Coin Bureau’s 2023 Crypto Forecast & Bitcoin Price Prediction (BE PREPARED)

It's gonna be it's gonna be a rough year I think the early part certainly the First half of 2023 it's going to be all About a high interest rates environment The recessions in the US the recessions In in Europe and elsewhere they're only Just getting started I think we're Definitely in six figure Bitcoin by then I think D5 is going to be a big Narrative of the next bull market [Music] Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily My name is Austin here with Aaron joined By the man the legend guy of coin Bureau Thanks for joining us It's a pleasure chaps thank you for Having me We got a chance to meet briefly in Dubai Which is where where now you're the Whole coin Bureau Enterprises is Headquartered out there Um just for sort of the folks at home I want to start off by getting into your Origin story how did you find out about Crypto Um you know the the beginnings of the Coin Bureau Enterprise So first before business when did you First hear about Bitcoin So uh back in 2013 when I was when I was Living in London I was living in East London a very sort of trendy part of Town and I went to a pub called the Pembury cavern which is this really nice

Big Pub in in Hackney and I went out for Some drinks there and there was a sign Behind the bar saying we accept Bitcoin And this was as I say like late 2013. or Something like that and maybe I kind of Think back to it and I was like is that The time I that when I first saw the Word or was I kind of aware of it before Anyhow that was the moment that it kind Of registered with me for the first time And I actually asked myself this Question you know what is what is that What is bitcoin and Um the uh the guy behind the bar didn't Really seem to know an awful lot about It but it turns out that uh this Pub was Kind of pretty pretty Forward Thinking I Mean this is 2013 and it's uh it's Accepting Bitcoin and I remember that Was you know quite a thing Um at the time So that was when I first heard about it That was when I first started kind of Digging into it uh obviously then kind Of early 2014 was when Mount gox and Everything was was busy falling apart so I got the feeling that I come into it at A really at a really interesting time Um when it was you know the whole kind Of the whole thing seemed to be a little Bit on a knife edge really So it was it was a great time to kind of Come into it because there was just so Much going on and I just kind of dug in

From there started you know fell down The rabbit hole started reading about it Researching all I could find and yeah And then uh coin Bureau I still so coin Bureau started out as uh as a website we Were just doing kind of written content And we were doing that I think I started Writing for them about 2016. so I'd been set up before I kind Of came along as a website and then I Think it was about 2018 or so 2017 2018 Uh Google's algorithm changed and the Website was doing quite well so we were We were sort of page page one of Google If you if you typed in crypto Bitcoin Education UK or whatever it was then we Would be on page one And then the algorithm changed and we Went to page eight or something like That so we were kind of we were sat Around on a Skype call And thinking you know how we what are we Going to do how where do we go from here How do we mix this up uh and it was it Was my idea I sort of put my hand up and Was like well we could we could do a YouTube channel and everyone went Ah That's Was quite a good idea guy that's yeah I Like that and it was sort of well who's Going to present it then and kind of Everyone just sort of You know slid out a shot So it was left to me and uh and that's

Kind of how we started really I think I Can't remember when we put our first Video out if it was late 2018 early 2019 But Yeah that was that was the start of it And when you were starting out this Crypto YouTube channel did you have Influences either in crypto that you Liked or maybe thought you could do a Little bit better than like oh like These are the people that are around Right now or these are the finance Channels I want to be like or It's that's a good question I think we Sort of looking at kind of crypto Content as a whole it was it seemed to Be like a lot of it was like a shouty Guy with a webcam sort of up there and He'd be kind of yelling into it and then You know that was that was kind of it And we thought well that's not really You know there's definitely there's Definitely room to explore something Different from that Um plus it's not really my style at all So yeah I think we just kind of we Rather than kind of try to rather than Be influenced by anyone else I think we Were just sort of like let's let's put It out there see what people make of it And I mean that's the great thing one of The great things about YouTube and Putting out that sort of content is you You do get feedback in in real time

