Celestia: Can TIA 10x?! Complete Review & Price Potential!

When a new crypto launches by Airdropping its coin or token the result Is often a sharp decline in price Celestia is one of the few in this Category that has managed to go the Other way up that's because Celestia is The first modular blockchain it's a new Type of crypto that could change how the Whole crypto ecosystem is structured and Challenge so-called monolithic Blockchains in the process that's why Today we're going to tell you everything You need to know about Celestia Including where it came from how it Works and how much potential its tier Coin could have this is one you don't Want to Miss I will of course start by saying That nothing in this video is financial Advice it's educational content that's Meant to inform you on your crypto Quest And I'll also note that this video is Not sponsored by Celestia and all the Information in it is based on publicly Available information that anyone can Verify moreover nobody at the coin Bureau currently holds tier as part of Their personal crypto portfolio if you Want to see the full list of the cryptos We hold as well as which ones we're Watching then join the coin Bureau Club Using the link in the description Spoiler it's got a lot more than our Crypto portfolios there that said the

History of celest year begins with Mustafa albassam now Mustafa is famous Or inFAMOUS for being one of the Co-founders of LC a hacker group which Hacked multiple high-profile Organizations including the CIA Mustafa Also worked with the anonymous hacker Group where he uncovered a crazy Conspiracy you'll have to look that one Up on your own time though now of course Mustafa was eventually caught but he Never faced prison time due to his age He was 16 at the time instead he was Banned from using the internet for 2 Years I would love to know how he filled His days without it or maybe I wouldn't Anyway after that Mustafa went to study Computer science at King's College in London and then did a PhD at University College London given mustafa's background it Should come as no surprise that he's Been aware of Bitcoin since 2010 during The first crypto bull market in 2013 Mustafa noticed that bitcoin's 1 Megabyte block limit had been hit for The first time this got him interested In crypto scalability AKA increasing Transaction speeds now the kind of Scaling that Mustafa was interested in Was sharding breaking up the blockchain Into multiple parts so that transactions Can be processed in parallel in 2017 he Published a paper about a sharding

Method called change space and founded a Startup around it that was acquired by Facebook in 2019 by that point Mustafa had become Heavily involved in the ethereum Ecosystem so much so that he had Co-authored a paper with ethereum Creator vital buaran in 2018 in 2019 Mustafa published a paper About a new crypto scaling technology Called lazy Ledger and posted it to Ethereum's research page he subsequently Decided to create a team to build a Crypto Project based on his new paper And onboarded isma kofy and John Adler As co-founders for context Ismael used To be one of the core developers of the Cosmos blockchain and John invented the Optimistic rollup layer 2 technology Quite the team Sheet realizing that lazy Ledger may not be the best name for the Project the early team rebranded to Celestia in 2021 which means Heavenly or Sky and fits hand in glove with the Cosmos ecosystems Universe Vibe now this Is interesting given that Celestia is Simultaneously rooted in the ethereum Ecosystem what's even more interesting Is that the entity that built Celestia Is referred to as Celestia Labs but is Apparently incorporated as strange Loop Labs in lonstein similarly the Celestia Foundation which oversees Celestia's Ongoing development is likewise based in

Lonstein but under its real name in any Case in March 2021 Celestia raised $1.5 Million from various investors including Cosmos's interchain foundation and Binance labs in October 2022 Celestia Raised an additional $55 million from Various crypto VCS I'll quickly note That crunch base notes that there have Been additional funding rounds in September last year Celestia announced That it would be conducting an airdrop Drop for early users of ethereum's layer 2s as well as stakers on Cosmos and Osmosis Celestia's main net went Live One month later specifically on the 31st Of October the same day that the Bitcoin White paper was published 15 years Previously and by the way if you're Enjoying the video so far be sure to Pat That like button like you would the head Of a much loved pet in order to give it A boost now Celestia describes itself as Quote a modular data availability Network obviously that doesn't mean much If you don't know what any of those Words refer to so let's start with that First term modular now modular is a term That was apparently coined by Mustafa And it has to do with crypto Architecture basically almost every Cryptocurrency blockchain consists of Two layers the execution layer and the Consensus layer the execution layer is The one that processes transactions

