Chase Ink Unlimited 2023 Full Review | 90K OFFER ENDING SOON

So here in my hand is the Chase Ink Unlimited card and I've owned this guy For about the last four to five years Now and it's what I would consider one Of the best business credit cards out on The market this is because this credit Card here is a simple flat 1.5 and no Annual fee credit card with a very Generous welcome bonus which means if You're able to hit that welcome bonus Offer you're gonna be instantly Pocketing over 900 in cash back after You spend six thousand dollars in the First three months of opening your Account so as you can see with the chase Inc unlimited card right now I have over 1 million points on this account and if I go into ways to use my cashback Rewards that one million point is Equivalent to me getting ten thousand Three hundred twelve dollars right now I Could pay myself back and get twelve Thousand eight hundred ninety dollars or You know it looks like the lowest rate Would be just under one cent where I Could pay with points I personally would Never do any of this actually what I Would recommend most people to do is the Fact that if you have a card like this Or any of the chase Inc business cards Aside from the Inc business Premiere you Can transfer your points onto other Personal cards so if you have something Like the Chase Sapphire Reserve which

Gives you an additional 50 boost on your Points you could be getting an even Better Redemption so ladies and gents Essentially just by hitting the welcome Bonus offer on a card like this you're Essentially getting yourself a free First class domestic ticket or even a Week's worth of a free hotel stay with Hotels usually ranging around 100 to 200 A night I mean this right here is such a Powerful card that a lot of people Underestimate so to kick start with the Benefits like I mentioned guys very Strong welcome bonus offer 900 cash back And I can tell you now this may not be Around here for long rumor has it on the Street this will be ending in a few Weeks so I highly recommend you guys if You have been on the fence to really Consider checking it out on top of that With regards to the benefits there's Really not much we don't have to worry About different cashbacks you don't have To worry about you know getting Different types of credits very Straightforward 1.5 cashback on Everything you're also going to be Getting a zero percent intro APR bonus For 12 months that means if you do Happen to carry a balance on this card Because it is a business credit card it Is not going to reflect onto your Personal credit score and you will not Have to pay interest on that amount on

Top of that with this card you can get Employee cards at no additional cost you Can redeem it for cash back Rewards or Transfer it through the Ultimate Rewards Portal like I mentioned and on top of That they offer several different Protection benefits too this includes Purchase protection extended warranty Protection travel and emergency Assistance services and more not only That but it seems like a lot of people Often forget some of the benefits that These cards have and it's the fact that It has one of the craziest referral Bonuses right now the time of filming This video this is at its highest rate Ever where if you refer another business Owner you'd be getting 40 000 bonus Points where you can earn up to 200 000 Points per year so if you happen to be In the world of business I almost Guarantee you you will know someone Who's in business and they may not be Taking full advantage of their points This is an easy way for you to tell your Friend or a co-worker or someone who's Another business owner if you want to Score an additional 9 900 cash back by Not doing anything at all except for Applying for the card and just adding it To your expenses and hitting that Welcome bonus it makes them happy for Scoring some additional cash in their Pocket and you'd also be getting that

Incentive too like I've mentioned Several times on this channel business Credit cards are like personal credit Cards on steroids the benefits the Welcome bonus offer the referrals Everything is boosted up extraordinarily If you pair that up with the fact that This card has no annual fee where some Other business credit cards may have a Two three four five hundred dollar Annual fee and you realize you're just Making money and you can hold this card For five to ten years without ever Paying a cent it is just money back in Your pocket now if you are interested at All applying for this card you need to Make sure you watch out for a few of These rules the first rule that you need To know about is called the 230 rule Which generally means that you can't get Approved for more than two Chase credit Cards within a 30-day window now ladies And gents there have been some Exceptions to this Rule and there have Been data points showing that people Have been approved for more cards in the Past 30 days but this is usually really A rule of thumb where you don't want to Extend that following the 230 rule There's also another rule called the 130 Rule and this pretty much just states That you should only expect to be Approved for one Chase business credit Card within a 30-day period I'll say

Like back in the day there have been a Lot of data points where you could apply For all three of them within one day and Get approved but times have changed and It looks like things like that are not Gonna roll anymore if you think the Chase in cash or the chase Inc business Preferred might be a better fit for you And you're trying to apply within the Next 30 days because you know all right These welcome bonus offers may not last For long since it literally States on Their website limited time offer and It's been around for quite a bit now you Want to make sure that you really take Into consideration how important this Rule is like with most rules though and Within the credit card game there are Always some small exceptions so it Really depends on your own miles but I Highly recommend you to at least assume That you can only get approved for one Card within that 30-day period and you Should be safe on top of that chase also Has something called a 524 Rule and if You guys have ever been into the credit Card game you may have heard of this and This is one of those rules where it Applies but not entirely so let me Explain as most of you guys should know The chase 524 rule means that if you Have opened up five or more credit Accounts within the past 24 months you Will be denied for almost all of the

