Coin Bureau: The Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto Crash WAS PLANNED!

The attack on the crypto sort of banking Sector has really kind of made things More difficult it seems to be from what I'm hearing a lot harder especially for Institutions uh to get money into and Out of the market so I think that's Sucked a lot of liquidity out and I I Guess I guess that was very much the Plan Three all coins uh one that's one that I'm kind of interested in at the moment Is today I interviewed guy of coin Bureau and get his raw take on Cryptocurrency in 2023 we discuss Operation choke point meaning was this Crypto collapse all planned his Prediction for the Bitcoin having next Year top three altcoins he sees value in But before all that guy what's your General take on crypto today yeah it's Yeah it's been a it's been an Interesting sort of few months isn't it I don't think I don't think many people Were were expecting it to kind of go the Way it has It seems to have got dare I say it a Little bit boring at the moment Certainly the last few weeks I think I Think one thing that's had a really kind Of big effect on the market and I I Noticed this especially at weekends is The shutdown of things like silvergate Um it's uh it's sen and um uh the um Silicon Valley Bank as well I I think

The I think the the attack on the crypto Sort of banking sector has really kind Of made things more difficult it seems To be from what I'm hearing a lot harder Especially for institutions uh to get Money into and out of the market so I Think that's sucked a lot of liquidity Out and I think that's a big reason why We've kind of seen a lot of this Sideways price action over the last few Weeks so I think that's had a I think That's had a big impact and I I guess I Guess that was very much the plan Um from uh from the powers that be on on Your side of the pond and so so there's That and I I think that's a big Contributor to the sort of slightly kind Of flat price action we're seeing at the Moment and then I mean obviously there Are just so many things to think about At the moment aren't there I mean Interest rates uh that old that Old Chestnut that see those I mean let's Face it I think most people now believe That their fed are going to pause so And probably just keep rates there for The next few months at least obviously Depending on the data I would say don't Rule out uh the possibility of another Hike uh the next meeting I think is Either the I think the next meeting is On the 14th of June and the day before It is when the next uh CPI print comes Out so the CPI for May will come out on

The 13th of June fed meeting the Following day that could be really Really interesting I think Um so that's going to be a big one so Like I say I I haven't entirely ruled Out the possibility of another rate hike I'm not sure uh the market would would Particularly enjoy that So yeah there's just there's just a lot To think about at the moment and that's Before we get to things like uh the debt Ceiling crisis Um the SEC obviously that's kind of Simmered down a little bit everything Going on there but I mean that's still Happening the SEC is still on the war Path uh there are still things like Cbdc's being worked on to uh to worry About as well and there's you know a Recession that everybody seems to think Is due any day now but kind of doesn't Hasn't quite manifested itself so yeah This is a this is a fascinating time for Crypto really Um because you know especially with a High rates environment and and a Recession coming this is this is Uncharted Territory for the market so I Think it's going to be even though price Action I feel may not be all that Interesting for you know the next few Weeks and months I still think it's I Still think the space itself could be Could be about to get more interesting

You mentioned with the banking collapses I guess this was planned the whole time Or AKA operation choke point like how Is is this a how much weight do you put Into this was a coordinated attack to Take down crypto at least choke out Those liquidity points What are your thoughts It certainly looked like it to me I know I know a lot of people have been sort of Attempted to kind of dismiss this as as Something of a conspiracy theory of the Crypto industry sort of uh feeling sorry For itself I don't believe that I think This was a coordinated attack I think uh With the with the effort why go to all The effort of drafting sensible Regulation which has been beyond U.S Authorities for years now why go to all That effort when you can resurrect an Old policy that worked quite well back In the I think it was the Obama era when Choke point one was deployed against you Know things like gambling and payday Loans and Firearms companies and all That sort of stuff why not resurrect That and uh and do things do it that way And like I say it seems to have worked Pretty well you know it's it's this idea Of uh of just cutting off cutting off Access to banking services they know Unfortunately that crypto industry needs Banking as much as any other industry at The moment so it seems to have been

Pretty effective like I say How how are you playing this is is the Move just to focus on bitcoin and eth Because those are the most stable the Most uh the biggest out of the cryptos Or stay out of it at all and just watch And wait Staying I'm staying on the sidelines at The moment Austin I don't really I mean I don't I don't know you know I've got To now I've got theories on which way uh On which way the market is gonna go I'm Still in the short term kind of Fairly Bearish so I'm happy to just kind of sit On the sidelines watch this play out uh Keep my keep my powder dry Um because yeah I think it's just I Think it's just so difficult to know Exactly you know exactly what we're Going to see play out over the coming Months so I'm kind of yeah I I it it Helps for me because it makes it means I Can be a bit of a more sort of I feel Like a bit of a more neutral Observer Um just kind of sitting back and going Do you know what I'm not going to dive Into anything at the moment I just wanna I wanna see how this plays out and Obviously that kind of ties into my job Which is to talk about it and tell People what I'm seeing so I think that That kind of makes it easier as well I'm Less kind of unless kind of emotional About it at the moment

