Coin Bureau: “This Will Be One of the Last Great Crypto Bull Runs” | BEST Ethereum Price Prediction

2024 is going to be a big year yeah I Think now is the time to buy Bitcoin I Really do I think this could be one of The last big bull cycles that we see Today I sit down with crypto expert guy Turner host and founding member of coin Bureau as he shares his 2024 forecast For the crypto Market we talk price Potential of ethereum the tokenomics Have have changed so much and now you Know the more the more ethereum gets Used the more eth gets burned and Therefore you know the less there is Available guys best advice for winning In a bull market so this is something I Learned from the last cycle as well as Five altcoins on his radar he sees the Most growth potential okay five on my Radar I'm still I'm still very bullish On by the way two of these altcoins I Had not heard of yet I I love this and Something I love about having you on the Channel is you give me high cap and low Cap you know and stuff for the audience To do more research into I'll have to Look into those especially the low cap Like the video if you like collabs like This and let's start guy your general 2024 outlook for crypto 2024 is going to Be a big year I think um if it if Everything goes as it's kind of expected To go and we get ETF approval in January That will that will be great for the Market we'll see uh you know we'll see I

Think we'll see big price uh you know Big price action for for Bitcoin and I Think that will eventually feed into eth And altcoin so a spot ETF will Definitely I think you know pump the Market another thing to look out for I Think is in March when SBF is sentenced Now obviously he's been found guilty That chapter is kind of closing but I do Think that could be a big moment that You know we get that sort of final Closure on S SPF he's sent off to prison For however long and I hope that that Moment sort of changes people's outlook On crypto Because you know this has been such a Such a huge story when you when you step Out of the crypto bubble everyone else They only you know the only thing They're really aware of uh when it comes To crypto is is FTX and S bankman freed And I think hopefully putting that to Bed so to speak um will be a moment Where people sort of focus you know on On more positive aspects of crypto we Should hopefully have an ETF by that Point um and then of course uh the month April is when the Haring is scheduled to Happen um and historically this has been A narrative that mainstream media are Kind of better able to understand with Bitcoin you know the supply gets cut in Half so those supply and demand Dynamics Come into play that is a fairly easy

Narrative to understand it's a fairly Easy narrative to report on so I would Hope what with a potentially uh you know Most likely spot ETFs available for Bitcoin s bankman freed uh not not Troubling us for for many decades to Come and you know the harving I would I I would think that should hopefully Change the narrative around Bitcoin and Crypto more widely and I think that is When you know we can start really sort Of dreaming of of a proper bull market Coming around to me in a lot of ways 2024 could be the perfect storm Black Rock ETF is that demand shock the Bitcoin having is that Supply shock Perfect Storm do you think that this may Be one of the last great bull runs for Crypto because after black rock that is Mass adoption they're the largest asset Manager who's Left yeah that's true that's true I've I've heard this I've heard a few people Uh say this theory that you know Eventually what with what with things Like ETFs what with trafi products what With increased regulation uh and what With greater adoption and I think Understanding of what crypto is I think Inevitably it is going to become a more A more traditional a more sedate asset Class over time the reason crypto is so Crazy and has been so crazy for many Years the reason you see these wild

Price swings especially in altcoins is That no one really knows how to Value These projects like there's a huge Amount of potential but no one really Knows what you know if that potential is Going to translate into anything and if It does what it could actually be worth So we've seen these you know we've seen This absolutely mad price action over The years and I think we're still sort Of in that phase at the moment we're Still in this discovery phase but as you As you say as as ETFs come along and as Regulations come along as well I think The sector is going to cool well it's Going to become less exciting it's going To become less frothy we're still going To see amazing projects developing we're Still going to see you know money coming Into it and I think we're going to see Crypto become more and more a part of Everyday life but I think the payoff of That is that it does become less crazy So yeah I think this could be one of the Last big bull cycles that we see and After that it becomes a little more a Little more palatable for um for you Know kind of regular mom and pop Investors perhaps and by the way just to Relate this to our grandparents and Parents gener ation all our grandparents Had to do is buy property do make one Good choice in their life buy property And hold for the rest of their lives