Chase credit card products now although Most credit cards apply to this rule There is an exception with business Credit cards not going towards that rule So say I applied for the Chase Freedom Flex the Chase Freedom unlimited the Chase Sapphire Reserve I got the American Express gold card I got the Build card I got five cards right there In a two year period I would then Automatically get denied for a business Credit card so say I didn't apply for The build credit card I'm at 424 that Means it leaves an open spot for a Business credit card to take that role If I apply for a business credit card And I get accepted I actually still Won't be above 524 meaning that you Would still be eligible to apply for any Other Chase personal card if you wanted To now those are the major rules it's Not too difficult or it shouldn't be but If it is re-watch that section in and Make sure you understand it fully before Considering applying by the way if you Are interested in applying for this card Be sure to check out the link Down Below In the description or you can also scan That QR code here on your screen always Make sure that you do have the best Competitive offer but at the time of Filming this video I know that you guys Will get the best offer possible so make Sure that you don't miss out there now

Moving forward what credit score should You have if you do want to get approved For this card and what do you do if you Happen to get declined so with the Chase Ink unlimited card you're definitely Going to want to have a score of at Least 700 points even though there have Been data points showing that there are Some business owners out here having a Score of around 680 670 still being able To get approved like I said 700 is Always going to be the safe spot if you Have that you are most likely going to Get approved as long as you apply in the Right way if you do not apply for Business credit cards or you may not Have a business make sure you watch my Full tutorial here on YouTube called the Ultimate business credit card guide Where I walk you through step by step on What you need to do in order to advance In that way moving on though say you do All those things say you have a good Credit score and you still happen to get Declined that is okay because when I First applied for my chasing cards they Declined me too it's actually more Likely that you won't instantly get Approved for your Chase business credit Card they'll probably give you a line Like hey there's a pending notice and We'll let you know with the letter in The mail on whether or not you get Approved if that happens don't sweat it

Here's what you need to do next all you Have to do is call the chase Reconsideration line and I would only do This if you find out that you actually Did not get approved there's a rumor out Here that if you happen to call the Reconsideration line when your Application is still pending and it Hasn't been reviewed that you can then Place your application automatically Into a pool where you would have already Been successfully approved for the card But then you actually pull yourself out From there so once you get confirmation Your decline then go through the Reconsideration process now this year is Going to be a phone line where you can Plead your case on why you should be Approved for the card when you're Applying here are some of those secret Tips and tricks when you do call in for A business credit card they're gonna Likely ask you the same old questions What is your business how much do you Make what is your position what is your Involvement can you describe your Industry history what products does your Business sell how much sales have you Made how old is it just generic things That everyone should know about their Own business so make sure that you are Prepared to answer these type of Questions everything that I've listed Out make sure that you know it so if I

Ask you right now why does your business Need this credit card you could give Them an answer like hey I'm a smaller Startup I'm looking to scale up my Business a business credit card with Zero percent intro APR is going to help Me to leverage these things or you can Be honest like hey I just want to get The points and I'm going to hold on to The card and I have some other business Expenses that I know that I can throw on This card and continue to use if all Goes well you should get approved but if You want to make sure that your chances Are as high as possible then here are a Few additional things that you can do Too number one Chase is one of those few Banks where they love to see any type of History so if you've never opened a Chase product before and you're directly Going into a Chase Ink business card Where oftentimes these credit limits are At least 10 15 20 000 they might be a Little bit skeptical first thing that You can do is open a completely free Chase business checking account or even Just a personal card they have a ton of Great lineups a lot of them cost no Money to hold and if they do cost money Like a checking account if you have a Balance sometimes of even like fifteen Hundred dollars you won't have to pay Any type of monthly maintenance fee on That account on top of that you want to

Make sure you have a good personal Credit score so do things to raise your Credit score I made a few videos before In the past just talking about what you Can do to increase it significantly and A lot of that information has not been Outdated the next important thing to do Is to make sure that you know your story When it comes to applying for some of These cards a lot of people will just Apply not knowing what kind of business They have I mean it's just it's funny It's funny how preparation will take Someone a long way so know how your Business Works know how old your Business is know how much money you Expect to make if you're not making that Much money right now explain it to them By doing all those steps having a little Bit of History like getting another Credit card or a checking account and Then applying and then taking advantage Of the reconsideration line if you need To I would say chances of you getting Approved for this card is very very high So like I mentioned at the earlier start Of this video right now the Chase Ink Unlimited has one of the highest offers Possible and rumor is it's going to be Ending soon this welcome bonus is insane Back when I applied it was nowhere near The full amount that it is now and I Don't want you guys to miss hell so if You happen to stumble upon this video

And you're interested but you haven't Signed up be sure to check out the link Down Below in the description or scan That QR code and if you also want to get Started with business credit cards I Made a full review video to walk you Through step by step the entire process And last but not least if you guys are In the credit card world but you got no Credit card friends I have a completely Free newsletter with over 30 000 members In our Facebook group to help you talk Credit cards no data points and to get a Little bit of friends within this space Too so if you guys want to join that be Sure to check out the link Down Below in The description for the newsletter sign Up for it and I'll email you a link or An invitation to the group too in the Meantime that is everything if you guys Have not done so already be sure to drop A like Down Below on this video be sure To follow me on Twitter and Instagram if You haven't done so already and take Care and have a blessed day so take care Have a blessed day and I'll see y'all Soon peace


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