CNBC Host STUNNED đŸ¤¯ After Billionaire’s Bitcoin Prediction

When would you think 27 000 for Bitcoin Is a better buy something very strange Just happened on CNBC you see Mike Novogratz billionaire investor and CEO Of Galaxy digital was brought on to talk About Bitcoin nothing new and the Talking point unfortunately was Bitcoin's declining price this Conversation is going to start out Totally normal they just say hey Bitcoin's down eight percent for the Month this is the first month this year That Bitcoins had a down month why are We dropping and is eight percent even a Big deal eight percent with Bitcoin That's not even I mean you want a bad Month 60 is a bad month for crypto Mike eight Percent is like unch isn't it it's Sideways it is actually it's sideways And if you think about it interest rates Sold off you know 50 60 basis coins if You look at the Deferred you know sofa Contracts Um and so less chance of a dovish Fed Should be hawkish for for crypto in General and so you know quite frankly Cryptos uh laxidasical I'd say there's a Constant bid from retail we're seeing it Through all the platforms Um and there's not a lot of Institutional excitement right now and So uh the dog days of summer started Early in crypto uh does it make me

Thrilled but that's just the reality no The female co-host as you'll hear she's Actually the one shocked that Mike is Taking this bullish stance on bitcoin Because yes Bitcoin is dipping now but Long term that said there's a couple Things that happen today which are Pretty interesting right WeChat just Enabled Bitcoin and crypto trading on The biggest single platform in the world Um that's a pretty big big deal uh Hong Kong is officially allowing crypto Trading for retail customers uh through Regulated exchanges first first time and So we're seeing Asian adoption uh and We're seeing you know like in some ways Bitcoin's up 55 they're 65 this year Ethereum up 55 percent uh on Lower Volatility than we've seen and so in Lots of ways there's been two of the Best performing assets there are so Don't just take Bitcoin on small time Frames when in doubt zoom out and Although Kelly the female host has yet To speak Joe Kernan like any good Journalist pushes back a little uh last Time you're on my someone took offense That that you you kind of conceded that A lot of the buying was by bit people That already own it or people that are Already involved and there's no new Adoption and that that's a problem is That still um what we're seeing is the New buyers are all small and they're

Aggregated on these platforms if it's Revolut or uh you know Robin Hood or or Uh Square you know the cash app from Square uh and they continue to buy small Amounts and hold them and so you know in Some ways that makes a pretty healthy Market because these are long-term Hodlers as they would say yeah we're not Singers we're not seeing the Institutions come in you know that that Got stopped by a combination of Sam and Gary you know Sam Pacman freed and Gary Gensler and so you're seeing lots of Interest still just not a lot of Activity so and here's where the Conversation goes totally off the rails But very quickly I do just want to Address are we actually seeing the Buyers I.E the volume still today we can Look at the Bitcoin price on the day Chart and see a clear drop off in Trading volume most other cryptocurrency YouTube channels will only share with You bullish news this channel we'll Share with you all the news all the Metrics so you can make the best Decision for you and notice at the start Of 2023 we had a huge uptick for the First time in a long time Bitcoin jumped In 2023 and then we also saw that volume Profile the follow so a strong uptick in Price and a strong consistent volume Uptick as well this was a very good sign At the time that we may see one more

Uptick unfortunately after this next leg Up about two months ago in March we saw A nice volume Spike to get us there but For the next two months volume was Minuscule not the best sign it tells us Hey this might not be sustainable I'm Just as bullish as Mike novograt's long Term about Bitcoin and I appreciate how He's cheerleading he's going on he's He's studying the troops but for any Subscriber of this channel do not be Surprised if we take a dip down in the Short term just like don't be surprised If Mike is absolutely right and we keep Grinding up I'm I'm going to keep an eye On these volume profiles and when Something changes I will make a video I Will keep you updated and finally let me Share with you the end of this clip in Full Joe Kernan who knows his co-host Off screen is pressuring him to lay the Smackdown on Mike as the harder Questions the awkwardness to me is Palpable will you help Um Kelly with with her no no Now uh you know you don't want myself no Uh well we've been talking and it Obviously it's totally about what your Risk profile and tolerance is whether You buy a one-year t-bill Or Mike or Bitcoin at 27. you don't like It no you have to tell me you would take A one-year T-Bone 5.2 all day long no You know listen you have to have someone

In your T bills but right I've always Kind of lived on the risk curve uh and Listen we're in a bubble right now an AI Bubble and so having watched bubbles my Whole life it's a pretty exciting one And it's just starting and so it makes Actually trading the stock market Complicated because you know everyone's Known that stat right 494 stocks of the s p are unchanged and The other six make up all the gains uh It feels early right the AI story is Just starting in lots of ways we started Using chat CPT what two three months ago Um bubbles don't last three months they Last a lot longer bubbles always happen Around things that fundamentally change The way we live right bubbles happen Around real things they just the story Is so powerful people by way in advance And get caught up in the frenzy and so Listen nasdaq's way outperformed it Could continue to outperform it's a Dangerous trade I hear him saying rather than Bitcoin Rather than in the t-bill he wants to Chase the the NASDAQ I don't know if you Chase Nvidia that's that's what I'm Hearing I'm just saying that that's having a big Impact on the psychology of the market Uh it's something we got to watch really Carefully so what do these CNBC hosts Know about Bitcoin the mic doesn't or

Maybe what does Mike know about Bitcoin That these hosts don't who's right today In this situation but uh in Long in you If you really were going to invest ten Thousand dollars right now Would you think 27 000 for Bitcoin is a Better buy than a year where you get Five hundred dollars back 100 because Listen the FED is going to pause or skip Or what do you want to call it listen to The billionaire listen to them and then We'll see the data come in and if the Data continues to slow and it's listen It's mixed data right the the retail uh Services space continues to be vibrant And the rest of the economy is slowing But if if what I think is going to Happen happens and we see a real slow Down in the second half of the year the FED will be cutting rates by October uh And crypto is going to be Off to the Races I just think they're taking Liquidity out Mike don't you I mean you You know these Dynamics better than Anybody right like they're they're Sucking liquidity out and what's Remaining okay it's going into AI but The fact that it's going into AI is all The less reason why it needs to go into Crypto yeah but they they will be Hawkish until they're not and the moment This economy really turns we look at Chile all of a sudden right Chile was Way ahead of America right they raised

Rates on 900 a thousand basis points and All of a sudden their economy is just Rolled up rolled off a cliff uh and You'll see you know rate Cuts really Fast I like to think that's the canary In the coal mine is one of my friend uh Uh that calls it like the U.S economy Will slow all these interest rate hikes Will have impact the banking crisis will Stop lending to small businesses which Will finally show up in in employment it Just takes a while and so I think if We're talking in October the FED will Have a very different tone and that will Be the Catalyst for assets especially Gold silver Bitcoin ethereum to head Higher my brother and I are speaking at The Block down Festival in Portugal link Down below use code altcoin daily 50 for 50 off your tickets just for you also if You're in Los Angeles the Pasadena area My brother and I are also speaking on a Channel at The web3 Gaming Expo use code Decentral20 for 20 off your ticket link Down below


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