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While everyone has been distracted by The noise of stuff like the prospect of World War III governments around the World have been silently building their Dystopian Central Bank digital Currencies a recent report found that Nearly 100% of central banks are now Exploring cbdcs in some capacity not Only that but most of them are planning On rolling out their cbcs by the end of The decade this begs the question of What exact the central banks are Planning when exactly their cbc's could Be rolled out and how you can protect Your Financial Freedom today's video has All of the Answers the report that we'll be Summarizing today is titled and I quote Embracing diversity advancing together The results of the 2023 bis survey on Central Bank digital currencies and Crypto it was published by the bank for International settlements or bis the Bank for central banks the link to the Report is in the description now the Report begins with a brief introduction Wherein the authors note that the survey They conducted took place in 2023 and Involved 86 central banks notably the Survey includes questions about why Central banks are interested in cbc's And whether they're interested in stable Coins for context most stable coin Functions actually identical to cbdcs

The main difference is that stable coins Are issued by private companies whereas Cbdcs are issued by you've guessed it Central banks besides that both of them Have the same qualities in terms of Being able to track and freeze Transactions another difference is that Stable coins are backed by government Debt well this makes stable coins a Sneaky way for governments to subsidize Their spending because they can Effectively trick their citizens into Using government debt as a form of Payment so far it's mostly crypto Traders that are falling for the Trap Anyways the authors then go on to Explain what cbdcs are and highlight the Difference between retail cbdcs and Wholesale cbdcs as some of you will know Retail cbdcs will be used by regular People like you and me whereas wholesale Cbdcs will be used by select individuals And Institution s in other words two Cbdc systems one for them and one for us Not surprisingly the prospect of a Two-tiered cbdc system and cbdcs in General hasn't been popular with the Average person this is why central banks And governments both seem to be warming Up to the idea of stable coins as an Alternative I reiterate that stable Coins are functionally identical to Cbdcs per the report and I quote over Over the course of 2023 various Banks

And other traditional payment service Providers started to use stable coins For their activities or to issue stable Coins to their customers the authors go On to know various stable coins and Experiments involving paypals PUSD and Cires usdc speaking of which you should Know that Circle CEO Jeremy Le Tactically admitted in an interview that Circle's endgame was to turn usdc into a De facto cbdc I'll also note that the World economic Forum or we has been Working on a synthetic cbdc which Combines stable coins with cbdcs Probably nothing by the way if you're Enjoying the video so far be sure to Smash that like button and subscribe to The channel so you don't miss the next One so ma'am we're exactly were you on The night of the murder I was right here Detective all night long you got anyone Who can back that up you mean an alibi Yeah that's the one no I was all on my Lonesome and what exactly were you doing All on your loansome if you don't mind Me asking well keep it under your hat Detective but I was looking through the Coin Bureau deals page what's a coin Bureau deals page when it's at home it's Only the place where you'll find the Best discounts and Promos in all of Crypto what do you mean I mean trading Fee discounts of up to 60% and sign up Bonuses of up to $60,000 on some of the

The best exchanges holy smokes they got Discounts on Hardware wallets too by any Chance they sure do detective like you Wouldn't believe well that sure sounds Kind of swell lady but just you give me One good reason why I should believe a Single word you say you don't have to Take my word for a detective take a look At the link down below and see for Yourself she wasn't kidding those deals Really were something else turns out That crypto ain't such a bad place after All you just got to know your way around Now in the second part of the report the Authors give some details about the Central banks that were involved in the Survey and the cbdcs and stable coin Questions they ask them the map of Participating central banks can be seen Here it doesn't look like much but it Covers 81% of the world's population regarding The responses the authors provide a Visual breakdown of What kinds of cbdcs These central banks are focused on and What stage their development is at Unfortunately most of them are working On both wholesale and Retail cbdcs Fortunately only a few are at the pilot Stage most are still being researched The best part is that most of these cbdc Pilots are related to wholesale cbdcs Not retail cbdcs as you can hopefully See the number of retail cbdc Pilots

Actually seems to have flatlined over The last few years this underscores the Fact that cbdcs are becoming Increasingly unpopular with the public On that note you should know that the Totalitarian qualities of cbdcs aren't The only reason why central banks are Struggling to roll them out there is Also significant technological hurdles And risks as you can imagine cbdcs are Top targets for hostile countries and They aren't exactly easy to build more Importantly before you can roll out a CB CDC you need to roll out a digital ID This is something that we've mentioned In almost all of our videos about cbdcs And it's a big part of why digital IDs Should be opposed they're required for Cbdcs to function no digital IDs means No cbdcs news flash this is why the EU Has been rushing to roll out digital IDs The ECB is looking to roll out its Digital Euro cbdc in the next 2 years a Cbdc is probably the only way it can Prevent the Euro from imploding given The Divergent fiscal and monetary Policies of Euro Zone countries but That's a topic for another time this Ties into why exactly central banks are Exploring cbdcs the authors start by Revealing That central banks believe That rolling out both retail and Wholesale cbdcs is very important as to The reason why the bis found exactly

