Coin Bureau CRYPTO Portfolio: Ultimate Investing Strategy!

The Crypt bull market is almost upon us And you need to be prepared that means Picking the coins and tokens that will Maximize your gains while minimizing Your pain this involves creating a Robust crypto portfolio that balances The incredible risks and rewards that Crypto has to offer a crypto portfolio That you can actually keep track of and Understand today's video will give you a Step-by-step guide on how to create the Ultimate crypto portfolio so that you Can make the most of what is likely to Be the biggest bull market you'll ever See in your lifetime my name is guy and You're watching the coin Bureau I'll start by saying that nothing In this video is financial advice it's Purely educational content that's meant To assist you on your crypto Quest you Should also know that coin Bureau team Members hold a few of the cryptos Mentioned in this video as part of our Personal portfolios I'll Point them out As we go along if you want to know what Our full crypto portfolios look like and Which cryptos we're considering adding To them then head on over to the coin Bureau Club it's our new Subscription Service which provides actionable crypto Market Alpha and in-depth reviews of Small cap altcoins voted on by our Members Yes you heard that right Unbiased in-depth reviews of small cap

Altcoins voted on by you if you become a Member the first 1,000 members will be Given an exclusive deal so hurry on over And become a member of the coin Bureau Club by using the link in the Description now with all that said the First step to creating the ultimate Crypto portfolio is to understand the Risks and rewards associated with every Coin and token on the market in theory This requires analyzing every crypto in Detail in practice though all you need To do is understand the different crypto Categories In this context crypto can be Categorized as being either large caps Medium Caps or small caps so for context Large cap means a market capitalization Of more than $1 billion midcap means Less than 1 billion but more than 100 Million and small cap means less than 100 million now this is Up For Debate But let's stick with it and in case You're wondering a crypto's market cap Is calculated by multiplying the number Of coins or tokens in circulation by the Price of that coin or token this Information can be easily found on coin Tracking websites like coin market cap And coin Gecko and it's the main thing You need to look at as a rule of thumb Large cap cryptos are low risk low Reward that's because large cap cryptos Have typically been around for a long

Time and have established themselves as The top players in their respective Niches however that means that most of The gains have been made relatively Speaking so for example bitcoin's BTC is The largest by market cap that's because It's been around the longest and has Conquered the store of value Niche btc's Large market cap means it takes a lot of Money to push its price up or down this Is good if you want to minimize risk but It's bad if you want to maximize gains By contrast small cap cryptos are high Risk High reward that's because most Small cap cryptos tend to be new and Haven't yet establish themselves as Serious competitors in their respective Niches these are the kinds of cryptos That could go to zero or could go up by 100x or more that's simply because a Small market cap means that it doesn't Take much money to push its price up or Down this is good if you want to Maximize reward but bad if you want to Minim minimize risk so logically midcap Cryptos are in the middle they're Recognized but not established and can Still see decent gains before I break Down how you can structure your crypto Portfolio to get the best of all three Worlds you need to know about a fourth Crypto category and that's stable coins FYI stable coins don't just include Tokens pegged to Fiat currencies like

The USD they also include tokens pegged To Commodities like gold now believe it Or not but stable coins come with risk And reward profiles of their own most Stable coins are centralized meaning That they can be Frozen at any time most Stable coins are also backed by volatile Assets such as US Government debt or Kept in money held at banks that could Potentially go under for stable coins Backed by Commodities the biggest risk Is regular vol volatility the price of Gold goes up and down over time which May not be ideal if you're trying to use It as a place to park your gains as You'll see though stable coins can be Extremely useful despite their not so Obvious downsides and by the way if You're enjoying the video so far be sure To smash that like button to help others Find it now that you understand large Caps midcaps small caps and stable coins The second step is to start choosing a Few cryptos from each categ That you want to add to your portfolio Unless you work fulltime in crypto it's Unwise to have more than a dozen cryptos In total because you just won't be able To keep up naturally this means no more Than three to four cryptos per category The caveat is that the allocation Ultimately depends on your personal risk Tolerance if you're young have no debt Or only investing using money you can

Afford to lose then you should consider Accumulating more midcaps and small caps Conversely if you're older have lots of Debt and are investing money that you Should probably be spending on other Things then you should consider Accumulating more large caps not Financial advice but if you do fit this Profile you should probably spend that Money on paying your bills and debts if You happen to be sitting on massive Amounts of money already then you should Actually consider accumulating stable Coins I'll explain why a little later Now now this begs the question of Exactly which cryptos you should Consider adding to each category of your Crypto portfolio the answer has less to Do with the coins or tokens themselves And more to do with the niches that they Fall into recall that Bitcoin BTC is Basically the only store of value crypto If having a store of value is something That's important to you then BTC should Probably be part of your large cap Allocation I should note that every Member of the coin Bureau team holds BTC As part of their crypto portfolio but This probably won't come as a surprise Most people in crypto hold BTC what may come as a surprise however Is the realization that almost all the Other cryptos in existence are either Built on ethereum or are trying to

