Charles Hoskinson’s SHOCKING Crypto News Tier List

I know we uh probably only have time for Maybe one more question each I I have a I have a fun one Austin should I go First you want to please I want to hear It okay we did something like this let Me share my screen we did something like This with Raul Paul the audience loved It feel free to you know do this if you Don't want to we can cut it out um you Know you famously tried to buy uh or Signaled that maybe you'd want to buy Coindesk last year and that you know the The mainstream media is uh in different Cases is unfair to cardano you mentioned Telegraph I don't know if you can see Screen I have a list here of different Media Outlets Bank list Fox Business Coindesk the block I'm sure you've seen A list like this before a tier list was Wondering if you could give us as far as Who treats cardano fairly who does good Work the tier List this is going to be fun okay um you Know coindesk you know let's go ahead And put them in a b to a c and the Reason being is that b or c yeah let's Put in b you know because I I I'm 5050 On that so there's been some things that They've done which are quite nice like They've accurately and fairly reported The hard forks and uh things on or Boris And other things like that and then There's been other things that they've Done I've just scratched my head at and

Uh we thought about buying them and when We looked at uh the financials and other Things we decided to pass on that Because there would be a mismatch of What we perceived to be the value and Their expectations and that's fine uh New Management seems to have improved a Little bit so I'm optimistic that over Time the relationship with coindesk will Improve itself um especially since Certain people have left coin Telegraphed as a c and not because they Hate us but more because of their Journalistic model that they have um the Nature of how they write articles and Source things the franchise model it's The monster of the week and so if we Happen to be hot and sexy we get Radically public uh radically positive Articles but if we're not in that list Uh you know they'll just sh on us for That crypto banter is a d and that's Rand's show and um I don't understand Why Rand does what he does you know uh He loves Luna and uh and FTX and these Guys and hates us and he used to be Friendly guy you know and I used to go On a show and we used to talk and now Cardano's worthless and evil and uh you Know we're all going to fall out of the Top 10 and never there's no real value There and and there's no dabs and other It's just crazy uh the block I'd put in A

B you know I've never had a big issue With them um decrypt I'd put in a b as Well and by the way please don't feel Like we're fishing to get pushed in the S tier or the a tier no no no no be Honest we're not crypto Crow who's not Even on this list I real Vision real Vision is an A and the reason being is That I can separate Raul personally and Some of the crap he does from the Accessibility real Vision every time I've gone on real vision Um and we've talked about cardano these Been some of their highest rated Episodes and most positively received Episodes and real Vision broadcasted it Without any censorship or other things Like that so I just think this a case Where the founder doesn't really like Cardono for whatever reason but the rank And file are willing to give us a a fair Shake and uh we really do enjoy that Fox Business also I'd put in an a because I Have a lot of great relationships there And uh you know every time we've gone um They've been nothing but fair to us like I've been on Maria's show and uh you Know I I know Elanor tenant and other People there and they've never really Written negative trashy tabloid crap About cardano if they mention us at all Because they seldom mention crypto but When they do and we happened to be in The conversation it's always been

Positive and uh and that's that's always Nice I I think that's pretty cool I wish We get more coverage and more in-depth Coverage but remember they're not trade Media you know coin Telegraph is 100% Cryptocurrency whereas boxes you know Broad stuff uh CNBC Squawk Box uh There's been a few negative things here And there but I put them B you know and That's that's the same what Bitcoin did I'm not sure about that One up near the top in the middle near The bottom yeah I I don't know that Publication I'm Sor what D it's Peter McCormack's podcast oh oh okay okay I Know Peter he's a piece of D uh he's over a all the time and Said cardano's horrible and I'm a Scammer an evil person and uh you know All these things oh actually no that's Cory klippenstein yeah Peter's been a Little bit more fair uh but not so much So moving up to se we'll do see there And whose podcast is up only so far what We have left is uh we have bankless Which is you know bankless up only oh Yeah they're they're in D bankless Bastards okay anything more to say Benlet a lot of people like them well I Mean just the greatest example would be Uh when they asked me to go on their Show and I said okay well you went to a Salana event um you know and there's Rare Evo I'll you know you can come and