The biggest bullish narrative that we Still have despite all the bearish macro Is Bitcoin having next year Usually the price you know kind of hits A bull market about 12 months after Eight to 12 months after do you see a Front running coming do you think it'll Have the same effect uh how bullish is The the how bullish is the Bitcoin Having I think certainly it uh it fits nicely Into the into the into the market cycle That crypto has been in for you know for Most of its existence now so I think That narrative enough Will be you know will help to will help To drive more speculation will help to Drive some positive price action but I Think so much depends uh when's the uh The halving is uh April next year I Think so we've got about sort of six or Well we've got about six or seven months Left of this year and I think what I Would be hoping to see what would make Me a lot more a lot more positive about Uh you know about what we see in you Know in April and before is if we start To really see inflation get uh get Hammered by those but by those High Rates in the states I think you know What they'll have to keep them high for Quite some time I think a pause is most You know is is almost certainly on the Cards at some point some people think

We'll see a cut uh obviously that Depends on whether the fed you know Manages to break anything in the economy Which is perfectly possible so what I'll Be looking out for is a generally kind Of more positive sentiment about the Markets as we come towards the end of The year I'm not expecting to see things Sort of miraculously better but I would Hope that inflation is is really sort of Under control and firmly on its way down By the end of the year there's talk About cutting rates obviously a rate cut Doesn't necessarily mean that the market Just go up there is some quite often a Rate cut means that something has broken In the system so just having rates go Lower isn't necessarily going to uh Going to supercharge the market but I Would be hoping to see some green shoots And some all-round sort of better Greater positivity about not just crypto But I think the the whole economic Picture in general and I guess some clarity on whether or not We're going to see a recession in the United States and and elsewhere the UK For instance just sort of now really Narrowly avoided a recession by the skin Of its teeth but Um you know the the possibility is still There so I think some clarity on that You know in markets love certainty don't They so I think if we if we know where

We stand I think that could be helpful As well I'm gonna ask you a fun question because This is just your best guess nobody Really knows but what year do you see Bitcoin surpassing all-time highs so Crossing that 69k would it be do you Think 2024 end of it later I would say 2025 because I think we'll See obviously we'll see the halving in Uh in early 2024 that should as long as We stick to the cycle that should mean That the price kind of gradually climbs Over that over the rest of that year to Early 2025 I think the first of January 2025 is the date when central banks will Be able to hold Bitcoin uh we'll be able To hold crypto on their balance sheets They'll be able to hold up to two Percent of their reserves in crypto that I think could be you know that could be A huge catalyst so I would say I I don't Think 2024 2025 is is when I think we Could see all-time highs again Realistically I I tend to agree I think if you're Going like if everything is the exact Same thing as every other four-year Cycle then you want to bet 12 months After 2024 Um and if you think the Nar the macro Narrative is just like way more bearish Or even slightly more bearish then maybe It'll be a little later after that is 12

Months the only thing for me that could Like really change that is if we get Some positive or at least Clarity get Some clarity in the regulation from the US from Biden you know the end of this Year like that would open up that would Be huge that would be a huge game Changer for the US Absolutely absolutely and I don't think That's impossible because I think there Are enough voices in the US in in Congress and elsewhere who realized that Um that America is losing ground now and Look I mean we've got Hong Kong opening Up uh retail crypto trading uh in a Fortnight's time I think first of June That that's due to happen so there's Already this push underway to attract The attract the industry elsewhere you Know Asia is where a lot of people think The next bull market is going to stem From So the impetus the you know the I think People in the US understand that that They have to sort something out quick Obviously as well you guys have got an Election Um coming up next year that could of Course you know if you see uh if you see Um the Republicans get in whoever Whoever they end up uh as their Candidate Um that could be very positive for Crypto as well because at the moment

