“Cardano Will Become BIGGEST Crypto in the World” | How Much Will 1 ADA Be Worth?

And that is why cardano I feel is Probably going to become the biggest Cryptocurrency in the world I think it's Going to become More than a cryptocurrency I think it's going to become the Backbone Of a new digital Nation cardano founder Charles hoskinson just made a bold Prediction on the future of ADA cardanos Hoskinson for cesada surpassing Bitcoin Surpassing ethereum becoming a new Nation digitally in a sense and if each Of these things were to happen what does That mean for Ada's price and by the way There's no sense in speculating in the Future if a crypto asset today isn't Achieving so as the Bitcoin price has Been chop validating these last few Years what has cordano achieved and you Know what enormous amount of stuff Shipped while working on governance Which is the most complicated thing I Think any cryptocurrency can do because Basically you're building an on-chain Government of a digital Nation with four Million people more than 100 countries Kind of a fun thing Hydra shipped Mithril shipped Node eight point x shipped all kinds of Updates shipped people are building We're number one for development Activity right now amongst all the Cryptocurrencies tvl grew by over 200

Percent and a downturn how about that Transaction volumes up We're at 8 million native assets And massari is finally writing nice Stuff about us how about that [Applause] That's what an ecosystem looks like it's Not the sudden spikes and sexy fun bull Markets and you know cool stuff in 2021 Or 2017. it's the continuous endless Relentless Pursuit of perfection Japanese call it codawari the Relentless Pursuit of perfection That's what we do so cardano has clearly Been achieving can it surpass ethereum Well it's known as an ethereum killer And if cardano's market cap were to hit What ethereum's market cap hit back in 2021 when ethereum hit its all-time high That would bring it up to 570 billion Compared where it is today at 9 billion 9.13 which would be a multiple Of about 62 62 times bigger and that Would bring the a to price To about 16 and 12 cents per Ada if Cardano Just Hits ethereum but Charles Thinks it's going to be a lot bigger He's projecting cardano surpasses Bitcoin this was his exact statement It's about a three minute clip stick With it but what United does and kept us Strong and the true people the true Philosophers of it was this idea that we

Need to have a better way of trusting Each other and working with each other We need to have a better way of building Institutions that aren't just don't be Evil but can't be evil that was the Uniting thread throughout the whole set And cardano is leading the entire Cryptocurrency industry in this Bitcoin And ethereum the other two big guys They've accused themselves they've said We don't want to do Unchained governance In the case of Bitcoin it's Anarchy Great they can't change which means they Have to live with design decisions made By a single person more than 13 years Ago and hope to God it's still relevant 10 years from now 20 years from now 30 Years from now there's no way to change It Well good luck as for ethereum their Founder said on chain governance is a Fool's Aaron you can't do it you can't Achieve it okay so how do you deal with The fact that when you have a hundred Million 200 million 300 million 400 Million users you have to represent them Their needs their voice their particular Use cases how the hell do you build a Product backlog without just making Yourself King For Life Is that decentralized Is that what we signed up for having a Beneficent leader who lives on the Mountaintop how are we any better than

What we assert that we're going to Replace The only way we're going to get it done Is to build an on-chain government and Why they don't do it is they're scared Because they don't know how There's trust issues it's hard how do You maintain the consistency we've all Come to love and admire and enjoy 2100 days plus the cardano network has Been running 24 hours a day seven days a Week by you The stake pool operators Never down 24 hours a day seven days a week Microsoft has gone down since then Google has gone down for 20 minutes Amazon has gone down think about that Trillion dollar massive corporations With hundreds of thousands of people The best Engineers mountains of money And they own the Hardware we Don't just a bunch of people come Together never met each other are Running this protocol attacked every Single day if there is a flaw in it There's a 10 billion dollar bounty to Break it And it's still running That's something that's very special And it should never be discounted it Should never be trivialized and we can't Ever allow other people in the Cryptocurrency space to just take that

For granted it's a sacred thing yet Somehow some way We're going to not only preserve and Protect that but enhance it when every Single decision is now made in dozens of Countries throughout the world it's a Pretty crazy idea and that's why people Are scared of decentralized governance Because they view it as something that Takes away But I've never believed that because I Always believe in the best in people I believe in the best in you and I think If you give people a chance to rise up And show you who they are and what they Can do They'll do amazing things So that's our Challenge and that is why Cardano I feel is probably going to Become the biggest cryptocurrency in the World I think it's going to become More than a cryptocurrency I think it's going to become the Backbone Of a new digital Nation a new Society A place where we can finally begin to Trust each other again where we move From don't be evil it can't be evil a Place where we do our voting a place Where our money lives a place where our Digital Life lives and every Dimension And aspect of it so if cardano the Network can surpass a bitcoin's market Cap when Bitcoin reached its all-time

High a few years ago and 69 000 that Would be a multiple Of a hundred and forty two times larger Again here's the math if you want to Check it out for Donna's market cap Around 9 billion compared to 1.3 Trillion and if slash when that would Happen That puts the price of one Ada around 36.92 well what about if cardano the Network becomes like a new digital Nation and more important than what if That happens is why would that happen Why does the world need this because we Deserve that It's 2023 We do we don't need to live in economic Systems political systems that were Designed in the 18th century and 19th Century I'm sorry the world's moved on Apparently women are equals Go figure Apparently People should be equal to each other People should each and every person Regardless of who they're born to their Last name the geography that they come From Should be the same But you know what we say it we put it in Documents but the people who wrote it Didn't mean it even in the founding of The United States

They always had in the back of their Mind well there's always an exception to The rule because that's what humans do It's great for us and our friends and Our family but that guy over there I Don't know that guy can't take care of Him and that's why you can't trust People with things like your rights That's why you can't trust institutions To always be moral and virtuous and That's the core of what we build as a System Is a different way of doing things where You don't have to trust There's something Transcendent about it We have this in life it's called physics No matter where you're born no matter Where you live no matter how rich you Are gravity applies to you the exact Same way you can't go and buy a Gravity certificate Okay so it's about time we create an Artificial laws of physics a social Physics and that's what blockchain is About it's to guarantee that our God-given rights are exactly the same Regardless of who we are where we come From our particular beliefs and opinions And a society should be built on these Foundations And that's why crypto will never die and That's why we must build a decentralized Government so if cardano can become that A new digital Global governance

Government what does that do to price This one was sort of harder to calculate Where I got 46 trillion well I just Looked up what is the market cap of the US and it sort of took me to the equity Markets the U.S Equity markets are the Largest in the world and continue to be Among the deepest most liquid and most Efficient representing 42.5 percent of The 108.6 trillion Global Equity market Cap in 2023 or 42 of that would put the U.S equities market around 46.2 trillion So not even Global but if 50 years from Now a hundred years from now cardano Network can become the size of the U.S Equity Market that would be around 46 Trillion That would be over 5 000 times bigger Compared to where we are today and Although this sort of growth is almost Unimaginable maybe it happens in 50 Years 100 years maybe it never happens But if it does that puts the price of One Ada at over 1 309 for me I personally believe in a Multi-chain future I think we'll see a Small handful not the over 10 000 coins We have today but a small handful of Cryptos truly make it in the end so if You're interested in learning every day About crypto click subscribe you do not Want to miss a daily video


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