If you actually want to understand Cardano because you're claiming you Don't know anything about it go there There's probably going to be 100 200 Cardano pres projects represented and You get to see the entire community and Just go and talk to everybody and I said I'll give you guys a 5H hour interview If you want it and we could talk to I'm Blue in the face about anything nothing Off limits and they said no no no we Want you to come out for 45 minutes and Uh we can just basically ask you why is Cardano not dead and prove to us cardano Is not dead they're not legitimate People and some of the comments that They've made throughout the history uh Have been just blatantly offensive and Unfair and it's because they're not Actually interested in having an Intellectually honest conversation about Cardano they've already taken a position It is a dead project and uh we're Scammers and you know their job is not To get lunad and so they just want to Inform Their audience every single day That cardono is going to die uh and Represent us in the the most negative Light possible I have a lot of respect For Publications that maybe they did Something wrong but then they admit it And they say to themselves hey we can do Better and in the case of Bank list they Just can't get there you know they they

Just have made up their mind and Rand Has too for example crypto bter and That's what earned you D in my mind is That you're you're dogmatically adhering To a single belief regardless of the Evidence that you have there coin Bureau Is a see you know there's been uh a Relationship back and forth there and You guys have always been fair so I'll Put you guys up in the S tier not just Because we're being interviewed but I Mean come on you know you have a huge Audience you've always been friendly You're nice guys and you try to get Things right and accurate and uh that's That's the difference between a and S is It's not just did we get a fair Shake But also if you get something wrong you Go out of your way to try to correct That bring people on have a conversation In a non-adversarial way and let them Talk their book um and so that that's an Example of a of a good institution and Who's up only which person is that up Only was more prominent in 2021 cycle It's Kobe and Ledger they've been around You know in crypto for a while uh I Can't recall what companies to work for Co Kobe's like a Dev he's often you know Get he probably you had probably guys Had an exchange on Twitter if you're not They're not really that relevant this Cycle yeah I don't know them so I can't Rate him I'm sorry okay wow this was

Great and obviously we got a discount Altcoin daily at the top but audience at Home please tell us but I appreciate Charles you know you ranking US High Maybe just like give a a summation now We see the whole list summation on um What you want to see or who didn't we Include Or well you know there's a lot of small Podcasts that I tend to go on and uh and Then you know there's there's broader Podcasts that aren't crypto specific but They do they do cover our industry like Lex Freedman for example got Tremendously interested in crypto in 2021 and he was a great guy he went out And interviewed everybody you know and Uh everybody literally I think even Interviewed Richard Hart for God's sakes And so I put him an S tier because he is The model if you run a podcast you enter In with a beginner's mind and you say Look guys I uh I don't know anything About this tell me about it and I'll Spend hours and hours and hours trying To understand it and my job isn't to go And be an adversarial person but rather Create a platform for people to explain Who they are and why they do what they Do uh but also have enough of a backbone That if they're spreading propaganda or Lying you call him on that and uh and Throughout his whole career he he's done That and it was probably to this day the

Most enjoyable interview I've ever had Episode 192 on Lex fredman and we were There for five and a half hours straight And uh he's one of the smartest Interviewers I've ever interacted with Because you know he's got PhD in Artificial intelligence he's solid guy Dad was a famous plasma physicist uh but More importantly the questions he asked The probing nature of them and uh and The holism of it it really allowed a Person to be a person um Joe Rogan is Also in that same category you know it's An S tier podcast and every time he's Talked about crypto you know he's Brought a few people on like he brought Andreas and Antonopoulos on uh his Podcast and he was very fair and uh he's He he's an MMA guy he's a comedian he's Not exactly like you know uh Mr inventor here he's not a technology Podcast but what he does represent is The mainstream ethos where everyday People are curious about this new thing That they hear and what he tried to do Is fairly represent the industry as a Whole and so uh and so every time he's Talked about crypto I don't think he's Ever mentioned cardano but crypto in General you know I think it's been uh Exactly what we look for whereas if you Compare that for example to like MSNBC Or CNN uh or a lot of these other channels