Um and sometimes that feedback can be a Little hard to uh to digest but there is Kind of there is useful stuff in there So we sort of we kind of put put Ourselves out there and then kind of Adjusted as we went along but we were Quite lucky I think in that you know People I think were just ready for an English guy just kind of you know fairly Low energy just uh sort of waffling on About crypto so I think we were we were Very lucky to sort of just kind of slide Into a niche we didn't even know was There Yeah I like your channel a lot and Watching it for a long time I remember We started our Channel at the very Beginning of 2018 so I remember like 2017 2018 the crypto channels I was Looking at as you know I was thinking About starting altcoin daily a lot of Them were good but a lot of them I Thought were you know they could be Better A lot of them was hour-long like Live streams a lot of dead air which is Fine for a podcast sometimes but it's Like for YouTube it could be more Valuable it could be packed full of more Info and you do a great job with that Thank you guys well likewise likewise I'm a big fan of the work you do as well And it's uh you know it's great it's Great that you know the kind of whole Sector as well as as crypto has evolved

As the industry has evolved you know we The the people who cover it the content Creators and the crypto you know the Wider crypto media we have to sort of up Our game as we as we go along and I I Think I I think it works really well to Have lots of competition in the space You know to have lots of people out There on YouTube with kind of different Styles doing different things you know And it's I think we kind of we sort of Drive each other along it'd be like oh Those guys Those guys have tried something and it Really works so how do we how do we React to that and I think you know Everyone kind of everyone improves as They as they go along as a result I Think that competition's really healthy And for you personally as an investor in Crypto what's your why is it Self-sovereignty is it making money Other I think the thing that really excited me About it to start with was this idea Yeah I guess you know this idea of a System of money that couldn't be Controlled you know that had been put Out there and that no government no Institution or anything like that could Interfere with it could could meddle With the supply and I remember this was In the um this was in the the aftermath Obviously of 2008 which is obviously you

Know kind of why Bitcoin a big part of Why Bitcoin came into existence but I Remember I think it was about 2011 there Was an interview with the guy who'd been The UK Chancellor of the exchequer you Know the Finance Minister Iran in 2008 And he said uh something along the lines Of like we were in in the UK at least we Were maybe two or three hours away from Cash running out of cash machines you Know just cash machines going dark and The whole thing for and I remember Reading that and just just it really Sent a chill down my spine because I Thought if we got to that point How would we have come back from that That that would have been really really Bad and I remember thinking it's like You can't trust these people with the Money you know they're the supposed Experts they're the people that we've Been listening to all this time and they Brought us right to the very Brink and I Think that was what initially got me About it it was like no this this if It's done right can take humans out of The equation Looking into 2023 now what's your General thoughts on macro 2023 I think It's going to be it's going to be a Rough year because I mean looking at we Were watching the um we were watching The the fed's latest press conference

Recently and there he is you know Jerome Jerome and the rest of the FED they are Focused on crushing inflation inflate Interest rates are going to keep going Up I think that they're now looking at About five percent maybe a little more And Jerome I think is fairly he's now Talking about it's not a case of how Much higher they're going to raise rates But how long they're going to keep them High so I think the early part certainly The first half of 2023 it's going to be All about a high interest rates Environment uh I think a lot of people Are kind of hoping for a Fed pivot early In the year I just I just can't see it Myself so I think we're stuck with that For a long time we've obviously got a Whole load of other macro factors some Which I think could be quite promising Somewhere some that we just don't know Obviously we've got the war in Ukraine Grinding on I wonder whether 2023 we may See some sort of peace deal on that we May see some sort of agreement that that Would be great on on so many levels We've also got things like China opening Back up again is that going to be is That going to be bullish is that going To be bearish I think on the one hand You've got Chinese industry restarting You've got that massive demand for Energy energy is already you know at Something of a you know in kind of short

