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Chain link and circle are two of the Most powerful forces in crypto today Building some of the best products you Know it's been many many years that We've been working on this focused on Onboarding the masses this concludes our Demo of the Circle Cross chain transfer Protocol and making transactions Interoperable and easy to use and Realistically ccip can be a very Important resource for that today I want To take a look at a newer crypto Protocol that's using chain link and Circles product It's called chain Swap and in order to Have the best tech the most secure Tech It's powered by chain links ccip as well As integrated with circles Cctp again in order to have the best and Most secure user experience chain swap Is sponsoring today's video and to be Clear while they have no direct Affiliation with chain link to company Or Circle to company just like the Ethereum ecosystem or the Bitcoin coin Ecosystem or the Solana ecosystem we're Seeing more and more protocols choose The chain link ecosystem and circle in Order to be a part and deliver quality So what is chains swap chain swap is the First Private decentralized Exchange Built in the chain link ccip ecosystem So think of them as a decks only with a Bigger focus on Cross chain

Interoperability and anonymity and how That affects you it allows you to to Swap different assets on different Chains while maintaining a little Privacy and now also within the same Chain our int chain swap is now live Making it your go-to One-Stop dap for All trading the blockchains being Offered at the moment are Avalanche Ethereum base BNB chain arbitrum Etc With more being added they are Integrated with chain links cross chain Interoperability protocol I think ccip Isn't really fully understood yet by Many people a big reason they chose this Is for the security when you're swapping Assets I've noticed this sometimes Happens when you have very security Oriented features the Innovative Protocol boasts level five security Through its decentralized network with An added risk management Network Allowing for the seamless transfer of Both data and tokens between blockchains I loved the 60c clip of the chain link Team talking about why CCI p is more Secure why it's the solution to the Hacks we see today that isn't fully Understood Yet what we predict will happen with Ccip is that we'll be able to have value Flow freely from one blockchain to Another securely Safely and five out of 10 of the biggest

Crypto hacks of the past this is without Ccip or Bridge hacks we take no Shortcuts here we have a defense In-depth strategy we're using the same Time tested node operators and Infrastructure that have secured our Data Business this is how all systems that Move value work today they require a Deeper understanding of what they're Doing in order not to lose value in Order not to do the wrong Thing and none of these other Bridge or Connectivity systems have from what I Can Tell to everyone that we show the level Of security that provides they all Agreed that is the highest level of Security they've seen any cross chain System so that's why chain swap chose to Integrate with ccip for their Cross-chain Swap and also circles Cross-chain transfer protocol the Cross-chain transfer protocol is Bidirectional connecting any two chains That it is supported on here we'll Transfer usdc from ethereum to Avalanche This allows users to swap usdc across Different blockchains and cctp Prioritizes security by utilizing a Reliable burn and mint mechanism Mitigating risks associated with Traditional Bridge hacks to recap we use The protocol to burn 5,000 usdc on

Ethereum and mint it as usdc on Avalanche so that's the benefit of Chains swap using cctp this video is Just a jumping off point an education on What chains swap offers and while again They have no official affiliation with a Company as we watch these quality Blockchain ecosystems grow like the Chain link ecosystem I think we'll see Some of the cream rise to the crop the Ones that are actually being used and Like I said this one is newer it is Being used notice the stats from today Versus the exact same stats from about One week ago since our last update chain Swap has surged past 1.2 million in Cross chain swap volume with over 680 Unique users and over 780 trades looking At about a week later today this is now Over 810 total wallets over 1.8 million In total cross chain swap volume and Over 1,070 plus total trades so cool did See the growth looking at the DAP right Here as you can see basic swap Functionalities same layout like you'd See a Unis swap or a sushi swap we also Have the Privacy swap feature that is Not active yet it is coming and of Course as more of that functionality is Added that should amplify the volume Exponentially so looking at the road map For phase one laying the foundation we See live cross-chain swaps that's Already live that's active we know that

Same chain swaps which is effortlessly Exchange tokens within the same Blockchain that recently got added That's live as well the revenue share Has also launched that's where 25% of The revenue goes to eligible holders and Then 75% goes to buy back and burn Phase 2 would be next that's enhanced Functionality a big one will be the Dispersion technology unveiled that is a Secure and efficient way to distribute Your tokens we see that button right There next to privacy Swap and then of Course privacy swap will be launched That's unleashing The Power of private Token swaps for the public phase three Continuous Improvement a big one being Accessibility tools released for Utilities that's integrating with Telegram for convenient access to chain Swaps utilities I personally think Telegram is going to be huge this cycle Just because it already has a built-in Crypto audience and it is now easier to Integrate so for me I think that's Really interesting and then just added Functionality limit order capacity added On Cross chain swaps limit orders are a Must for Traders they'll add ens support To make sending things easier you can Just send it to your ens nicknamed Wallet and that's just the beginning Looking at the functionality of a token And by the way in general investing in

Crypto using cryptocurrency and any Capacity is always risky so always do Your own research but this is a utility Token launched with a fair and Transparent approach 100% of the tokens They say went into the liquidity pool With no additional minting there was no Team tokens withheld showing the team's Commitment to transparency and Community Involvement and we can even check on Their Dex tools page contract verified Yes Honeypot no and then there is a buy And a sell tax and why is that well they Do mention a 5% tax is applied to both Buy and sell transactions to support the Longterm viability of the chain swap Ecosystem and also like we mentioned Before there's a 75% there's a Dap usage Fee of 05% per transaction is also Applied and then the distribution of Those fees number one goes to buy back And burn and number two goes to holder Redistribution again to me is this going To be success Is this not the biggest thing to me is Will we see these numbers go up I will Keep watching definitely one of the Chainlink ccip ecosystem tokens to watch Give me your thoughts like always see You tomorrow


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