There does seem to be more support from Crypto from for crypto from that side of The aisle so that could play on it as Well but I gotta say Austin I'm not I'm Just not holding my breath when it comes To regulations in the US because I think They've had so long to do it and there Just seems to be this ingrained Hostility to crypto there and I think More likely uh we're just we're gonna See uh increasing efforts from from Asia From the Middle East from Europe as well To uh to lure the industry there so I Think the US has got got to act fast for That to be for that to be the case And that growth in every other spot Besides the US that would be definitely Bullish for crypto in General yet Bearish for the US which is short-term Bearish guy what is uh What is a I wanted to ask you this Um what is the piece of advice you would Give a crypto investor in the market Today not a new crypto investor but Somebody who's been here for years which Is this who is just kind of you know Lost right now I think my best bit of advice is mind Your time I don't think there's a I Don't think there's a rush at the moment Uh this is this is classic bear Market Territory that we're in sentiment is low Interest is low at times it doesn't seem Like there's an awful lot happening

Especially from a price perspective use That time wisely use it to research Projects that you're interested in get To grips with the fundamentals I mean I Imagine people have been in crypto for a While are probably probably uh pretty Sound in that area but yeah don't be Afraid to don't be afraid of downtime And and doing nothing just use it as an Opportunity to learn because I mean as You and I both know there's there's Always there's always more to know Final two questions besides Bitcoin Besides eth what are three altcoins that You're looking at over this next 12 Months Three all coins uh one that's uh one That I'm kind of interested in at the Moment is uni Um because I think obviously Defy is Still a really promising Niche even if Uh even if there's a there's a Regulatory threat there uni swap I think Has a has a governance proposal coming Up very soon Um which could I think be very bullish For for the token itself obviously uni Swaps uh trading volume especially over The kind of little meme coin season that We've had over the past few weeks uni Swaps trading volume I think has Outstripped coinbase is uh quite a lot Of the time for obvious reasons so I Think uni is an interesting one to watch

Tried and tested D5 protocol uh Generates a lot of Revenue in fees uh Obviously you know because it's a Because it's well established I don't Think it's got you know necessarily 100x Upside or anything like that but I can See it I can see it growing and doing Well and and continuing to uh to earn Money so Unis won Um are they I think kind of for similar Reasons really it's tried and tested It's been around and it's getting a Whole lot of use it's a great project a Great team behind it they're working on So much interesting stuff So uh yeah so Ave I think would be Another one and what would be my third Um one I was looking one I've been Looking at recently uh and I need to do A bit more digging on is uh axillar Which is a kind of uh cross-chain Interoperability protocol that sort of Stuff I I love interoperability I think It's I really think it's the way forward I think there are some risks there in That it's a bit of a zero-sum game in a Way I think there are not going to be You know there's not room for a huge Amount of different projects in that Niche but axillar looks looks really Interesting uh so that's one I'm going To be digging a little deeper into you Know using this using this kind of Downtime to uh to dig a little deeper

Into and have a look at so yeah uni Ave And axillary is axelr a polka dot based One or eth based coin Uh Cosmos Cosmos all right cool I was Going to ask you my final question was Going to be you gave me your top three But I want you to give me a little more Of a d-gen pick now but axler seemed you Know it's not in the top 20 so I'm gonna have to look into that there You are there you are check it out I Mean yeah there's there's loads I I'm Generally sort of very bullish on Cosmos Projects in general um things like Thought chains is is a great one osmosis Is one to watch as well so yeah it's Definitely definitely a good ecosystem To watch I think guy you have a great Channel a great Twitter I'm gonna link Everything down below but also you have A conference coming up you did it last Year it's again in London this year I'm A speaker virtually me and my brother Could you go into that Yeah absolutely so Um we have uh we have it's the date set Is the 10th of June there are I think Still like a handful of tickets left We're we're almost sold out but there's There's one or two still to be had it's Gonna be uh at the devere Grand Connaught rooms which is in central London Hoban it's it's an amazing space Last year's event was a massive success

Uh I think everyone who came along Really enjoyed themselves and it was you Know Austin it's not like We've kind of pitched this event as you Know something different from I think a Lot of the events that people are used To we're trying to make it kind of as Intimate as possible so people can come Along meet obviously some of the people Uh that they that they see on YouTube And watch on YouTube and and and follow Their opinions and stuff but also just Kind of meet other members of the Community I think people got a lot out Of that aspect of it last time just the The chance to sort of you know get out From behind the screen and meet some Meet some fellow dejens uh in real life I think that was really valuable for People so more of the same this year and I think it's going to be really good fun And I'm really stoked that uh that you Guys are able to to uh to join us from There later I think that's going to be It's going to be great I'm excited the Intimate uh conferences are always Better in my opinion because you get to Connect more Um and I can't wait I encourage my Audience to check it out links down Below


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