Supply how will that affect the market We just don't know or will it be the Other way will these Supply chains Suddenly start flowing again will global Trade kind of open up and and the wheels Get greased a bit more So there's all that sort of stuff to Consider but I think it for me it keeps Coming back to what Jerome and his and His buddies at the FED are thinking and I I personally think Jerome is is Focused I think he he references the 1970s an awful lot obviously the era of Paul volcker taming kind of higher Inflation and I get the feeling that is What he wants to be he wants to be seen As you know a kind of modern day Paul Volcker so I think you know we are going To and and he has acknowledged the FED Has acknowledged that that means causing Damage to the economy that he's kind of Tacitly sort of said as much that you Know they are expecting to see the labor Markets you know contract they are Expecting to see unemployment Spike Obviously the labor market in the US has Been strong for a long time now but yeah I think they they're pretty determined To get that down to get that inflation Down and I think that's going to make Gonna make it a tough year in that sense And let me ask you you know all of that How it relates to bitcoin I want to ask You if you think Bitcoin has bottomed

But you know bitcoin's the market mover And obviously if any of us could predict The future we'd all be rich but you know How how low do you think Bitcoin could Go could we see a 15 000 Bitcoin or what Do you think I think we could go as low as ten ten Thousand I I yeah I believe that I Believe that we in fact I think we could Even even if we got to that 10K level we Could still maybe flash crash briefly Below that on a particular bat uh Black Swan or something you know something Equally equally serious but I think for One thing you know we can go lower Because the stock market is is forecast To go lower you know the the recessions In the US the recessions in in Europe And elsewhere they're only just getting Started at the moment stocks are Predicted to slides quite a lot more From here and because of that Correlation between the crypto market And the stock market any slide in stocks Will will mean a heavier slide in in Bitcoin and an even heavier slide Obviously in alts so I'm kind of I'm Preparing myself for for that Eventuality as well I think we've also Got things like mining bans to worry About obviously uh this comes back to Energy doesn't it this idea that energy Shortages perhaps in certainly in Europe Perhaps in the US as well obviously

Legislators have have made noises about Bitcoin miners being forced to to switch Off their switch off their machines if You know if there is an energy Crunch And energy an energy shortage That would obviously have you know big Implications for for hash rate and Network security and I think that could That could definitely push BTC lower as Well Um what else I'm also kind of I think I I wonder whether January you know we're Getting towards the end of what's been a Really difficult year Christmas is on The horizon I think probably you know People are kind of putting off some big Decisions I think that's happening on a On a personal level I think a lot of People will kind of look at themselves In the cold light of the new year and go Okay I've got to service these debts I've got to sell some assets to do that I think we could also see more layoffs I Think a lot of uh companies particular Particularly a lot of tech companies Could be waiting until the new year to Do fresh rounds of of firing as well So yeah there's a few there's a few Factors that I think could could all Contribute to drive BDC lower as well And of course the one the one final one That Springs to mind is is Mount gox as Well I think a lot of people are are Very worried that that the um Mount gox

Creditors uh getting their yeah Bitcoin Back will will cause a load of selling I Don't think it will be that bad but I Certainly think that could add some cell Pressure at a at a time that will Already be kind of difficult so yeah I Can see I can see BTC going down to 10K Fairly easily I think there's a good Chance it can it can be more resilient Than that but that is what I'm kind of Kind of targeting For me and I've said this all through 2022 as well but for me I've always Thought you know in this bear Market Whether Bitcoin Trends up sideways or Down Bitcoin dominance is going to Increase as people cycle out of these Speculative alts you know shibs still in The top 15 outrageous to me Um is that sort of similar to to your Thinking as well meaning you're in no Hurry to touch the altcoins yet other Than keep tabs in them and see who's Still developing Absolutely absolutely yeah I think you Know it there's there's so much there's So many interesting potential altcoins Out there but now it's just not the time And yeah I think we're gonna see I think We're going to see a lot more flights to To BTC as a safe haven I think we're Going to see a lot more flight to Stables as well I think you know I think A lot of people are going to choose to

