China About To Take Taiwan!? You Won’t Believe This!!

In less than 24 hours the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist party Will begin this one week event only Happens every five years and the 20th Edition is set to be extra special That’s because Chinese president Xi Jinping is expected to be re-elected and Designated as the people’s leader now This title was originally given to Mao Zedong who founded the People’s Republic Of China This has led to speculation that China Could finally do the unthinkable and Invade Taiwan so in today’s video I’ll Tell you why this seems more likely than Ever and the domino effect it could have Around the world Now I want to start by saying that most Of what’s in this video is based on Circumstantial evidence even though this Evidence is compelling when it’s put Together it doesn’t mean necessarily That China will invade Taiwan anytime Soon That’s simply because the CCP has proven Over time that it plays the long game if The CCP knows that it can take Taiwan Without starting a kinetic War then That’s the route the CCP will take Regardless of how much time it takes Note that I’m also not an expert in Geopolitics I just listened to lots of Podcasts and read lots of news from a Whole slew of sources now funnily enough

The first bit of circumstantial evidence That China could soon invade Taiwan Actually relates to the CCP strategy of Playing the long game you see the CCP Can play the long game because it’s the Only political party in China that means It can Implement policies that take Decades to complete without having to Worry about interference There’s no other political party that Can be elected which will pause the Policy or remove its funding or whatever Else This is in stark contrast to basically Every democracy in existence What the CCP and political parties in Western countries have in common however Is that their highest ranking officials Are generally getting on a bit including Their leaders in the ccp’s case z is 69 Years old that means that he doesn’t Have the luxury of playing the long game On a personal level As much as Z is committed to the future Of the CCP his actions have arguably Proven that he’s more concerned with Cementing himself as the most powerful Leader that China has ever seen to my Mind taking back Taiwan would be the Best way to do that and I reckon Z is Hyper aware of this as well That’s because being elevated to the Same level as Chairman Mao within the CCP is almost certainly not enough after

All it’s a title that was also given to Mao’s successor huagofeng It doesn’t really make the title that Special then because it’s far from being One of a kind and therefore could make Z Forgettable being labeled as the man who Reunified China however now that’s a Title that would make Z Immortal within The CCP more importantly it’s a title That nobody else would ever be able to Hold at least not unless China and Taiwan are split up and then reunited Again sometime far in the future Now this ties in to the second bit of Circumstantial evidence and that’s the Fact that over the last year or so Almost every single major Western Economy has announced that it will begin Creating its own microchip manufacturing Facilities for context the Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing company tsmc Manufactures most of the world’s Microchips and manufactures almost all The specialized chips that are used in Say military equipment this is basically Why Taiwan is so important to the United States and its allies it’s the reason Why the sudden moves by these countries To establish their own microchip Manufacturing facilities are so Significant For starters creating domestic microchip Facilities means that Western countries Will be less reliant on Taiwanese chips

This in turn will increase the Likelihood that Western countries will Intervene if China invades Taiwan If Western countries don’t need taiwan’s Chips then they won’t have a reason to Intervene militarily This fact would increase the likelihood That China will invade Taiwan since There’s no fear of a kinetic War again This doesn’t necessarily mean China will Invade Taiwan anytime soon that’s Because it’s still going to be years Before all these new microchip Facilities are built even so it looks Like they will all be complete within The decade and at that point china will Have a clearer path to take Taiwan now I Talked about the Taiwanese semiconductor Industry in much more detail in a Previous video which will be in the Description for you and pro tip if tsmc Stock starts to completely collapse then Chances are is about to hit the fan Now this relates to the third bit of Circumstantial evidence and that’s that Taiwan is not part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO this means That Western countries are under no Obligation to defend the country if China attacks obviously this doesn’t Mean that Western countries couldn’t Help in other ways Ukraine isn’t part of NATO either yet it’s received about as Much support as NATO can give without

Putting actual boots on the ground The thing is that it’s not clear just How far NATO would go to defend Taiwan Especially once many of its members have Set up their own microchip manufacturing Facilities note that the United States And others are technically neutral Towards taiwan’s Affairs that said U.S President Joe Biden has mentioned on Many occasions that the U.S would Respond with military force but it looks Like these statements have been walked Back by the White House every time That’s probably because they know that War with China over Taiwan wouldn’t be Worth it now this pertains to the fourth Bit of circumstantial evidence and that Is the ongoing war in Ukraine there’s no Question that China has been watching The West sanctions against Russia very Closely in fact there’s lots of evidence To suggest that China has been funding Russia’s war in Ukraine I mean how else Could Russia’s economy survive these Unprecedented sanctions This begs the question of whether China Provided these funding guarantees prior To Russia’s invasion of Ukraine the Answer must be yes because there’s no Way Russia would have invaded without China’s economic support call me crazy But I think Putin is sane enough to have Made that calculation Now this begs a second question and