Whereas the consensus layer verifies That these transactions were processed Properly I.E that they're valid maafa Considers cryptocurrencies with this Architecture to be monolithic because Both processes are taking place on the Same Blockchain this limits how fast a Monolithic cryptocurrency can be Particularly when you're dealing with General purpose cryptos with multiple Daps sharing the same blockchain Celestia's core innovation is that it Only has one layer the consensus layer This makes Celestia a modular blockchain And you'll recall that it's the first of Its kind this is significant because Execution Focus chains such as layer 2os Can leverage Celestia for consensus to Increase speed and lower costs but this Isn't the only thing that makes Celestia Different from other blockchains recall That second term data availability Basically almost every cryptocurrency Blockchain contains a historical record Of all past transactions each block Contains a batch of these transaction Records and is linked to the next block Hence the term blockchain nodes will Check these records to ensure that Current transactions are valid this also Limits how fast a cryptocurrency can be Because nodes must always check the Entire history from past to present now

In theory Celestia's storage of data From its execution layers means that it Has the same bottleneck in practice However Celestia solves this scalability Bottleneck by introducing something Called Data availability sampling this Involves checking a few random small Parts of each block to confirm the Blocks are valid besides the fact that This further lowers costs and increases Speed it's significant for two reasons First checking just a few random small Parts of each block can offer validity Guarantees that are on a par with Checking the whole block second and more Importantly this makes it very easy for Anyone to run a node to improve Celestia's security and Decentralization this isn't the case for Most monolithic chains and as a cherry On top Celestia leverages another Technology called namespaced Merkel Trees the tech Behind These is outside The scope of this video but the simple Explanation is that it allows execution Layers to only check the data in each Celestia block that relates to them this Further reduces costs and increases Speed now the caveat to all this is that Celestia itself seems to be quite Centralized under the hood for reference There are five types of nodes on the Celestia blockchain validator nodes Which produce blocks full storage nodes

Which store the full blockchain history Full consensus nodes which synchronize The blockchain history light nodes which Do data availability sampling and Bridge Nodes which effectively allow light Nodes and validator nodes to communicate Now according to Mint scan Celestia only Has 100 validator nodes which makes Sense given that it's a cosmos based Blockchain and cosmospace blockchains Are typically limited to around 100 Validators the thing is that we couldn't Figure out how many of the other node Types there are particularly full nodes From our perspective the Decentralization of a cryptocurrency Blockchain fundamentally depends on how Many full nodes there are because they Store the full transaction history if There are only a handful of full nodes On Celestia then well it's arguably Quite centralized regardless of the Number of other nodes for what it's Worth Celestia is likely more Decentralized than most most Cryptocurrencies out there and the fact That it's based on Cosmos means that It's fast and userfriendly FYI cosmospace blockchains can Apparently process up to 10,000 Transactions per second although Celestia's TPS is unclear this is once Again thanks to the fact that Cosmos Based blockchains are somewhat

Centralized due to their relatively low Validate count and for anyone wondering Celestia's staking rewards are currently Around 16% per year for validators and Delegators with no minimum stake and a 21-day unlock for both note that Slashing is enabled so do keep that in Mind if you stake or are planning on Staking tier all of which nicely ties Into Tia's tokenomics Tia is the native Cryptocurrency coin of the Celestia Blockchain it's used for staking and to Pay for transaction fees tier is Apparently also used for governance but It's not clear clear how this governance Is done Celestia doesn't have a Governance dashboard at the time of Shooting this video regardless Tia had An initial supply of 1 billion which was Allocated as follows 35% to investors 177% to the team 26% to the foundation And 20% to the public 7% of which was Allocated to the air drop according to Ico analytics the Ico price for tier was $2 30 likely in the second Ico of 2022 the vesting schedule for these tier Coins can be seen here as you can see This vesting will last for four years With a massive vesting Cliff coming After the first year which is this October it looks like tier's Supply will Double in about a year's time and that's Just from vesting as with most Cosmos Based cryptos tier also has a fairly

High inflation rate of 8% the difference Is that tier's inflation rate will Decline by 10% per year until it hits 1.5% which is scheduled to occur in Roughly 15 years time this paints a Supply side picture for tier that could Suppress its price but as all of you Will know tier's charts tell a different Story it's been hitting all-time highs Ever since it launched last October and Even held up quite well during the Recent correction this presumably means That the demand side of the equation is Even stronger now for the time being the Biggest demand driver appears to be pure Speculation both price and airdrop That's because the selenium Explorer Notes that there have been almost 200,000 tiers worth of fees on Celestia Assuming an average price of $15 per Tier that only works out to around $3 Million not that much meanwhile the Accounts tab of the mint scan Explorer Notes that the number of Celestia Wallets has increased by a staggering 300,000 over the last 30 days with over 750,000 accounts and Counting this Suggests that lots of people are rushing In to buy and hold and stake tier this Is likely because of future airdrops That could come for projects building on Celestia so this naturally begs the Question of How High could go given that Its primary demand driver is speculation