Just hold it in you know hold their bags In in kind of dry powder in stables and Wait to wait and see where the bottom Could be Um so yeah it's going to be it's going To be pretty brutal but yeah I'm I'm I'm Fully with you that I think bit I think Bitcoin and probably eth dominance as Well are both going to are both going to Be big big recipients of that I mean do You feel that way about Youth too Eth has surprised me how well it's held Up post merge or pre-merge and then also Post merge so I'm pleasantly surprised By Youth and I think it's interesting That it is sort of separating itself the Tiniest amount uh from all those other Alts and putting more in the its own Asset BTC Camp so I would agree Ethereum's in a much better spot this Cycle than compared to 2018 2019 just From a protocol level of tokenomics with The IP 1559 and the merge just as far as Supply and demand from a narrative level So yeah totally Yeah I want to give you a Guy sorry guys Well yeah I was just gonna say I think You know you've got things like um uh The the Shanghai upgrade announced for For March next year and I think there's That there's that real sense that Ethereum you know has moved on they've Moved on from the merge obviously

Everything that's happened to the to the Overall Market it's kind of taken it Pretty you know in its stride pretty Well and there just seems to be a real Momentum behind the whole project you Know Um Shanghai is going to be a big upgrade Obviously that would be interesting to See what happens when people are able to Unstake I think we could actually Um funnily enough see more eth staking As a result of that because I think a Lot of people will go ah so okay we can On stake in that case I'm happy to you Know I'm now happy to to stake as well So I think yeah there's there's so much Momentum with it I'm I'm I'm bullish on It for that reason alone I'll give you a fun question guy let's Say we're in the middle now of it's it's In the middle now of 2023 you know a Huge crash happens you're ready to take Out a position besides Bitcoin what are Five altcoins that you would look at to Take out positions in during a crash Good question okay Um well I'm not going to say ethereum Because I think that would be that would Be kind of obvious but um so what would My next five be I think I think atom definitely I'd be I'd be very quick to jump on that I Think it's an amazing project I love Cosmos I love the you know I love this

Idea of interoperability I think the Project is there's there's some really Cool tech there there's a great team Behind it and also I must say a really Good Community behind Cosmos as well So I would certainly look to pick up Some atom start staking it straight away Because there are some and you know There's some amazing Returns on on Staking atom at the moment obviously a Few sort of tokenomic concerns to uh to To bear in mind with it but um I must Say I was really impressed uh was it About two or three weeks ago I think the Uh the community took a vote on Cosmos 2.0 didn't it and um they actually they Actually as I recall they kind of turned It down uh which was a bit of a surprise To me but I think that was a really Positive sign for me because it showed Just how engaged the cosmos Community is And I think that will result in the devs Coming up with a you know with a better Proposal for the project as a result so Um atom is is definitely one uh that I Would look to pick up I can see myself As well uh picking up some algo too Um I think algorand is a really Interesting potential play a for the Next bull market I think we could see a Lot of really cool really interesting Really successful projects uh develop in Its ecosystem you know during that time I think it has a good a good shot as one

Of these non-evm chainers as well I Think that positions it's really really Well and yeah they're just again there Seems to be a lot of developments a kind Of strong Community behind algo too so Uh that would be that would be another One Um what else would I pick up I think I'd Well I think I'd certainly go for our Weave now I I'm realizing that this is But coincidentally they're all beginning With a here that's that's entire I just I'm just starting at the top of the Alphabet Um no our weave is a project I I really Really like I think it's got an amazing Use case uh again amazing Tech and team Um so a lot of those fundamentals uh Match up for me So um yeah our weave I think is Definitely one that I would go for too Uh what would be so how many have I said Is that three so three Three okay Um I think as well Um I said I would certainly be Interested in looking at more projects In the cosmos ecosystem because again I Think there's really uh there's there's Really cool stuff happening in that in That whole you know in that whole Project Um so I mean these would be these would Be very very speculative

