Cardano Founder GOES OFF on Joe Biden’s Crypto Tax (Amazon BIG NEWS)

I'd rather be a crypto guy than a banker Right now really I'd rather be a crypto Guy than a banker right now before we Get to the big amazon news and Everything else going on in crypto let's Listen to the creator of cardano Charles Hoskinson on Fox Business talk about how Crypto is resilient banks are fragile And more and more people are realizing This Charles hoskinson Charles great to See you thanks very much for being here What's going on with crypto well the Markets are holding steady and stable I Mean overall we've been recovering since 2022 in the FTX crisis and it's going to Take a little bit more time for it to Clear out but I'd rather be a crypto guy Than a banker right now really are People losing interest in crypto crypto Is okay Banks not so much why tell me About the banks well first Republic yeah 2008 we had 373 billion dollars and uh Tied up assets I think we're over 540 Billion now just in the 2023 crisis We're just getting started I mean that Whole business model is falling apart When you give it a little bit of a push And then you you lose these institutions Like SG SBB and they get so politicized And they get so globalized and they kind Of get pushed into different philosophy So it's nice to be in crypto lab where Things are simple and pure and you can Just focus on building crypto is

Resilient US banks are fragile the only Potential issue is this regulation in America driving cryptocurrency offshore In this most recent case Biden proposes 30 percent climate change tax on Cryptocurrency mining they want attacks Crypto mining at 30 percent why probably Because of this a new report came out For Bitcoin specifically Bitcoin miners Have earned 50 billion from Bitcoin Block rewards I.E fees since 2010 there May have been some hard times but Overall estimates conclude that Bitcoin Miners are up 37 percent from their Activities raking in 50 billion dollars Charles what are we to to make of this Looming regulation the U.S is trying to Come up with a new framework of Regulation so we don't even know which Agency is going to be regulating is it The SEC is it is it another department Uh what do you think that's hard to say The United States has always had the Most fragmented and fractured regulatory System we have state Regulators we have Federal Regulators we have cftc the SEC The fincen exactly so many it's a word Salad of acronyms and and we live in This bizarre Schrodinger's cat where You're alive and dead at the same time You're a commodity and a security at the Same time sometimes a currency sometimes A loyalty point but you know that's just How things work here and it's okay

Because these are Global markets and so What's going to happen is we're just Going to have to focus abroad when There's uncertainty in the United States And that's the detriment of our national Security and our economy as a whole is That the reason that we've seen such Volatility for Bitcoin and crypto Because of the unknowns around Regulation or is it something else well It's also the macro economy I mean it's Hard to watch half a trillion dollars in Bank failures and all the macro Uncertainty with you know the Geopolitical issues China's emergence And not have some disruption in the Markets but yeah I believe that is a Contributing factor and it's mostly hurt Retail investors and it's a Self-inflicted wound let's not pretend Like we can't see all of these big Companies making moves moving into Crypto like Google like Visa like MasterCard to name a select few and Certainly if you follow us you know About many of them in this case and this Is just a rumor but we do have some Stuff to back this up Amazon nft Marketplace to launch this month and I Have the exact date enter the nft arena Rumors have it that Amazon's potential Game changer for newbie collectors and Blockchain integration is around the Corner Amazon is set to launch its nft

Marketplace May 15th if it does mark Your calendars details of an Amazon nft Marketplace first surfaced from block Works back in January stating the Platform form will focus on blockchain Gaming and Associated in-game nft Collectibles since then other outlets Have added to the details including Yahoo finance which mentioned linking Non-fungibles to physical products for Delivery and having 15 collections to Trade by the launch date Yahoo finance Also stated that Amazon accounts could Serve as nft wallets thus bypassing the Need for dedicated crypto wallets like Metamask if true this move signals a Focus on newbie collectors rather than Those already familiar with nfts and Crypto so if and when Amazon does this What will it be like well these are the Rumored details nfts could be paid for Using standard payment methods similar To any other Amazon purchase likewise as Mentioned above the nfts are stored in Users Amazon accounts quote you won't Need any technical know-how about the Blockchain or self-custody wallets just An Amazon account Amazon would also Launch its own private blockchain chain Which is interoperable with ethereum Avalanche and chain link with plans to Integrate more blockchains in the future The platform will launch in the US to Begin with and to be called Amazon

Digital Marketplace however an eventual Global rollout is expected this would be Huge for crypto comparing coinbase's 9 Million monthly active users to Amazon's Significantly larger almost 200 million Users not to mention a whole new fan Base for crypto LeBron James spotted in Ethereum nft shoes clone X nft holders Rejoice NBA legend LeBron James was seen Wearing rtfkt Nike sneakers that can Only be obtained via an ethereum nft LeBron James arguably the most famous Basketball star today was photographed Wearing special edition Nike sneakers That can only be purchased by minting an Ethereum nft created by Nike subsidiary Rtfkt James was seen way sharing the Rtfkt Nike Air Force One Genesis Sneakers on Tuesday ahead of the LA Lakers game 1 Victory against Golden State Warriors in the NBA Western Conference semi-finals sneakers for a King the photograph quickly went viral Amongst rtfkt nft holders and then the Company itself which was acquired by Nike in December 2021 they tweeted it Out with a zoomed in look at the shoes Really exciting that King James himself Is supporting this Nike subsidiary which Is basically the nft arm of Nike very Exciting Kathy Wood still bullish on Crypto she has calls for a one million Dollar Bitcoin by the end of the decade An equally huge price for ethereum at

The end of the decade and in this case Arc invest grabs another 8 million in Shares still bullish on coinbase Exchange by the way make sure you Subscribe to our channel daily videos Just like this keeping you informed on The entire cryptocurrency Market if You're interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos BNB chain and ethereum Leading the charge for active addresses In April BNB chain had over 10 million Active addresses in April ethereum had 4.9 million and overall many crypto Chains including layer twos are doing Great as far as active addresses and use Are concerned Avalanche holders you need To know about this the Avalanche Network To release 168 Million worth of avax tokens in a May unlock event what day do you need to Be prepared for this unlocking event is Scheduled for May 28th and it is Expected to release nearly 3 percent of The current 327 million avax tokens in circulation Worth over 168 million at current Valuations as reported by token unlocked We're going to keep you informed on this And other coins make sure you're Subscribed make sure you get your ticket It's for Bitcoin Miami coming up this Month use code altcoin daily 10 off U.S Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr

To speak at Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami He's running for president he's bullish On bitcoin I can't wait to see it see You tomorrow my friends


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