ChromaWay blockchain protocol for legacy integration | TC Top Picks – Berlin

[Music] Foreign [Music] Protocol from sketch which basically Solves the integration to Legacy system Problems usability and also scale on the Way to enable new kind of Enterprise and Decentralized applications Why does anyone need that when they all The applications are still not being Adopted at a really rapid Pace right now It's not only about scale they are not Really adopted because they there is two Main issues one is the integration Pistol Legacy systems and also usability So basically what we end up doing by Working with a lot of Enterprise Customers was combining relational Databases systems with blockchains into One so that's never been done before so For an Enterprise it's very easy to Integrate because they already have Relation databases for developers it's Very easy to develop on top because they Don't have to learn solidity or use any Other other different layers Thrillers Folders whatever it is and they can just Index the blockchain in a native way Query the blockchain in a native way It's a very novel way of doing that What is the killer D app that your Platform would enable that other ones Won't or wouldn't well a games for Example so not only tokens but we can

Support much more complex features uh on On chain so we can literally host an Entire game World Unchained up until one Gigabit of data for the Enterprises Right now it's uh we're getting Collection in the real estate space we Built a very big Consortium in Sweden if I was streamlining the whole way of real Estate transactions for for the public Change side we actually now are shifting Like eight to nine game titles as well With over 100 000 users that can do much More than just a tokens and how are you Funding the development of this new Um this new protocol so we raised 8.5 Million to this date In a private talker and Equity sale is Some big name investors Who who are some of the investors in the Company Michael act on invested And so forth And how many people are on the are using The the protocol now So since we started the marketing Heavily last week we have about 300 Downloads to the development environment And customers enterprise-wise we have About 20 uh which counts like this Really state land department or Australia government Development Bank it goes on thank you Very much so I appreciate the time Cheers


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