Um so I'd probably be looking at things Like osmosis and Juno and things like That I think those are cool projects They've got a lot of development Happening good um you know uh good Potential uh in that sector and you know I'm a big Cosmos fan as I said so I'd Certainly be looking you know looking at Those projects maybe not snapping them Up just yet but we'll see Um and I guess one more would be well a Again uh Ave uh because I think Um I think as it starts today Because it starts with two A's yeah you Know that's that that's double good Um I think uh no I think d5's uh time is Is Gonna Come Again I think D5 is going To be a big Narrative of the next bull Market Ave is a really well established Project Um it's got you know again the Fundamentals are in place there and I Think it's one of these ones that's Definitely you know going to stick Around definitely going to be one of the Survivors of this bear Market Um and I've kind of resisted getting Into RV before so I think this would be You know if we if we certainly if we Crash further from here then I think That would be my time to to pick that up Too I'm with you with algo with uh Adam I I Wondered about cardano because cardano

Big community on YouTube perhaps because Charles hoskinson is streaming so often What do you think about cardano I like Cardona I I sort of have this weird thing with Cardano it's like one day I've I'm Really really bullish on it and the next Day I kind of start questioning it and All that sort of stuff and I guess that Comes as a result partly of that of that Community because yeah you're absolutely Right the cardano community is one of The one of the biggest one the most Active one of the most supportive Um and Charles is this really kind of Inspirational figure Um yeah I think I I I would definitely Look to pick up so I sold out of ADA Recently Um to hold in stable but I think yeah Definitely be definitely be uh Considering going back into it as well Again this there's interesting stuff Happening I'm I was a little bit Disappointed to see that you know I Don't think there's been a huge amount Of cooperation between projects on Cardano I think you know it's still and I still keep hearing this stuff about It's how it's quite a difficult Ecosystem to build in Um but that said you know I think there Are really cool projects building there And that Community is is seems to be you

Know enough to sustain it through to Through tough times at least so yeah I Would definitely be considering Ada as Well and obviously because it begins With a so it's a no-brainer Next question kind of personal feel free To you don't have to answer if you don't Want to but right now besides Bitcoin And eth what's your next biggest holding You guys are going to be very Disappointed in me when I say this but After in fact my biggest holding at the Moment is usdc I think that's smart And yeah I I my my portfolio is very Very boring at the moment I'm holding a Lot in stable Um I suppose after after usdc BCC and it Would be atom would be my next holding But you know I'm very very top heavy in Those in those first three because yeah I just uh I I just see it going the Other way can I ask can I ask you guys What what your answer to that question Is I'm sorry we're out of time man great No no uh For my altcoins even next week yeah uh I Mean I actually just recently did a Video a couple weeks ago how I would Invest a thousand dollars Um in cryptocurrency in 2023 obviously Very personal to me I'm just talking About my situation but one of the Biggest things for me was besides the

Bitcoin position besides the eighth Position because as you mentioned They're sort of on a different playing Field I'm a big L1 guy a layer one protocol Guy because to me and I think Kathy Wood Said this first that you know unlike the Internet days where all the value Accrued on the it didn't accrue on the Internet Protocol it accrued on the Businesses that were built on top like Amazon whatever In cryptocurrency now today the value is Being accrued on those underlying chains So no matter if what aspect of defy Makes it or um which nft projects make It in the end like the value is accruing On those base layers so huge L1 guy I'd Go Man what'd I say I said cardano I Actually did say cardano and algorand And um no at Cosmos and algrand and I Also put cardano I like Cosmos for they Seem more Um Decentralized to me they seem more uh Sort of missionary driven instead of Mercenary driven meaning they care about Sort of value of the future of their Project Um algorand was interesting to me Because it's ISO 20022 compliant I don't Know how much weight you put into that Stuff but I was like oh okay I'll I get

