Chase Freedom Flex Review & Analysis – Worth It 2023?

So I've made a lot of videos about Credit cards here on this channel and There's one card that stays popping up And of card that I actually haven't made A video on in quite a long time and that Is going to be the Chase Freedom Flex Now this card here is one that I want to Do a full review on because it is one of The highest value starter credit cards On the market and it opens up a pathway For you to get started with other cards That can lead to even thousands of Dollars in rewards so ladies and gents As someone who's been within this space For quite a while now we're going to be Giving you my full updated version on a Review on the Chaser and flex card and Dive deep into everything you need to Know about the card The Good The Bad how It Stacks up to other cards and some Tips on how you can make sure that you Get approved so let's start with the Bare Basics with this card you get five Percent cash back on travel through the Chase Ur portal you get 3x back on Dining at restaurants takeouts and Delivery services you get 3x back on Drugstore purchases and then 1X back on Everything else now where this card Actually comes and shines is that five Percent rotating quarterly category one Big tip is that if you don't have this Card or if you do have this card make Sure that you manually go ahead and

Activate that quarterly category as an Example right now it's July we're in the Third quarter of the Year meaning that You'll get five percent back on three New categories until October these are Going to be gas stations EV chargings And select live entertainment now these Quarters reset every three months or Every quarter and there have been some Months where it has really high value as An example my favorite one is Amazon Lowe's targets or even gym memberships Or the rotating categories and all I Have to do is remember to link my card Up to whatever place is charging me and I'll go ahead and activate that five Percent offer now I have the Amazon Visa Card so I get five percent on that but Gym memberships is where it's come in Handy for me before because I pay for Two gym memberships I pay about like two Hundred dollars to 300 a month for that At one point I was paying for three gym Memberships I was trying to rock climb And that one gym I like going to because All my friends go there in another gym That had a pool you know we're in a bear Market uh cut down on the rock climbing Stuff but still even with those two gyms If you're getting five percent back you Can realize that it ends up adding up Significantly over time by the way Though a lot of people overlook this one Line of text and it's the fact that the

Five percent applies for the first Fifteen hundred dollars in quarterly Spent in these categories adding up to About 300 in value a year so if you Spend a lot more than that or you're Expecting to get a lot more points you Can also do another method where you may Have multiple Freedom cards a little bit More on that later what I love about This card too is that you can also get a Zero percent APR offer on purchases and Balance transfers for the first 15 Months saving you hundreds if not Thousands of dollars in interest if you Happen to be someone who's struggling With credit card debt now hopefully if You're watching this video here on this Channel you guys are financially Educated enough to not carry any type of Credit card debt otherwise the whole Thing with points and miles and travel Hacking just ends up not working but in The case that you do have any type of Credit card debt 15 months is a pretty Solid offer now saving the best for last This card has an incredible welcome Bonus so by spending 5 500 in the first Three months you're going to be getting 200 in bonus cash back more simply put For 500 that you first spent on this Card you're going to be essentially Getting 40 off of everything so 200 cash Back from the welcome bonus and 300 in Cash back from the rotating categories

And hundreds of dollars in cash back From dining food delivery and drugstore Purchases can lead to getting a decent Amount of cha-ching back on this card Out of all that the best part is this Card comes to you with no annual fee so Even if you had five Chase Freedom Flexes for whatever reason it would not Cost you a single penny to hold so I Always like to make a fair comparison of These things those are the pros but what Are some of the cons the good thing is Not too many so the five percent that You get back on travel only activates When you book via the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal on the other end of that The Chase Ultimate Rewards portal is Pretty competitive and at times I've Seen it be even cheaper than what I Could book through Expedia or direct With some of the hotels or Airlines Another con you could say is that Sometimes the monthly categories that Rotate aren't always useful so guys EV Is what I would consider to be really Good but you know shopping at Lowe's Might not happen all the time for a Specific quarter but this is why having Multiple different credit cards within Your Arsenal would balance out that Being said those are really the only Downsides that I can think of in terms Of how this card competes with other Cards within the market it offers some

Of the highest welcome bonuses it gives You some of the highest diversity in Cash back multipliers that you get and Also five percent routine category is Still pretty good the main competitors That I would see stacking up against This card is like the Capital One saver One card but between the two issuers of Capital One and Chase I would prefer to Go with Chase and the only other Competitor that comes to mind is Something like the US Bank Cash Plus Card now in a recent video I did a full Ultimate guide on US Bank credit cards If you guys have no idea on anything Regarding U.S bank cards watch that Video It's Gonna really shed some light On why these are some of the most Underrated credit cards within the Industry and it's usually a trend if we Talk about a certain card that's Underrated then you guys are going to See 20 other YouTube videos here from Other creators talking about it too but It's fair game I want everyone to talk About it because it is a very good Issuer that has some very strong cards And some of them offer perks that I've Never seen within the credit card game Diving a bit more deeper back into the US Bank Cash Plus Visa card I would say Between the two it's still easier to get Approved to the Chase Freedom Flex card And it's easier to hit the welcome bonus

