Carolina explains why she left Atomico for Softbank

There's a lot of push and pulls with With these sorts of things I think what Remains true for me and having moved to Europe in 2013 Um is that Europe is such an incredibly Exciting place right now and you know to Be totally honest back in 2013 I didn't Totally see it but over the years you Realize how many incredible Entrepreneurs how many incredible teams And the opportunity that lays ahead and I think firms like Excel and like Atomico were Paving the path of the Capital structure in Europe which is Actually very young right yeah maybe the Past 15 years there's been VC in Europe And now you start to see the fruits of That and the exits and so on so and Forth so part part of what it was for me Was actually I think there's great funds At the early stage but there's still a Lot of underfunding at that later stage And so I was really excited about doing Growth in Europe and putting significant Amounts of capital behind Founders who Want to go for the really big outcomes Right


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