One in my portfolio Um and cut uh let's see what those other L1s polka dot there's avax there's E-gold yeah yeah I don't know if I Mentioned those It's in the video guys I'll link it down Below Um See without ones as well isn't it I mean Stable coins are just so big at the Moment and getting bigger and I think You know that's going to be a big Narrative for for 2023 is that we're Going to see I think increased crypto Payments and stable coins are going to Be a huge part of that and obviously That is that is big for whichever L ones Those those stable coins are running on Um because I think they're going to be You know they're going to become more And more widespread and yeah that that Means that you know I guess in a gold Rush the L ones are the guys selling um Selling picks uh to the miners aren't They so yeah I think I think l1s are a Good play it's uh it's just picky just Just picking the right ones after Ethereum Yeah for me I mean Bitcoin and ether my Two biggest Holdings by far but after That as far as altcoins go Um I'm not sure what's the next biggest I'd have to look but definitely in the Mix as far as that next level is Ada dot

E gold I'm Samina who's an investor in it and I Think those are the next the next level But let's pivot a little bit here Because you have a lot of insight to Share guy Um I want to ask you about best advice For new crypto investors and really Think about this somebody coming into Space today They probably have a better sense of What Bitcoin and eth is compared to Previous Cycles but you know does that Mean if they don't have any should they Buy or like if there's a new person Coming into crypto today what advice Would you impart on them That's a very good question I think I mean I think one of the I think one of The important things that that someone I Remember being told this when I first Started you know investing in general Was that you have to be you know you Have to have a skin in the game in order To in order to learn about it you know You you have to have you have to have That interest So I would have I would first of all Advise someone you know coming in now Yeah they've heard about BTC and eth I Think they should I think they should Get some because I think they're the you Know they're the the gold standard uh in The space

Um they're not going anywhere you know They're here to stay I think we can be I Think we can be as certain as that as we Can be of anything in crypto and I think For someone coming now uh the the real Opportunity here I think is is to be Patient because I think I I always feel I always feel sorry for people who who Hear about crypto at the wrong time you Know when it's when it's going crazy and You just everything happens so fast and There isn't that time to just sort of Sit back and go hey I'm just gonna learn About this before I commit anything you Know before I put any money down so I Think patience is a big part take your Time you're interested in a project then Don't just don't you know don't let fomo Or YOLO or anything like like that take A hold just read through it it's you've Got all you've got all of 2023 I think Almost you know it it is a long period Of kind of of not a lot happening price Wise in front of us I think and that is An ideal opportunity to be patient Um don't make decisions in the moment You know consider all these things so I Think patience is a is a big and Obviously that's a big thing for for any Investor and for a long-term crypto Holder as well you need to be patient You need to be able to ride out uh the Inevitable bear markets the inevitable Downturns um and I think those people

Who who can't exercise patients are the Ones who generally tend to you know sell Out at the wrong time So patience would be a big one and I Think also I I guess curiosity as well Just ask questions keep digging don't Don't let one don't let confirmation Bias overcome you you know I think if You if you go out searching for good Stuff about a particular coin or token You'll find it and then the Temptation Is to go ah okay that's what I thought I'm gonna buy but actually let that Curiosity take over ask questions you Know try and find opposing views because We know you know we know how crypto Works there'll be plenty of people out There who love a project and there'll be Plenty of people out there who hate it So you need to be able to you need to be Able to go out and get both points of View I think and then and then you know Come to an informed decision I agree with you totally uh you know Just because you bought Ada in 2021 Doesn't mean you have to be an ADA stand For life or if you got involved with hex Or Bitcoin maximalism doesn't mean you Can't be curious to see okay well maybe I should learn a little bit more I would add to that that you know also If you're new to the space Have a plan you know it's like nobody Knows what the best strategy is for you