On the freedom Flex where it's 500 spend Versus a thousand dollars you'd have to Spend with their card but the Cash Plus Card with U.S bank has much more Flexibility on their five percent Quarterly categories in that you get to Choose the categories and it's up to two Thousand dollars which is five hundred Dollars more than the Chase Freedom Flexes one thousand five hundred dollars Quarterly cap personally I really think Those two cards could work really well Together but I probably still start with The freedom Flex card first because of Something called the chase 524 rule with This rule here in order to get any card With Chase you have to be limited to Getting less than five cards within a 24 Month period so say within the last 24 Months or two years I applied for five Cards already I would not be eligible to Get another credit card with Chase Unless you watch some videos on this Channel and you guys hear about some of The secret tips that I'll mention in Some of my future ones but generally Because of that 524 rule you want to Make sure you prioritize Chase first it Also works well because U.S Bank tends To be a bit more harsher for people who Have very little credit history and if These are one of your first credit cards It might be better to get Chase anyways And then to get the US bank card down

The road now when it comes to getting Approved for this card there are a lot Of things you want to keep out for but The general rule of thumb is if you want To get approved just have a good credit Score of at least 670. now this is a Card that is meant for beginners so even If you don't have the best score in the World I still think you have a good Chance of getting approved if you want To check out the link Down Below in the Description to follow along the Application process you guys can go Ahead and do that those links are Affiliate links meaning that you support This Channel at no cost to you but you Know if you have a referral link from a Friend make sure you go ahead and use That and always make sure that the link That you guys use is the best possible One aside from the chase 524 rule There's also one more rule you want to Look out for and this Chase 2 and 30 Rules so if you've applied for two Chase Cards within the last 30 days it means You'll automatically be denied for the Next waiting a little bit longer in this Case is 100 worth it instead of taking Your chances on this rule so if you're Going a little ham on some of these Chase cards slow it down a little bit And make sure that you keep those two Rules that I mentioned in mind now the Application process for this card is so

Simple it's very straightforward and you Should be able to get usually Automatically approved if you have a Decent enough score but on the off Chance if they don't approve you right Away the next step would be to wait to See if you get anything in the mail and Then you can also call the Reconsideration line where you can talk To a real life human being that has the Full power the glory of the finger to Reverse your application decision in Case it actually got denied when this Card first came out there were a ton of People who were saying it took a while For them to get approved some with even Great credit and a long history with Chase so just depending on the time of Year and you know the quota numbers they Need to hit you never know what kind of Process that they might put you through And you know trying to check for a quick Fraud but either way hey guys those are The tools that I'd definitely prioritize In making sure that I'm still able to Get approved no matter what so say that You have considered this card or you Might have this card already and you're Just watching this video just because You love listening to your boy out here And I appreciate I appreciate y'all Viewing this video like always I want to Share with you five more things that you Can do in order to maximize the value

From this car so first of all if you can Make sure to max out and spend the limit In the quarterly five percent categories That you get so this means you know Being intentional with your spending Moving things around saving some home Purchases for a specific moment I always Will note though you're not gonna get Ultra Rich from the five percent that You get back on knowing the right cards To use but instead you can make a lot of Money and get a lot of points within This space by timing welcome bonuses and Applying for as many cards as possible In a correct manner also this is a No-brainer but if you do get this card Make sure you hit the welcome bonus Offer so you don't have to spend a lot On this card knock it out initially Right off the way get your 40 percent Back and then on top of that you want to Make sure redeeming this card for points Is something that you focus on now the Cashback that you get on the freedom Flex with the five percent and the Welcome bonus comes in the form of Chase Ultimate Reward Points so this is not Something you want to spend right away Unless you really need to for whatever Reason generally what you want to do is Use this as the base to build out the Chase Trifecta where you can redeem the Points for a higher value so if you end Up getting something like the Chase

Staff I preferred which I highly Recommend everyone to get at least once Because just from that one year of Holding the card with the welcome bonus Offer and the benefits that you get You're still able to get significant Amount of value you're also going to be Boosting up the value of those points by 25 and if you get the Chase Sapphire Reserve you're getting an additional 50 Boost on your points and with the Chase App our preferred or the Chase app I Reserve you get access to the Ultimate Rewards travel portal this is where you Can transfer your points out to a hotel Or an airline and get even more value on Your Chase Ultimate Rewards points Basically if you're not doing a lot of Travel right now but you plan on doing It in the future this is the best Strategy to get that value up another Way to maximize the value of this card Is that if you don't have any other Credit card this is one of those no Annual fee beginner cards that actually Give you cell phone protection in order To activate this benefit all you got to Do is just pay your phone bill on this Card and then you'll activate cell phone Protection and if your phone breaks you Can get it replaced with just a 50 Deductible this has come in handy for me Many many times I've used this benefit With the Chase Ink card that's where I

Activated the first time I broke my IPhone this most recent time I used the AmEx business Platinum I believe I filed A claim through AIG I still had to get a Lot of information like a estimate on The repair I had to get the receipt and Like explain what happened but the Process of you getting it repaired is Usually simple after that so guys with All that being said if you did enjoy Today's video be sure to drop a like Down below that helps out this channel a Ton and be sure to check out the links Down below in order to get started if You're new to the credit card game I Made a video called the ultimate credit Card guide go ahead and check out that Video too if you want to learn more About how to get started and how you can Maximize your points so you can travel The world for free earn extra money and Pretty much just live a better life I Also have a link to our Facebook group Link Down Below in the description where You'll also get access to our newsletter Where I'll send you a daily newsletter Email just giving you guys some Additional free fire and knowledge about Credit card tips and tricks also anytime We get huge credit card offers and Bonuses where they go elevated for a Short period of time I'll let you guys Know in the email inbox as well so you Guys can maximize your spend thank you

All so much again for watching this Video take care and until next time Peace out


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