What I just said their worri red about Their National currencies being replaced Specifically central banks are worried About their National currencies being Replaced by and I quote new forms of Privately issued money this is code for Not just stable coins but also cryptos In general obviously stable coins are Perceived as the bigger threat due to Their similarities to Fat currencies Imagine a scenario where the Euro starts To wrap ly lose value due to the AFF Forementioned Divergence between Monetary and fiscal policies of Euro Zone countries most Europeans would Probably look for somewhere else to keep Their money safe and many would probably Choose US dollar stable coins this would Be a bigger problem than you would think Because it would mean that any efforts The ECB would take to stabilize the Euro Would fail because not enough people are Holding Euros the possibility that Efforts to stabilize currencies would Fail due to competition has been noted By the ECB and others the only solution Then is to restrict what people can do With their money and this is precisely What cbdcs are designed to do to limit What you can buy and when you can buy it Now consider that the ECB implied in its First digital EUR report that it could Replace stores of value like gold put Simply the ECB implied you won't be

Allowed to buy gold with digital Europe But of course the ecb's tone has Softened since that first report more About that in the description now this Relates to when central banks could Start rolling out their cbcs according To the bis survey most central banks are Focused on launching Wholesale cbdcs in The medium term what's interesting is That fewer central banks are signaling This than before suggesting they're Encountering technical hurdles the Breakdown of when Central Banks expect To roll out retail and wholesale cbdcs Is eye openening to say the least it Shows most central banks don't see Retail or wholesale cbdcs rolling out in The short term and while many believe It's possible in the medium term very Few believe it's likely shortterm means 1 to 3 years whereas medium-term means 4 To 6 years FYI the key takeaway then is That central banks don't think they'll Be rolling out any kind of cbdc anytime Soon which is certainly good news the Bad news is that few big central banks Expect to launch retail and wholesale Cbdcs in the short term the most notable Example being the ECB with the digital Euro and if you think about all of the Stuff about retail cbdcs being dystopian Is FD or fake news consider the title of The following subsection and I quote Likely retail cbdc features limits on

Holdings domestic interoperability Offline functionality and non Renumeration I repeat limits on Holdings Now a breakdown of all of the features Of retail cbdcs can be seen here you'll Notice there's quite a bit of Uncertainty about whether they should be Included besides limits on balances Controls include limits on transactions Obligations for merchants to accept Programmability and embedded Capital Flow those last two are especially Sinister programmability means that Cbdcs could be designed to say prevent You from buying certain amounts of meat Or alcohol or whatever else embedded Capital flow means your cbdc Holdings Will be automatically swapped for Another currency or asset under certain Conditions I'll quickly note the ECB has Written extensively about these So-called waterfall features another Alarming feature for retail cbdcs is the Fact that people won't need a bank Account to access them a feature that Central banks overwhelmingly support This is alarming as it implies widescale Digital ID rollouts after all how will They verify your identity for a cbdc Without a bank digital ID is the only Way and for anyone wondering whether These cbdcs will somehow leverage crypto The answer seems to be no as most Central banks are opposed to using

Distributed Ledger Technologies for Their cbdcs what's fascinating is that Central banks in veloping countries seem To be open to embracing cryptotech just A reminder that when cryptocurrency uses Blockchain it's a good thing when Governments or central banks uses Blockchain it's a bad thing blockchain Is a powerful tool that can be used for Slavery or for Freedom crypto uses Blockchain for Freedom central banks and Governments use it for slavery now when It comes to the kind of features central Banks W for wholesale cbdcs there isn't Too much to note Central Bank s seem to Want everything and more but it's Irrelevant as wholesale cbdcs won't be Used by you and me again they'll be used By select individuals and institutions By this point you might also be Wondering what central banks want their Cbdcs to be used for this is addressed In the next part of the report as Expected the focus for retail cbdcs is Peer-to-peer and government payments and The focus for wholesale cbdcs is into Bank and foreign exchange payments that Reminds me requiring a retail cbdc to Pay taxes is one approach that many Governments are likely to take to force Their populations to adopt their Dystopian digital currencies the catch Is that you can easily Force adoption But it's going to be very difficult to