And airdrop hunting well the answer Seems to be higher than you think as far As we can tell it looks like many people See Celestia as a new kind of ethereum Killer and it's telling that Mustafa Seems to have dodged questions about This what's even more telling is how the Rest of the crypto industry has Responded to Celestia's launch shortly Before Celestia launched arbitrum Announced that its orbit Chains would Leverage Celestia for data availability As most of you will know arbitrum is Currently the largest layer two on Ethereum shortly after Celestia launched A veale formerly a part of polygon the Biggest ethereum side chain announced That it would be launching its own data Availability layer to compete with Celestia and near protocol subsequently Announced that it would seek to provide Data availability Solutions like Celestia One month after that polygon announced That it would offer Celestia's data Availability solution to layer 2 Developers something surprising when you Consider that a veil was part of polygon All the while vitalic has been making Statements which give the impression That he's nervous about Celestia for Example vitalic recently stated that Layer 2's leveraging Celestia are not Genuine layer twos but so-called

Validium chains which are likewise Outside the scope of this video not only That but vitalic underscored the fact That using a different chain for data Availability undermines security Guarantees so taken together these facts Suggest that Celestia has serious Potential to disrupt the broader crypto Ecosystem and possibly even ethereum Itself then again it's possible that the Data availability selling point will Become less powerful or even irrelevant Once ethereum's denune up grade has Launched you can learn more about that Using the link in the description by the Way but back to tier's potential now Tier's biggest hurdle is going to be its Market cap which is already around $2.5 Billion when that vesting Cliff comes in The Autumn it's likely that Tia's market Cap will surpass $5 billion as Tia's Market cap grows it will become harder To push up its price the caveat in this Case is that Celestia is a brand new Cryptocurrency with an Innovative Technology that could truly shake up the Crypto ecosystem the speculation around This fact alone could be enough to pump Tier by up to 10x even with a much Larger market cap if you want to try Trading what is likely to be an Explosive move then check out the coin Bureau deals Page by the way it's got Trading fee discounts of up to 60% and

Sign up bonuses of up to $50,000 on the best crypto exchanges the These deals are exclusive to coin Bureau And are available for a limited time Only so check them out ASAP the link Will be in the Description now whether Tia can pull a 10x ultimately depends on Celestia's Upcoming Milestones unfortunately Celestia Doesn't seem to have a road map nor Could we find any concrete Milestones Listed anywhere fortunately though this Is probably why tier was able to list on Us exchanges is the SEC doesn't like Road maps so instead of a road map Celestia has Celestia Improvement Proposals or cips sips which are Analogous to bitcoin's bips bitcoin Improvement proposals or Bips as with bitcoin's bips Celestia's Sips can be found on GitHub naturally Almost all of these sips are technical In nature one of the only sips that Isn't technical in nature relates to Chain governance which you recall is Apparently possible but can only be done By coding at least according to Celestia's documentation the discussion About this sip in Celestia's Forum seems To suggest that it's currently on hold Due to Tia's Supply this makes us wonder Whether Celestia is waiting for early Investors coins to start vesting before

They introduce onchain governance Anyways the discussion also reveals how Governance on on Celestia currently Seems to work quote governance still Happens in Celestia C Dev call which is Offchain for any parameters that impact The core protocol and that includes Onchain governance parameters submitting An onchain governance proposal after That to modify the value of the param Can happen after rough consensus is Reached now besides governance there is One Milestone that Celestia seems to Implicitly have it's one referred to Earlier and one that Celestia wrote a Blog post about in July 2022 it's the idea that rollups AKA Layer 2s will become their own Sovereign Chains that leverage Celestia for Consensus and data availability notably The blog post highlights the fact that Layer twos on blockchains like ethereum Are in a sense dependent on the layer One they're connected to as I'm sure all Of you will know moving ass sets between Ethereum and its layer twos requires Bridging therein lies the technical Dependency by contrast leer on Celestia Can be truly Sovereign that is Independent that's because there is no Bridge the layer twos are just dumping Their raw data into Celestia's blocks And using its consensus for additional Security assets of Celestia layer twos