They turned out great our parents went Through the internet bubble um obviously You had to learn a lot more but you know Learn as much as you can about the Internet take advantage and hold but Even with the internet while the bubble The biggest peak of them all happened in 99 2000 whenever that was the real apps The real opportunity the Facebooks the YouTube wasn't invent until 2005 Compared to 1999 2001 so it's not like The Innovation Stops yeah yeah we we we are at the Beginning it's a meme isn't it it's a It's a cliche of crypto is is we're We're still early but we are you know We're still kind of figuring out what All this is and what it can do and yeah That the uh bubble is is the Perfect example you know we had this new Technology come along everyone was Really excited about it but no one Really knew what it was what it could do No one really even appreciated I think Everyone kind of got excited but didn't Almost sort of underestimated what it Was going to be and then it kind of went Then the bubble burst a lot of people Lost a lot of money a lot of people were You know pretty pretty traumatized by it And as you say eventually it kind of it Sort of reinvented itself a little bit And and came back as as something rather Different um and went on to be

You know the biggest the biggest growth Sector you know we've ever seen so yeah We're still sort of at that stage with Crypto I think we're still figuring out What exactly it is that uh that it's Going to do I don't want you to give Financial advice with this next question But this will be one of the most a asked Questions including now in the future And now is now the time to buy Bitcoin What would you Do uh yeah I think now is the time to Buy Bitcoin I really do I bought some I Bought some myself recently I topped up My my stack a few days ago um obviously I wish I wish I'd done it sooner maybe When it was chopping around sort of 25k And no one was really uh no one was Really interested or paying attention um But then suddenly this ETF narrative Came along and um and caught a lot of People myself included by surprise but Yeah look we've got big institutional Players lining up and the reason that They're lining up is because their Clients want it black rock is Black Rock Is filing for a spot Bitcoin ETF because Its clients have asked them for it uh And ditto all these other asset managers As well there is huge pent up demand for Bitcoin and when these ETFs launch they May not be you know out of the gates They may not be kind of what everyone's Expecting I'm not sure if we would kind

Of shoot to new all-time highs straight Away but yeah over time more and more People are going to want exposure to Bitcoin there is a lot of money sitting There that will eventually get allocated To bitcoin and I think you know we will Look back and go do you remember when Bitcoin was was below 40K wow you know So I think I think now is is perhaps as Good a time as any and if you were Buying Bitcoin for the first time again I'm just talking about what you would do Um do you put it all in at once or for The people asking oh I'm trying to wait For a bigger dip like what would be your Strategy if you were buying for the First time time all at once a little Bit I think probably in in order to keep Your keep your sanity and and not sort Of be constantly refreshing the Bitcoin Charts I would I would just DCA I would Just allocate a certain amount that that You can afford to lose of course but you Know a certain amount that you can Afford either maybe every week or every Month and you just go in at that Particular Point regardless and that is A strategy that's been proven to work Pretty well Um and so if you're not sure you just You know you just allocate regardless of What the price is doing you build your Stack slowly and steadily and that I Think is is a good idea especially for

People who aren't sort of who don't want To kind of dive head first into crypto And completely immerse themselves in That world because you know that is that Is a fairly big Commitment if some People just want exposure to bitcoin Dollar cost averaging dcing slowly is is As good a way as any Bitcoin in a lot of Ways Is is inevitable the amount the amount Of adoption and just the fundamentals we See in it but a big surprise to a lot of The world out there black rock this year Filed for an ethereum spot ETF does this Change your outlook on ethereum at all Really I've always been I've always been Bullish on ethereum I think uh I think Ethereum is you know it's a very Different thing to bitcoin I think this Is an important an important thing for For for people new to the space to Understand you know people talk about Being competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum it's like they're they're They're very different things you know Ethereum is this ethereum is this Network upon which so much of you know This layer one upon which so much of Crypto is built um whereas Bitcoin at The moment is kind of more that store of Value narrative even though we're seeing You know exciting things like ordinals Come along and and and change that Change the game a little bit but yeah

Ethereum has ethereum underpins so much Of the crypto ecosystem and even if you Don't even if you're not a fan of Ethereum even if you prefer some of the Other layer one blockchains out there or You more of an interoperability person You like those layer zero projects like Cosmos for example even if you don't Like ethereum you can't get away from The fact that a huge amount of the Crypto ecosystem is built upon it and Yes ethereum still has a lot of work to Do yes gas fees are insanely High really It's much cheaper to do this a lot of This stuff on other blockchains sure but The amount of development going on in The ethereum ecosystem is just Staggering and so although I think a Spot e ETF is you know is is going to be Great news it's obviously going to help With uh with with eth's price in the Long term I think what's more important Is how much is happening on ethereum now Recently we've seen network activity on Ethereum take a bit of a dip and eth Actually went uh inflationary again it Now seems to be picking up again um but There is all this competition from from Those other layer ones but I am I've Been bullish on ethereum's future for as Long as I can remember and that hasn't Changed it's still got a lot of Challenges to do but I mean look last Year the with the merge this huge