Compete with ethereum this makes eth Another logical addition to the large Cap allocation and it's a big part of Why most of the coin Bureau team holds Eth too however some would argue that Eth's risk to reward profile isn't Nearly as good as other large cap Cryptos that's just because eth is the Second largest by market cap and it's Constantly facing competition from large Cap competitors with smaller market caps Like cardano and salana if you step back Though you'll notice that these cryptos All have something in common they're all Smart contract cryptocurrencies now Smart contract cryptos are essentially The back bone of the entire crypto Ecosystem if this is something you value Then you should consider these for your Remaining large cap allocations again Deciding on these allocations should Have less to do with the specific coins Or tokens and more to do with the Categories they fall into if you find a Large cap crypto interesting ask Yourself why and see whether there are Any other crypto projects in that Niche That could take some of that market Share this allows you to simultaneously Protect against the risk that the Specific crypto project you choose Underperforms and increase the reward if That crypto Niche takes off that's Because you'd be holding one of the

Alternatives and because the coins and Tokens in the same Niche tend to Rally Together this ties into the midcap Crypto allocation which is similarly Straightforward if you look at most Midcap cryptos you'll notice that they Tend to be utility tokens of some kind In other words they're used to power a Use case like onchain data Gathering or Power a protocol like a decentralized Exchange like the large cap allocation You want to think less about the coins And tokens and more about the use cases When choosing your midcap allocations Unlike the large cap allocation you need To pay extra close attention to Tokenomics because midcap cryptos tend To be tokens not coins for reference Coins are the native currencies of Crypto blockchains meaning that they're Used to pay for transaction fees So for example BTC is bitcoin's native Crypto coin and is needed to pay for Fees on the Bitcoin Network this is Significant because it means using the Blockchain requires that coin fees Create organic Demand by contrast tokens Are not native currencies of blockchains And they often have no organic demand Drivers this is an issue that many defi Protocols currently have all their Tokens GR Grant governance rights but Don't capture any of the fees their Protocols generate at first glance they

Don't make much sense but if you watched Our video about which crypto niches to Watch for the next bull market you'll Know that defi was one of them that's Because it's theoretically possible for These protocols to change their Tokenomics so that they do capture this Value the only thing standing in the way Is regulatory uncertainty this is Especially true when it comes to tokens Belonging to decentralized stablecoin Protocols which in our opinion could Become some of the most valuable take a Second to consider that creating a Robust decentralized stable coin is the Holy Grail of crypto it would be Creating an actual digital currency this Is probably why some defi protocols such As arve have introduced their own Decentralized stable coins and it's why Their governance tokens would be logical Midcap allocations theice price action Of makeer Dow's maker token foreshadows What we could see for a and other such Governance tokens but again the problem Is regulation and this is something else You need to keep in mind when it comes To these tokens many tokens could be Classified as Securities unregistered Stocks in Shady offshore companies this Comes with a whole other set of risks That aren't always regulatory in nature That's why many of the coin Bureau team Prefer to stick to coins with specific

Use cases for their midcap allocations Funnily enough most of these coins can Be found in the cosmos ecosystem that's Because cosmos's philosophy is that the Most popular daps will require their own Blockchains I should note at this point That cosmos's atom coin is in my Personal portfolio anyway take injective Protocol for instance injective is a Derivatives Dex that lives on its own Blockchain that that means there's a Demand for inj to pay for fees in Addition to all the other demand drivers Related to the decks as a result inj is One of the few cryptos that's rallied Close to its previous highs in the bare Market midcap cryptos with this kind of Profile are arguably the best ones to Accumulate and you'll notice that they All fall into a much broader Niche which Could be described as infrastructure Decentralized stable coins dexes liquid Staking protocols and others are all Fundamentally crypto infrastructure now The only tricky part about picking Midcaps is that there's lots of them and It's not always easy to know which use Cases will see demand or when or for how Long the tradeoff of this increased risk Is a higher reward and this relates to The small cap crypto allocation which is Like the midcap allocation but on Steroids that's because the name of the Game for small caps is speculation coins

And tokens that have market caps of 100 Million or less are often still in Development and therefore often don't Have any actual demand drivers beyond The speculation that demand drivers Could someday materialize if you watched Our video about when to accumulate Altcoins you'll know that the most Speculative altcoins are those that seek To disrupt the current leaders in the Biggest crypto niches and use cases this Means cryptos that are looking to become Bigger than the likes of Bitcoin or Ethereum or arve although it's Objectively unlikely that a crypto as Big as Bitcoin or ethereum will be taken Down by a small cap at this point in Crypto's evolution the small possibility Alone often causes massive gains to be Made even if this mission is never Achieved some large cap smart contract Cryptos are good examples not naming Names of course now whereas the trick to Allocating to large caps is to focus on The niches and the trick to allocating To midcaps is to focus on the use cases The trick to allocating to small caps is To focus on the narrative meme coins are The perfect examples here these cryptos Literally pumped because they were memes If you look at all these mem coins You'll know that they likewise have Something in common and that's an Abnormally small sticker price the

