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It's chat gpt's first birthday and what A year it was let's review chat GPT went Live on November 30th 2022 and by Opening eyes own admission they didn't Expect much from this experimental Interface for their GPT 3.5 model but we All know what happened next millions of People came to check out this thing that Could Converse fluently on seemingly any Topic by February chat GPT had been used By over a 100 million people making it Perhaps the fastest growing consumer Application in history and that number Only went up when they released an Official iPhone app in May this is also When people started freaking out Countries started fast tracking Regulations they've been working on for Years and companies had to decide Whether they wanted to adopt the hot new Chatbot or build their own but then in July open AI came out with GPT 4 which Was even better especially at coding People clocked to the fact that they Probably weren't going to catch up and Even if they tried they might fall on Their face like Google did with bar by The summer it seemed like chat GPT was Everywhere but in August a study came Out that showed that only 18% of Americans had used it that's still a lot But it's probably less than you would Have guessed a big update in September Let chat GPT go online to check more

Info which is great because until then It is had been living in 2021 it also Got its own voice and you could feed it Images too this is when it started to Feel like Chachi P was more of a Platform than a product and at open ai's Dev day on November 6th they were making It obvious primarily with gpts these Little mini fine-tuned chat gpts that Anybody can make and basically an app Store for AI now the company didn't Really do anything to mark this first Anniversary and that's probably because They just came off of the weirdest Wildest corporate drama we've seen in Years what does that mean for open AI I Don't think anybody knows that so let's Find out together in 2024 I'm called Away with tech crunch


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