Exist natively and only on the layer Twos and and if you're wondering why These layer 2s don't just use ethereum For data availability instead the blog Post has the answer quote this adds more Overhead compared to using a pure data Availability layer such as Celestia Because the rollup nodes need to take an Interest in the validity of all the Transactions in the ethereum settlement Layer in order to run a node for the Ethereum data availability layer in Other words ethereum is a more expensive Option for for data availability and Celestia is cheaper as you learned Though Celestia also appears to be much More centralized and ethereum offers Better security guarantees due to its Size remember that denon's data blobs Will make layer 2os cheaper and faster As well this brings me to the challenges We foresee for Celestia the first Challenge is adoption Celestia's main Selling point is that its modular Blockchain makes it easy for anyone to Spin up their own execution layer and Leverage Celestia's consensus and data Availability and there's no question That many layer 2s will do this however There are questions about tradeoffs as I Mentioned a few moments ago leveraging Other monolithic blockchains like Ethereum may be more costly but the Tradeoff is more security some

Monolithic blockchains like salana are Also already cheap and fast so why not Use them in instead the bigger question Though is why new crypto projects Shouldn't launch their own application Specific Cosmos based blockchains for Those unfamiliar application specific Blockchains are what the cosmos Ecosystem is all about similarly Celestia is trying to create an Ecosystem of sovereign application Specific layer tws again Celestia's Selling point is that it can make it Easy for anyone to spin up their own Execution layer without having to Bootstrap validators consensus and data Availability there's a bit of a paradox Here though because crypto projects who Can't do this bootstrapping presumably Don't have much value put differently Celestia selling point could be the most Attractive to low value crypto projects Its impressive Partnerships not Withstanding it's also likely that Crypto projects which start off as Celestia layer 2s and become successful Will spin-off and launch their own Standalone chains just like dydx did This relates to the Second Challenge we Foresee for Celestia and that's Competition Celestia may be the first Modular blockchain but it sounds like it Won't be the last it's likely that we'll See many more modular blockchains come

Along some of whom could be objectively Superior to Celestia and this competition could even Come from changes made to the monolithic Blockchains themselves I don't want to Flog a dead horse here folks but Ethereum's denune upgrade could very Well make Celestia less attractive to Layer 2s that's just because it will Introduce a de facto data availability Layer to the ethereum blockchain if Celestia is a threat to ethereum and Other monolithic blockchains which seems To be the case then you can bet that We'll see those monolithic blockchains Make more changes that make Celestia Less appealing conversely though it's Possible that Celestia will continue to Innovate in a manner that monolithic Architectures can't and this pertains to The third challenge we foresee for Celestia and that's centralization if You are paying close attention during The technology part of this review You'll know that the Celestia blockchain Has multiple node types and the only Node count we were able to find was for Its validators to Celestia's credit it Doesn't pretend to be decentralized like Most other layer ones case in point its Homepage makes no mention of Decentralization and there are only a Few mentions of decentralization in its Documentation last we checked though

Crypto currencies are supposed to be Decentralized this is something that's Been completely forgotten by many in the Crypto industry and it seems that the Next generation of cryptocurrencies is Always more centralized than the Previous one this seems to be a symptom Of a much larger problem a race to the Bottom in terms of speed and cost what Lies at the bottom is a version of the Existing Financial system that's even Worse than the one we have now what lies Between where we are now and that bottom Is regulatory scrutiny and the risk of Regulatory capture something that Celestia could fall prey to if its Blockchain is as centralized as it seems To be this in turn creates a massive Risk for any layer twos that decide to Integrate with Celestia for the faster Speeds and lower costs it provides Thankfully though this is something that Mustafa is hyper aware of and as we know He has a history of undermining the Powers that be which suggests that he Won't let this happen to Celestia so in Some then Celestia is a new kind of Cryptocurrency that could have Incredible potential its modular Blockchain architecture has taken the Crypto ecoystem by storm and could shake It up big time but for now this is most Most L speculation speculation which has Been the primary cause of tier's

Impressive price action assuming that Celestia can achieve adoption by Onboarding quality crypto projects Continue to outpace monolithic Cryptocurrencies through Innovation and Embrace enough decentralization in the Process then tier could easily be one of The most promising large cap Cryptocurrencies of this upcoming cycle That said the coins and tokens with the Biggest potential will be all the new Cryptos that pop up in Celestia's Ecosystem as well as all the new modular Blockchains that are likely to launch And if you want to see us review those When they come around then become a Member of the coin Bureau Club the link Will be down in the Description and that's all for today's Video my friends so if you learned Something new let us know by Smashing That like button if you want to keep Learning subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell if you want To help others learn about Celestia then Take a second to share this video with Them spread the love they'll thank you For it I'm sure remember that the coin Bureau deals page has trading fee Discounts of up to 60% and sign up Bonuses of up to $50,000 on the best Crypto exchanges if you're thinking of Trading tier maximize your profits by Taking advantage of those deals the link

To that page is in the description thank You all so much for watching and I'll See you in the next one this is guy Signing Off


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