rules in place to support this Technology instead of publishing a clear Rulebook the SEC has taken a regulation By enforcement approach that is harming America so if we need to Avail ourselves To courts to get clarity so be it by the Way in case it's not obvious the Coinbase suit is very different from Others out there the complaints filed Against us is exclusively focused on What is or is not a security and we are Confident in our facts and the law we'll Get the job done in the meantime let's Keep moving forward and building an Industry America will get this right in The end the naive view of crypto is that

This is some speculative asset that People are trading and they're going to Lose their shirts that's missing the Forest through the trees and it's early Days yes some people are trading it as An asset class but they're also starting To use it in many novel ways what Happens is they offer and get a little Bit of crypto and then they start to use It they start to send some payments they Start to use some decentralized Applications they start to do the next Step and the next step and they go down The rabbit hole and eventually they Start to think okay this feels like the Early days when I first started using The internet fundamentally crypto is not A financial product it's it's a Technology that can update all kinds of Financial products it can improve Settlement times it can make it cheaper To send money to your family overseas in Another country it can be a new way for Artists to get paid and have a direct Relationship with their fans Cryptocurrency regardless of what you Think about it it's not going anywhere It can't be uninvented most of the world Is embracing this technology now to Update their financial system and what I Fear is that we're going to be sitting Here in five or ten years and we're Going to come back to crypto and think About it like we did with 5G or

Semiconductors And say wow now it's a matter of National Security that we get it brought Back on Shore if you want to help the Average person in America we need to Make sure we have economic growth and Everything that underpins that comes From Science and Technology I think Crypto is the most important technology To update the financial system and Create more economic freedom in the World again this is your warning that Crypto on coinbase or binance or a U.S Exchange could be frozen by the SEC if Things continue to develop and then you Might not be able to get your crypto off Of an exchange so there is Responsibility and cost it in your own Coins but there is incredible freedom And peace of mind as well so this is Your warning not your keys not your Crypto get your coins off of exchanges I Want to finish with this make sure you Subscribe to our Channel we're going to Continue to keep you updated with this Story and stories like this everything Crypto on a daily basis if you're Interested in making money in crypto and Staying ahead of everything make sure You subscribe to our Channel this week In Los Angeles June 8th through 9th in La 3xp web3 Gaming Expo were on a panel For this if you want 20 off your ticket Use our discount code everything in the

Description below if you're in Europe or Portugal specifically this summer July 10th through 12th join us for Block down Festival in Portugal we'll be speaking At this really hope to see our European Friends there or if you can make it from Anywhere in the world 50 percent off Ticket use this code this is an Incredible deal hope to see you there Crypto lawyer Jake travinsky has this to Say on the lawsuit against coinbase and Binance I sense two reactions to the Sec's case against binance and coinbase Number one outrage and number two relief Number one outrage at the sec's Underhanded tactics and open hostility In flagrant disregard for its own Mission number two relief relief that The SE C finally took its shot and it's Not really that bad life and business Goes on the outrage is Justified for Years the SEC has failed to give useful Guidance or engage in productive Rulemaking all while falsely claiming That the law is clear in telling Exchanges to come in and register Despite refusing to explain how they can Do so this is ridiculous but the relief Is Justified too anticipation is often Worse than reality and that feels true Here it's good to get past the will they Or won't they phase and finally into the Fight the SEC doesn't make the law it Only makes allegations and can and will

Lose in court crypto is the future we Show you that every day subscribe see You tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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