Specifically maybe you want to hold Bitcoin and eth long term you have to Decide that and what is long-term to you Is it 10 years is it four years maybe You're gonna you know dive into the you Know top 100 alts maybe you want to stay In the top 25 but you know what is your Plan for for buying that at a certain Point are you do you have a plan to Realize those profits sometime and and That's the way I would think about it Yeah yeah absolutely I and I think this Idea that uh you know I I think people Should get away from the idea of being a Trader as well I think a lot of people Come into crypto and think ah I'll buy This up now I'll flip it a couple of Days later I'll make a 10x come you know Move on to the next thing it's like Trading is trading is for the pros you Know most the vast majority of people Are not Traders and should not think That they're Traders and that's yeah That's exactly right that's where you Need to think about your time frame you Know what I'm what am I Investing For You know people might be people might be Looking to get a deposit for their first Their first home or they may be looking To buy a car or or you know or pay some Bills or whatever it is but yeah I think Too many people go into investing both In in crypto and anything else without That without that clear plan so yeah

Absolutely right know what your know What your goals are Guy what's a song or an artist that's on Your playlist right now What what have I been listening to most Recently I've been listening to uh Richard Hawley who is a uh Singer-songwriter from the north of England he's one of my favorite Um I've been listening to a song called Um uh the ocean which is very very Chilled and laid back it's it's Beautiful I love all his work so uh yeah I've been kind of walking around with That on my headphones recently What about you guys what are you Listening to Aaron I've been listening to the new Drake 21 Savage album her loss I mean I would say You know having nothing to do with his Personal thoughts the OG Kanye music is Good Um that's just been canceled buddy Exactly Um I like just like that goodbye Aaron I like uh Third Eye Blind been on my Playlist for for decades now Um OG bands Um this interview guy this is going to Actually be released on Christmas so Merry Christmas Merry Christmas guys wow what a what an Honor

Um yeah well Merry Christmas to you guys And and Merry Christmas to to everyone Watching and do you do you recommend That the people watching this are are Gonna are gonna be those people who have Just finally lost patience with their Families they've had too much you know Too much wine has been drunk too many Arguments over the turkey and they've Just gone do you know what I'm just Gonna sneak off and I'm going to see What altcoin daily what those guys are Up to I need I need some I need some Sucker I hope so or else why the hell Are we doing this gentlemen if not for That good question Um but looking as we wrap this up Fun question again for you guy by Christmas in 2030 Bitcoin price Prediction just for fun Oh okay Christmas 2030 I think I think We're definitely in six figure Bitcoin By then uh Christmas 2030 wow that's uh So I'm trying to think of that in terms Of Cycles will we will we be will we be in A bull market or bear market then 2013. I'm gonna say Christmas 2030 200k 200k BTC by then I'm fully prepared To be completely wrong on that I hope I Hope I'm wrong to the to the downside But uh yeah that that would be my that Would be my best guess completely Plucked out of thin air well what are

You guys saying I will go through two cycles so we have The the Hat two abbings the having in 2024 they're having in 2028 I think by Next having or maybe a year after six Months before whenever I think you know I'm I'm a Believer guy call me crazy I've drank the Kool-Aid I'm a Believer That's my bias I'd like to think in over 100k Bitcoin at least if nothing else to Touch it for a day or a week you know Sometime you know next cycle A cycle after that I would say damn it's so hard to go that Far out I would say Bitcoin's market cap I would say that I'm gonna say 200 000 And one dollars So so Price is Right rules I think it'll Be slightly higher I'd say 2030 give or take a couple years Bitcoin between Quarter million to four hundred thousand Ethereum Over 15. Okay guy ethereum well Ethereum for me yeah I would say Ethereum over 10 by that point certainly Um actually I wouldn't yeah I wouldn't Be I wouldn't be at all surprised uh if If it was around 15 by that point 15K Ethereum by 2030 I can I can see that

Um well assuming that inflation hasn't Eaten away all the value of that that Means that Christmas 2030 could be could Be a pretty good one We'll have to we'll have to stream again In that you know six years whatever and We'll come back to this guys stay tuned We will be streaming from sort of Gold-plated gold-plated mentions by that Point will we guy exactly guy I'll let You go links for all your stuff down Below final thoughts for the altcoin Daily Army Guys uh final thoughts it's been a rough Old year but things will get better the Future is always brighter than it Appears so stick with it keep watching Altcoin daily keep watching these guys Do their amazing work keep the faith and 2023 will get better I promise


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