Apparently low price of these cryptos Often gives the impression that they Could pump and they often do even when The market cap would tell you that they Shouldn't remember that it's the market Cap that matters bigger market cap Smaller gains in percentage terms as We've mentioned many times before this Is something that the average retail Investor doesn't understand and the Result is that the most speculative Small cap coins can continue to pump Even when they become unsustainably Large by market cap this means that you Must think like a retail investor in Practical terms this means asking Yourself which small cap cryptos could Be marketed in a way that would result In a retail frenzy this is of course Easier said than done which is exactly Why we created the coin Bureau Club Because I can tell you right now that We've come across a few small caps that Do meet this Criterion and remember that There's an exclusive deal for the first 1,000 members in the Description now Shilling aside the main Thing to remember about accumulating Small caps is that they are probably Very temporary investment Often they'll go up by 10 to 100x in a Short period of time crash and Eventually drift down to zero when you See the retail coming in that means it's

Time to get out assuming you've made Some profits then it would be wise to Rotate them into your most promising Large caps and midcaps and use the Initial investment to fish for other Small caps that could pump because of an Insane narrative the last thing you want To do is fall for the narrative on a Small cap and this brings us to the Third step for creating the ultimate Crypto portfolio and that's your stable Coin allocation as with your large cap Midcap and small cap allocations your Stable coin allocation should be Diversified this is partly because There's currently lots of regulatory Uncertainty around stable coins it's Also partly because different stable Coins have different attributes as You'll recall not all stable coins are Pegged to Fiat currencies like the USD Some are pegged to Commodities like gold And that's just the tip of the iceberg Due to their onchain nature there's a Lot you can do with stable coins lending Out stable coins on borrowing protocols Or providing liquidity for stable coin Pairs on dexes is a great way to earn a Passive income on your profits while you Wait to invest in other cryptos some Stable coins allow you to earn yield Directly from the assets backing them You'll have to Dy there to put things Into perspective sometimes yields on

Lending stable coins and yields on Providing liquidity can be as high as 10 To 20% this can be very lucrative in Real terms if you're already sitting on A lot of money while it's true that These yields are temporary there are Protocols that can help find new yield Opportunities and another thing you can Do with stable coins is use them as Collateral for loans in borrowing Protocols this can allow you to invest In other cryptos you want to accumulate Without having to sell your stable coins Note that you can often do the same with Smart contract cryptos just remember They're very volatile now regarding Which stable coins you should consider Each one comes with its own pros and Cons Some people prefer paas's usdp Because it's technically the most Regulated the problem with USP though is That it isn't as widely supported so There's not much you can do with it Onchain or offchain at least not yet Others prefer circles usdc because it's The most used in defi if you want to do Any of the use cases I just mentioned Then chances are you'll be using usdc in Some way shape or form the problem Though with usdc is that it isn't Supported by too many exchanges and it's Also allied with some controversial Entities That's why most people seem to prefer

Tether's usdt it has a decent amount of Defi support is supported by many crypto Exchanges and is true to crypto so to Speak the trade-off with usdt is Tether's relative lack of transparency And the ongoing regulatory scrutiny it Has received because of it being based Offshore now in recent months we've also Seen new stable coins emerge such as PayPal's p y USD which was issued with The help of paxos it's too soon to say What advantages these stable coins will Have but in the case of py USD it's Possible that it will emerge as the Easiest to use for everyday transactions Payments Etc and finally we have the Commodity stable coins most of which are Backed by precious metals mainly gold Like fat stable coins goldback stable Coins come with different levels of Transparency and D Mobility for now Paas's Pax G appears to be the biggest By a wide margin besides volatility the Problem with gold back stable coins is That they aren't supported by defi Protocols and have limited exchange Support too this is a bit odd Considering that many in the crypto Industry are fans of the gold standard And it could theoretically be recreated By using a token like Pax G in defi in Any case no matter how you decide decide To structure your large cap midcap small Cap and stable coin allocations remember

That you must keep any coins and tokens You're not actively trading in your own Personal crypto wallet ideally you'll Use a cold wallet such as a hardware Wallet for maximum security if you want To get a discount on some of the best Hardware wallets be sure to check out The coin Bureau deals page it also has Up to $40,000 of bonuses and the biggest Trading fee discounts on the best crypto Exchanges exclusively for the viewers of This channel so be sure to check that Out in the Description so that's all for today's Video folks if you found it helpful then Smash that like button if you want to Keep getting more helpful content Subscribe to the channel and ping that Notification Bell if you want to help Others consider sharing this video with Them if it's appropriate of course as Always thank you all for watching and I'll see you in the next one this is Guy Signing off [Music] For


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