Transition from proof of work to proof Of stake the ethereum team pulled that Off it worked this massive massive Change to the network so I'm confident That they're going to be able to handle All the other um all the other changes All the other developments you know Further Evolution that needs to happen In ethereum so yeah I think an e ETF is Interesting but it doesn't it doesn't Change my Outlook much for ethereum some People accuse me of being too bullish so I want you to check me guy on this next Statement if if I'm out if I'm too far Out there but look looking at ethereum This year compare fundamentally compared To where it was last year if anything We've only seen more Quality quality Developers flock to the network to build On the network um that's a potential Demand shock they need if the popular Dap happens they need dap they need Ethereum to be able to use the daps yes There are competition there are Competitors out there but those really Don't shine until the network fees get Too high and the cardos the solanas That's the biggest advertisement for Them OE is too expensive Anyway that's the Demand Supply shock primarily Um eth demand or Supply shock eth's Tokenomics have changed since last cycle Two yes in the most bearish days when

Nothing's happening sometimes it is Inflationary but for the first time and This has been different since last cycle The more activity on the network Ethereum becomes deflationary hopefully I'm saying these right um and this is a Market in a bull market we haven't seen These tokenomics in a bull market what's Your projection pricewise knowing Understanding that for ethereum next Year let's say if Bitcoin at least gets To 100,000 yeah I mean eth eth uh tends To lag uh Bitcoin by by one cycle um but Certainly as you say you know the the The tokenomics have have changed so much And now you know the more the more Ethereum gets used the more eth gets Burned and therefore you know the less There is available so in terms of price I mean where are we now we're sort of Hovering around the $2,000 Mark I think We could go to top of the next cycle I Think we could go sort of I would be Targeting around 5K sort of minimum um But I think it could get as high as Maybe I'm not sure 10K necessarily I Think it could get as high as maybe 8K Uh at the top of this cycle um one thing I think is worth bearing in mind though Is is that even though we've got you Know all this network activity happening On ethereum we've also got all these Layer twos building on ethereum as well Which don't necessarily uh result in the

In the burning of eth um so that could Be that could be something to bear in Mind but again it just it all feeds into Just how massive ethereum is um so yeah I'm I'm confident that uh I'm confident That there are you know Bright Days Ahead for for for ethereum and um yeah Whether we get to 10K I'm not sure I Think 5K would be fairly not too not too Unrealistic give me your best advice for Crypto investors in 2024 maybe something You've Learned so this is something I learned From the last cycle is that if you're if You're wanting to get into crypto and or If you're already in crypto let's say And you're wanting to you know you're Wanting to get into sort of various Coins and tokens um one thing I found Really useful was to have multiple Exchange accounts um because you know Let's say you want to go after a par Maybe a small cap altcoin or something Like that it's only going to be Available on a handful of exchanges and When things get really Crazy uh you know signups for these Exchanges are going to take a long time Obviously it's not as easy as it once Was pretty much all of them require kyc Of some description now so I think as we Get ready for the bull market I think a Really wise move to make is to get Yourself signed up on a variety of

Exchanges get all that kyc stuff done Make sure you've got your theat on and Off ramps in place make sure that you Can get you know dollars pounds Euros Whatever into crypto and get them back Out again if you need to um and I think Do that do that housekeeping make sure Everything's everything's kind of ready To go because you don't want to be doing That sort of stuff when everything's Frothy when like when you know tens of Thousands of people a day are trying to Sign up to coinbase for instance you Know they just chances are that sign up Process is going to become a lot more Drawn out and you don't want to be Sitting there going I can only get this Token on this exchange but they haven't Approved my kyc yet and I'm just Watching the price go up and to the Right so I think yeah that's that's Something I learned from last cycle get Your get your house in order get Everything get your ducks in a row um And that will that will make the bull Run a lot less stressful for you Sage Advice and also get that Hardware wallet That the whatever your huddle position Is put that into Cold Storage something You talk about on your Channel all the Time guy I H I have I have my Bitcoin Position I have my eth position I'm Ready I want to take a section of my Portfolio put it into some quality

