CMC Crypto Awards 2024: Official Trailer – VOTE NOW!

Welcome to the first ever coin market Cap crypto Awards 2024 is said to be one Of the biggest and most important years In crypto history I think this was Really the year that the world started To come on chain ETF that is the Big Driver guys it's been 10 years in the Waiting 10 years this may be the biggest Development on Wall Street in 30 Years with qu market caps World leading Data thriving Global community and Expert industry knowledge we are the Home of crypto and we are uniquely Positioned to celebrate and support the Pioneers who continue to push the crypto Industry forwards today marks the first Day of quad market caps celebration of Crypto this annual Awards event will be Hosted on our website on our YouTube and Shared across our social media channels Like the Oscars we celebrate the very Best actors in our industry unlike the Oscars we can wear what we Want no no yes that's it our award Categories are as follows crypto of the Year meme coin of the Year social Influencer to watch bridge builder of The Year crypto leader of the year most Innovative defi project most Innovative Project l1l to cross chain and most Innovative gaming and nft projects and It's you the crypto Community who will Be able to vote for your favorite people And projects the winners will be decided

By a combination of your votes our coin Market cap data and our expert committee Voting will close on 2nd of March and on 6th of March we will be hosting the First ever quad market cap crypto award Ceremony the winners will be announced And their Victory permanently Minted as Nfts on the blockchain but before you go Anywhere we're not finished yet we'll Also be sharing qu Market Cap's hot Lists to help you navigate the crypto World these will include our top 10 Tools for newbies top 10 tools for pros And our top 10 crypto VC funds as well As interviews with some of the Industry's leading thinkers we'll be Eventually getting closer to that Million dollar level I know the market Will come back I think you know crypto Is Unstoppable so get the date in your Calendars whatever you do don't miss out Get voting now head to And sign up and remember to subscribe to Our YouTube and follow our social Channels have your say on the people and Projects that are building and shaping This exciting New World


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