Um Washington Post what have you you Know those mainstream media guys um it's Very clear that they're following an Agenda you know and the agenda is well We like the guy in the white house right Now so you know what we're going to do Is we're just going to be anti- crypto So crypto equals Hamas you know uh Crypto equals uh you know uh terrorist Financing you know crypto equals no use Case and utility and everybody losing All their money you know that that's not True and they know that that's not true They know that this is a real industry But they're covering that because They're propaganda factories you know And uh and to Fox business's credit and To cnbc's credit at least what they're Doing is treating it like an asset class And they're mentioning it in a way as They would an asset class that's the Best I could ask for for that Medium Because I believe the medium is outdated And it's clearly broken But you know you don't go and write Article after article after article that Say the only use case of crypto is child Or Tomas financing or North Korea Getting nuclear weapons or something Like that you just don't do that and Unfortunately the mainstream media That's literally what the coverage has Been the last 24 36 months and it's Really hurt our ability as an industry

To navigate and you know it makes these Things a bit challenging for us but you Know you I hope that gives your audience A sense of you know how I think about These things I don't look for Shilling I Don't look for hey this is something you Should buy and this coin is or this That's not the point of it media is all About making somebody aware and Expanding that awareness about why People do what they do and then there is An accountability component if they Don't do what they say they're going to Do and that's public you have to call Them out on that and ask them on that You know like for example there's a lot Of interviews with elen musk and he's Become too egotistical and big But they should have a real conversation About self-driving cars because you can Verbatim look at him year after year After year after year and he says we Will have self-driving cars by This Day 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 by this Date by this date by this dat so then When he brings it up in an interview you Say well hang on a second Here track Record's not so good and then he freaks Out and how dare you guys you're a Dishonest media the Trump does a lot of The same stuff he like guys it's not That it's just you've been promising me This thing for like seven years now and Every prediction you've made is wrong

Hang on why aren't you you know why is It this time going to be different and That's a fair question to ask and then I'm a musk fan I like elen musk and so Forth but you have to hold them Accountable when they clearly say things That didn't happen or the open AI Lawsuit where he's calling it closed Ai And all this other stuff let let's be Honest here it was sour grapes over the Fact that Tesla couldn't absorb open AI That that's the the big issue with him He's he's angry that Papa SAA got it Instead of Papa musk you know and Sam's A bit bit smarter than the average Bearer on these things so he's he's Pissed at that so okay he sues over it And he's trying to say all this stuff But when you look at the emails and the Other things it's very clear that they Caught wind that he was trying to take Over an Embrace and extinguish the Company and they didn't sign up for that They wanted going to go in a different Direction so you know you ask him about It is that fair yeah and if he freaks Out about it well that's up to him good Media has that capacity do we have good Media with respect to musk coverage no 100% of media against musk right now is Is is Aerial the the pay package is one of the Greatest examples of our lifetime of of That so in 2018 he went to the board and

The shareholders and asked them a very Simple thing if I make you a trillion Dollars I get5 % Yen I think any Reasonable human being would be like Okay but what if you don't well if I Don't I get nothing okay so you're Willing to work for free unless I get a Trillion dollar valuation okay yeah sure Yeah yeah here's 5% I mean it's like Yeah I can't meet a person I've not met Met a single person to say no to that It's one of the craziest it's absurd to Say that you're gonna go make a $50 Billion doll company a trillion dollar Company literally that's what happened Though and then after it happened even Though % of the shareholders 73% of the Non-m musk shareholders by the way said Yes to it and the board said yes to it a Judge at the behest of a shareholder who Owned nine shares that he purchased at $200 that are now worth over $2,000 decided to overturn the will of a Super majority of the shareholders and The board and in the process of doing That tried to give $5 billion of stock To lawyers and say that's in the best Interest of the shareholders of t Then musk goes back to the shareholders And says this is insane give me what I'm Do and the shareholders approve it Again and then you have the media Covering that and 100% of the stories in The mainstream media are musk is evil uh