Force day today use outside specific Settings look no further than Nigeria For evidence of that the the government Couldn't even Force the adoption of the Enira cbdc despite restricting cash use More about that in the Description anyhow as always the Entities that will be helping central Banks and governments roll out their Cbdcs are so-called stakeholders for Reference the term stakeholder seems to Have its roots in the west crazy idea of Stakeholder capitalism and it's Basically a code for powerful Individuals and institutions lo and Behold the authors don't give too many Details about the stakeholders involved In the cbdc rollout noting unspecified Public authorities payment technology Companies and Commercial Banks it's safe To assume that any of the above Institutions affiliated with the we are Involved in Cbdcs if you've kept up with our Coverage of the W you'll know that this Is because the we is working closely With the UN to achieve its sustainable Development goals or SGS the SGS required the roll out of the Things like digital IDs and cbdcs in Every country by 2030 note that the list Of Institutions involved in this pilot Include crypto projects such as usdc Issuer Circle this pertains to how

Central banks are approaching stable Coins the authors confirm that most Central banks are developing cbdcs due To the concern that a stable coin could Displace their domestic currency I Repeat this implies that cbdcs will be Used for control as once admitted by the Ecb's president you might also recall That so far stablecoin use has been Limited to crypto Traders and the like This is confirmed by the survey of Central banks conducted by the authors Which revealed that only a small Fraction of people are using stable Coins for payments then again they admit They can't say for sure what's funny is That the authors claim that the adoption Of stable coins can help central banks Better understand how to ensure the Adoption of cbdcs this is funny because The main reason why stable coins have so Much adoption is because they're Perceived to be less controlled than Cbdcs did I mention that's technically Not the case in any case the authors Reveal that more than 60% of survey Jurisdictions are in the process of Rolling out crypto regulations if you've Been keeping up with our coverage on Crypto regulations you'll know this is a Double-edged sword on one Edge these Crypto regulations are likely to be very Restrictive on the other Edge however These crypto regulations will result in

More inflows into the crypto Market in Turn this will increase the amount of Lobbying around crypto regulations which Should eliminate most of the worst Restrictions zero privacy regulations Will probably be the first as big Investors want Privacy the fact that half of the survey Jurisdictions are planning custom crypto Regulations is a promising sign to this End for those who don't know most crypto Regulations are designed to absorb Crypto into the existing Financial System creating unique regulations for Crypto makes it possible to avoid this This is presumably why the authors warn That it is Paramount for countries to Conform to the global crypto regulation Recommendations given by the likes of The financial action task force the fact The authors feel compelled to give this Warning confirms that countries are Going their own way this brings us to The big question and that's what you can Do to stay financially free that is to Keep the ability to do what you want With your money when whenever you want To do it it's easy to forget that this Is the true definition of Financial Freedom you could have a million dollar But if you can't spend it it's worth Zero for starters you can keep a portion Of your wealth in a currency or asset That can't be easily confiscated such as

BTC or gold the caveat is that you must Also ensure that you can actually spend This currency or assets on goods or Services This will be easier said than done when Cbdcs start rolling out that ties in to The second way to stay financially free And that's to ensure you're part of a Likeminded community ideally you would Form this community in person but Forming this community online can also Be enough in some cases the views on This video are proof that you are not Alone so keep that in mind this relates To the third way to stay financially Free and that's to consider relocating If you believe a cbdc is imminent in Your country or region this applies to Most of those living in Europe as the Digital Euro seems to be just around the Corner you may not need to move but you Do need to have the option to this Pertains to the fourth way to stay Financially free and that's to advocate For alternative Technologies the problem there is that Some alternative Technologies like Stable coins are very similar to cbdcs On the plus side they should be much Less dystopian than cbdcs if there's a Free market that's just because in a Free market stable coins with too many Restrictions will not be adopted by the Average person they will naturally

Gravitate to whichever stable coin gives Them the most Freedom if all stable Coins end up with restrictions then they Could very well start using other Cryptocurrencies like like BTC now the final way to be financially Free is the most difficult but will Guarantee your freedom that is to help Create digital currencies that preserve Our Collective Financial Freedom as the Saying goes if you want something done Right you've got to do it yourself Creating a digital currency is a dating Task but it can be done and if you Succeed then you could find yourself Incredibly wealthy the trade-off is that You're likely to make lots of enemies in The process you know central banks Commercial Banks governments Gary Ganser The list really does go on the truth is That such conflicts are inevitable when You have lots of money and influence Food For Thought with all that said Though it looks like time is on our side Central banks seem to be focused on Wholesale cbdcs and are nowhere close to Launching their retail cbdcs by the time They're actually developed it's likely That actual free digital currencies like Certain cryptos will be large enough to Make cbdcs irrelevant if the bis report Is anything to go by though the pace of Cbdc development will depend on how Threatened central banks feel by stable

Coins and the like as stable coins and Other cryptos continue to grow so too Could the development of cbdcs and an Epic battle between good and Evil just don't forget that not all Crypto projects are on the good Side well that's all for today's video If you found it informative be sure to Smash that like button if you want to Stay informed subscribe to the channel And ping that notification Bell so you Don't miss the next one thank you so Much for watching this is Jessica Signing off [Music]


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