That’s what China would stand to gain by Supporting Russia financially clearly Whatever China stands to gain must be Significant since it’s supporting Russia Economically would result in serious Scrutiny from Western countries in fact That’s exactly what’s been happening As a wise man once said if you want to Know why something is happening examine Who benefits in this case there seem to Be four big benefits for China and all Of them assist with the ccp’s vision and End game The first benefit is unrestricted access To Ukraine believe it or not but China Actually has a strategic interest in Ukraine due to its belt and Road Initiative for those who don’t know the Belton Road initiative is China’s Global Infrastructure project when it’s Complete it will run through most Countries in Asia Europe and Africa and This includes Ukraine now the second Benefit is the ability to see how the West will respond to the invasion of a Significant yet non-nato Ally to be Clear Ukraine and Taiwan are two Different countries in two different Situations even so the response is Likely to be similar at least similar Enough to allow for a meaningful Analysis Now the third game for China is that Many Western countries have sent most

And in some cases all their significant Military equipment to Ukraine this Leaves such countries less equipped to Assist with other significant conflicts Should they arise be they in Taiwan or Elsewhere The fourth gain is perhaps the most Important and that’s that the West Sanctions against Russia are also doing A lot of damage to them as well the most Acute effect is inflation which is Leading to widespread discontent within These countries in the case of Europe Most of this inflation is coming from Energy and fuel shortages caused in Large part by the sanctions against Russia If these energy and fuel shortages are Not addressed soon you can bet that Europeans will be overthrowing their Governments for continuing to push their Green agendas the Practical effect of This is that these countries will Probably not respond if China invades Taiwan the scarier thing to consider is That these countries may not even Respond if Russia launches a Counter-offensive against Ukraine in the Dead of winter let’s not go there This brings me to the fifth bit of Circumstantial evidence and that’s the United States The U.S midterm elections will happen in About a month’s time and it’s believed

That they’re going to be the most Contentious set of Elections to date Case in point Bill Gates recently said That quote we’re going to have a hung Election and a civil war straight up That’s what he said One side will disagree with the outcome Regardless and people will take to the Streets and start fighting each other And Bill isn’t just making this stuff up Either polls show that most American Voters believe there is a high chance of A civil war this is true regardless of Political affiliation more than a third Of American voters also believe that It’s time for the country to be split up Into blue States and red states that is Some extreme polarization and all the Inflation that Americans are Experiencing is probably making things Worse when people don’t have enough Money to pay for rent or food riots tend To be the outcome I reckon the midterms Could provide the perfect spark for These riots as with Europe a domestic Crisis of confidence in the United States means it will be much less likely To intervene if China invades Taiwan Some would say that war tends to be a Great unifier but I would say that in Today’s Information Age people know Which Wars are worth fighting it turns Out most aren’t Now if I’m wrong and the United States

Does somehow rally its citizens around Going to war with China then it could be Presented with a second issue and that’s The Strategic petroleum Reserve or spr If you watched our recent video about The spr you’ll know it’s at its lowest Level since 1984. that’s because the Current Administration has been dumping The SBR into the domestic economy to Keep inflation and petrol prices in the United States low the spr has been Draining fast and opec’s recent decision To cut oil production by 2 million Barrels a day will only cause it to Drain even faster Given that the spr is intended for Emergencies such as a war the United States might not have the energy Resources it needs to defend Taiwan if China invades you can have the most Powerful military in the world but if You have no fuel for all your jets and Ships then you don’t really have a Military at all now to be honest I Actually don’t know how important the Spr is for the US military’s operations Based on my research the US military Only uses around 250 000 barrels of oil Per day this means that the United States should theoretically have the Capacity to supply its military even Without the spr one thing is for sure Though and that’s that the spr being at A multi-year low is literally a once in

A lifetime opportunity it’s unlikely That the United States will be in such a Vulnerable position energy wise ever Again you can bet this is something the CCP is hyper aware of oh and did you Know that before and during the Ukrainian Invasion the Chinese have been Filling up their strategic reserves with A lot of Russian oil hmm speaking of Interesting energy issues the sixth bit Of circumstantial evidence relates to China’s pandemic policy its peculiar Actions during the pandemic its economic Situation and its demographics a lot to Break down here here so bear with me as Many of you will know China has had a Strict zero covert policy since the Start of the pandemic now there are many Theories as to why this is One is that the CCP wants to prove it Can handle a pandemic better than the West this theory is questionable given China could very easily fudge the Numbers that’s why the theory that the CCP wants to cause inflation in the west By locking down its Supply chains has Been the more popular one over the last Year From what I’ve seen and heard it’s been Taken as a fact among macro analysts at This point still maybe the CCP really Just is that crazy the thing about these Theories is that they’re not mutually Exclusive and I reckon there’s some