He's manipulated retail shareholders Raah just attack after attack after Attack why because he bought Twitter and He's competing with the mainstream media So the book is kill musk and any Accomplishment the guy has is evil Neurolink hey this guy's playing Civilization 6 with his brain and look At all this cool stuff oh my God it's so Amazing oh well the wires retracted a Little bit but he's still able to use it Yeah yeah the wires retracted so yeah It's very dangerous you know and then Spa SpaceX literally he took something To the size of the Statue of Liberty Starship is bigger than the Statue of Liberty and blasted it off into space And it landed and they're like ah well You know the first few of them blew up And uh it's bad you know somehow you Know but musk won't accomplish SpaceX is Still bad you know starlink I I yeah Astronomers are angry there's too many Lights in the sky now it's interfering Their telescopes it's like my God it's It's the craziest you you see when You read this because again they hate The guy so that's our problem in Mainstream media they have a Philosophical and political narrative And if you step outside of that Narrative no matter what the truth is You get railroaded and destroyed right So when you talk about media and its

Whole I only admire and respect media That doesn't have that philosophy I say If you're going to talk about something Talk with a beginner's mind try to Understand and acknowledge upfront what Your biases are if I talk about crypto I'm biased because I created cardano I'm An ethereum Co-founder obviously I'm a crypto guy And I am a very particular type of Crypto guy am I going to be the most Objective person in the world talking About salana no I'm going to bring out The Nintendo cartridge and blow it off And these types of things okay that's Just who I am all right don't expect me To be objective in my assessments of the People that have made different Trade-offs because already in my head Said they're making a mistake in their Design however I can be intellectually Honest enough to admit that second I can At least fairly represent good things That happen across the industry vitalic Has done phenomenal things in terms of Ethereum salana has demonstrated a Really amazing way to growth hack You know polygon has also done the same In a certain respect ZK sync is doing Very interesting things starkware is Doing very interesting things and that's What real discussions and dialogues are About they don't force on the wedge Issues and the differences or exacerbate

Where we have differences you try to Find some common ground in the Conversation where you could connect With people and understand that's why I Really admire Lex and Joe because Throughout their entire career that's What's made them successful they brought On all these different guests and some Are hyper controversial like Douglas Murray or just recently Lex brought on Kevin spacy okay that's pretty Controversial there and yet they're able To have a conversation you don't think Look at when he brought on the Palestinians and the Israelis he Interviewed BB Netanyahu and somebody Who's on a Israeli watch list for Terrorism and for Palestine he he he Brought on both guests and talk to them So the fact that he's able to have Conversations on both sides and and let Them explain why they do what they do And if they're unable or unwilling to do That the words themselves explore things Like it was very troubling when you Watch the bbnet and Yahoo interview it's Short tur and it's very confined and you LIF saying he's not saying a lot and Obviously he's not willing to have a Real dialogue um the same happened when He interviewed um uh the head of the NIH Uh whose name will come to me in a Moment uh Francis Collins and he asked Him all the questions about Co and these

Other things and France very narrow and You're saying to yourself I don't feel Transparency here not once did he have To go and attack that person and say You're an unethical person and a Dishonest person ra he just lets them Talk and you the audience are not being Talked out you're judging the person Based upon the argumentation the Presentation the the self-reflection and These types of things in my view the Best podcast they give the guest the Space and the best media they give the Project and the person the space to be Able to do that and then if you want to Editorialize you absolutely can Especially if you feel that the user Should know something like you say by The way the guy talking owns 30% of this Product he's pitching or by the way the Guy talking went to prison and they went To prison for this crime or whatever Then you're contextualizing relevant Information so they can help make that Decision and that's the real difference I think between the A and the S tier is That editorialization that that is fair And relevant if that makes Sense sorry that's a longwinded answer But I mean I you know this is the most Controversial part of the podcast right We're raiding people be sure to click Subscribe we drop a video every single Day keeping you informed about crypto


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