Altcoins for 2024 I'm putting you on the Spot here what are five on your Radar Okay five on my radar I'm still I'm Still very bullish on decentralized Storage I know that's kind of I know That's a little bit dull perhaps to many People but data data storage you know The amount of data that we're creating Is only getting larger that needs to be Stored somewhere I don't think Centralized uh Storage Solutions like AWS and others are the way forward so uh There are some cool crypto projects that Do that um R weave is one that I'm Watching closely uh I have had that as Part of my portfolio in the past um and I think that is a good one to consider So that's our weave AR um one that I'm Bullish on for a long time I still hold A lot of atom I think the cosmos Ecosystem is great I think there are Some amazing projects building in there So I like atom I like Cosmos um one Particular Cosmos project that's caught My eye recently would just been working On a review of that is uh a cash network Uh which also is kind of De centralized Uh cloud storage and Computing so those Are three to look out for then I'm kind Of looking uh and I think an interesting Ethereum alternative um and also Something that could be part of the Salana kill killer narrative at the

Moment salana seems to be the big uh Ethereum competitor if you like I don't Think we can use the term ethereum Killer anymore because that's that's Just stupid um salana seems to be the Big competitor so I think the a big Narrative for the for the cycle could be What are going to be the salana Competitors or The salana Killers if you Like and I think uh one that's um one That's worth looking at in that regard Is uh near protocol I think they've got Some amazing tech one of my colleagues Recently uh interviewed uh IIA pukin at The ncon conference in Lisbon and I was Really impressed uh with him he's a Really smart guy they seem to have a Great team there at near some great Tech So near protocol I think is one to watch Um and then like a sector that I'm Really a niche if you like that I'm Really bullish on and really interested In is gamef fire I think gamey has the Potential to be absolutely huge now There are tons and tons of gamey Projects out there um but one in Particular that sort of caught my eye is One called uh game Swift this is a bit Of a lower cap one um I'm kind of Looking at this at the moment um so this Is a sort of gamei infrastructure Project it's a it's a modular blockchain That uses um ZK evm Tech and I think you Know when you when you look at the the

Gamei niche as a whole okay you can Choose to go after particular projects Um which you know might catch on and and May moon but I think I think a good bet For for gamey as a sector is to look at Some of the infrastructure for it and so That's why I think uh I think game Swift Could be an interesting one to look out There so uh what did I say arweave uh Cosmos uh near protocol aach and game Swift there you are I I love this and Something I love about having you on the Channel is you give me a high cap and Low cap you know and stuff for the Audience to do more research into I'll Have to look into those especially the Low cap two altcoins with you know Undoubtedly some of the biggest Communities are xrp and cardano if you Have an extra 200 bucks and you can only Pick one in terms of in terms of an Investment do you choose xrp or cardano Well I think what you're asking me is do I want to be trolled by the cardano Community or by the xrp Army that's That's a good question um well yeah I Mean look I've been really impressed With what Ripple has has achieved Recently you know Ripple Ripple got a Big win for all of crypto uh recently Against the SEC although that case is Still ongoing I should say um so I'm Sort of more in more inclined towards Xrp than I was um having said that I

Know there's a lot going on in the Cardano ecosystem I know there are some Really cool projects building there I Met a few people when I was in Singapore A couple of months ago uh I met some People building in the cardano ecosystem And I was really taken with how Committed they were how smart they were How passionate they were so I did kind Of leave feeling more bullish on cardano Than I have before so um which Community Look I mean I've already made myself Unpopular with the xrp community the Past so heck I'll just go for cardano You know XR the xrp Army already hate me So you know oh let us know your thoughts Down Below in the comments section Everybody um guy or or don't or or don't We'll leave it up to you um final Thoughts about crypto in 2024 for the Audience 2024 is going to be big um Crypto is slowly but surely uh getting Past some of these big hurdles um there Is there is so much good news on the Horizon um but we should never forget What's happened in the last couple of Years uh we should never rule out the Fact that there could be another FTX Like disaster so although I'm really Bullish on the crypto ecosystem over the Next 12 months although I think we're Going to see you know if if not the bull Market actually sort of come to a peak I Think we're probably more likely to see

A buildup over the year um so enjoy that Make sure you do your make sure you do Your research into projects that you're Considering getting into and as you said Earlier make sure you practice basically Hope for the best expect the worst and I Think you should be okay


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