Truth to both It’s also true that the CCP cannot Continue its zero covert policy Indefinitely at some point it will have To stop and the speculation that this Will happen during or after the 20th CCP Congress Once this happens then all of China’s Manufacturing will come back online this Will create a surge in oil demand at a Time when there are energy shortages Around the world recall that OPEC just Cut its output and Europe is already Running dangerously low on oil and gas Logically this will only add to Inflation on the flip side there are Many who believe that China is intent on Continuing its zero pandemic policy Indefinitely their evidence for this is That China continues to build isolation Facilities and continue stockpiling Record levels of food which is also Adding to inflation around the world But what if these isolation facilities Are not intended for those who test Positive in the future and what if the Primary purpose of stockpiling all this Food isn’t to cause inflation Without the pandemic these actions look Like a country that’s preparing for a Serious War prisons for dissenters food For the Army Then there’s the economic element in Case you missed the memo China’s economy

Is kind of in the toilet its housing Market is falling apart people are Getting locked out of their bank Accounts institutions aren’t investing And those pandemic restrictions are Doing serious economic damage as well If you watched one of our older videos About how to prepare for a bear Market You might recall that one of the ways to Get out of a crappy economic situation Is to start a war what’s annoying is That only the CCP knows whether China’s Economic situation is bad enough to Justify this kind of solution what we do Know is that China has at least 35 Million more extra men than women This is because of China’s Infamous One-child policy which resulted in Families choosing to have boys over Girls China’s gender imbalance has since Become a big problem and it’s going to Become an even bigger problem that’s Because young and middle-aged men tend To be the ones who start riots and Revolutions with the CCP constantly on a Shaky footing having such a large Portion of the population that’s willing And able to fight is not ideal an easy Way to get rid of all these men would be To send them all to war On that note the seventh bit of Circumstantial evidence relates to what Would happen between other countries if

China invaded Taiwan while China has a Large number of extra men it’s actually In second place the first place country In this contest is India with over 55 Million more extra men as it so happens India has some territorial disputes of Its own Although the most well-known of these Involve Pakistan India actually has a Few territorial disputes with China as Well The idea that India would make a move in The Southeast could be a part of why the CCP hasn’t moved on Taiwan just yet it’s Not just China or India either there are Dozens of countries with disputed Territories all these countries are Facing their own sets of internal issues That their politicians know they could Solve by going to war with their enemies Next door The only thing stopping them is the World Police aka the west but as I Mentioned a few moments ago Europe is More or less guaranteed to be in crisis And it’s more than likely that the United States will experience some Internal strife in the next month or so Does this mean we will see more Territorial conflicts emerge possibly But that would be guaranteed if China Invades Taiwan that’s because all the Other countries with disputed Territories will know or rather assume

That the United States will focus its Military attention on Taiwan if China Invades as such it will make it the Perfect time for all these countries to Go to war with their neighbors now the Reason I say assume is because there’s a Very real possibility the United States Would focus its military attention on Another Ally if all hell breaks loose Israel is the elephant in the room and It looks like the U.S intelligence Agencies are already at work to Undermine Iran so that it doesn’t attack Israel that’s because the U.S military Knows damn well that it would not be a World War where it’s East versus West It’ll be a series of long-held Territorial disputes evolving into Kinetic War That’s just because the information age Has once again made this kind of Two-sided Global War Impossible going to War against a hated neighbor however That’s still possible in the information Age and that’s what the next World War Will look like The question is Which hat will be the First to drop will it be China vs Taiwan Or will there be another significant Conflict that comes first to light the Spark to my mind it’s only a matter of Time before one of these Sparks comes Around China versus Taiwan will then be one of

Many conflicts and there will be no way For anyone to stop them all what happens After that is anyone’s guess for what It’s worth we probably won’t see many if Any nukes get used in local conflicts In some then it’s arguably not a Question of if China invades Taiwan but When circumstances are about as Favorable as they could be for the CCP The next few weeks will present the Perfect opportunity to take advantage of These circumstances as most of them will Be reaching their Apex for Z it will be The only opportunity And that’s all for today’s video on why China might well be about to invade Taiwan if you have any thoughts I would Love to hear them please drop a comment Down below If you thought my analysis was on point Smash that like button to give me a Point if you want to make sure you don’t Miss the next one subscribe to the Channel and ping that notification Bell While you wait you can check out coin Bureau clips for crypto flicks and tune In to the coin Bureau podcast to learn About the crypto past you can also Follow me on Twitter tiktok and Instagram for memes and behind the Scenes and join my telegram channel for Daily crypto updates that will keep you Up to speed if you’re wondering what I Think comes next for the crypto Market

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