Capital One Venture X | Most Underrated Card of 2023

So the Capital One Venture X Card might Just be one of the most underrated Elite Travel credit cards where on paper they Have an annual fee of 395 dollars but What if I told you that this is one of The few credit cards where instead of Paying the banks a couple hundred bucks That you would be getting money from Them almost instantly well folks that's Right because the Capital One Venture X Has a 300 travel credit and unlike other Credit cards where you gotta jump Through loops and hoops this is actually One of the easiest credits to use so Just already we go from a 395 annual fee Down to 95 on top of that this card will Also give you 10 000 miles every card Anniversary or if we do 1.1 Cent Redemption that is a hundred dollars Back which means that Capital One would Actually be paying you five dollars and Signing up for this card after holding It for about one year so ladies and Gents I mean we really haven't talked Too much about Capital One before but After going through my own in-depth Analysis on some of the benefits that This provides this is something that you Really want to consider so in this video I'm gonna share with you exactly what The benefits of this card is we'll also Be going over who this card is best Meant for I'll share with you guys also Some downsides any disadvantages and

I'll also be telling you exactly what Credit score you may want to have in Order to get approved so to kick this Video off Capital One does things a Little bit different compared to some of The other top competitors within the Space so instead of using the term Points they actually use miles but just Keep in mind miles and points are Interchangeable they're about one point To one cent in their ratio so the Capital One Venture X is going to be Coming from a lineup of four different Cards and out of those four this is Gonna be the best one with the highest Annual fee but also some of the highest Benefits you can get on that list is Going to be the Venture One Rewards that Is meant for people who are just getting Started out within the credit card space You also have the Venture One Rewards That comes with no annual fee you get The Venture rewards that has a 75 000 Bonus mile welcome bonus incentive with A 95 annual fee and you'll also have What we're talking about in this video The Capital One Venture X which is what I would consider really the elite out of The bunch it's like if you have a group Of siblings this is the one that is just Like the Olympian the athlete the one That always seems to be doing very well In whatever they pursue with the Capital One Venture X Card you'll also find that

You can earn double miles on every Purchase and even more on every trip With 10x miles on hotels and rental cars Booked through Capital One travel you'll Get 5x miles on flights of book through Capital and travel and you'll get 2x Miles on all other purchases every day The welcome bonus for this card is going To be 75 000 miles after you spend four Thousand dollars on purchases within the First three months after opening your Account 75 000 miles is equivalent to One point to one cent at 750 there are Definitely instances even with Capital One though where you can find a much Higher Redemption I mentioned this Earlier you get a 10 000 mile Anniversary bonus which is equivalent to About a hundred dollars every single Year you'll be getting a 300 annual Travel credit which is very easy to use All you have to do is book through the Capital One travel portal where they all Also a lot of people don't know this They will price match with any other Website or any other portal that you Might find a better price on so if you Ever happen to travel and you want to Even just get a hotel night for maybe One or two nights and it adds up to 300 Or more that'd be free you'll be getting That money back right then and there not Only that but you also get a 100 Global Entry or TSA pre-check credit and

Towards the latter half of this video I'll share with you exactly when and how This credit would be most useful to you Either way if we do the math real quick 750 plus a hundred dollars plus the 300 Travel credit and the optional 100 Travel credit that would be the Equivalent to over one thousand two Hundred and fifty dollars not only that But this card actually has a plethora of Other useful benefits starting with the Capital One lounges which by the way Guys American Express recently had to Make a rule on their Centurion Lounge Because it was getting overcrowded too Many people service was going a little Bit down but I've just heard only great Things about the Capital One lounges how They're much more extensive and they're Much nicer and they stack well with Other lounge access cards I remember Even in my most recent travel that I had With my girlfriend these lounges they Were just way too overbooked the Centurion Lounge was almost unusable and It got me thinking if there were any Other Alternatives I would have taken it Now another benefit that most people Don't know about this card is that You'll actually be able to have at least Four authorized users and the huge Benefit of being able to do this is the Fact that if you have family members if You have parents like my first

Generation Korean immigrant parents you Know they're not really into the credit Card game but I want them to have the Benefits I could add them as an Authorized user to this credit card here And they will get the same benefits that I would in the lounge access and Priority passes not only that but this Credit card here also gives you Hertz President's Circle status let me tell You why this benefit here is huge if you Guys have ever gone to an airport as an Example recently I checked out Miami and That airport was crowded everyone's Trying to get a rental car but you'll Notice that there are actually two lines There's a regular line and there was a Hurt present in circle line the regular Line was like an hour long wait the President's Circle Line no one was in There he could have not only saved an Hour of your time but you could also Have the opportunity to get an even Better upgraded car it's things like This where I find so much gratitude in Just having credit cards because when You actually use the benefits and Realize it saves you time and money and You get upgrades is nice I'll just say It's very nice so this credit card is Going to give you Hertz president Circle Status and one of the most elite credit Card moves if you guys ever get into This space is that you can status match

So by having Hertz president Circle you Can tell another company hey I got President Circle over here can you get Me to your Elite Emerald status over There and they would gladly do that for The year of 2023 you would normally have To spend either four thousand dollars With Hertz or you would have to complete 20 different rentals in order to Actually get this status so the fact That you can get it free with a card That pays you five dollars a year Effectively it's kind of wild not only That within the topic of travel if you Guys have ever used turo I've used it Many times before I've used it to Actually rent a Lamborghini before I Remember this time last year in California where I really wanted to Drive a Lamborghini for the first time Ever in my life I used it on tour row Boy was it expensive would I ever do it Again if the bull market comes back Probably yes but during these times no With this credit card up until May 16 2023 you will actually be able to get 10x back if you decide to rent it using Turo Now ladies and gents before we Carry on with some of the other Additional benefits because yeah we are Not done there if you are interested at All in applying for this credit card Feel free to check out the link Down Below in the description or scan the QR

Code on your screen now like always by Doing this it really does support the Channel allows me to come out with more Informative videos like this it allows Me to raise the quality and the standard Of these videos and it costs nothing at All to you always make sure that your Offer is the most competitive but if you Guys do use those links thank you all so Much in advance the next benefit that we Need to talk about with this card is Actually the Capital One travel portal I Talked about this a little bit earlier On in the beginning of the video but a Lot of people neglect how great the Capital One travel portal is just Because many people end up not using These cards and they don't know that it Is easy to use and they have some better Perks than some of the other competitors Do I do need to mention one downside the Capital One travel portal doesn't have As many hotels as some of the other Competitors do but with that price match Option that they offer where pretty much If you see a hotel for 200 on their Website but then on the portal it's like 400 but you want to be able to take Advantage of that credit price match it Instantly they do it so very well it's Easy to use and on top of that you'll Have access to getting even more points By using this card keep in mind you're Getting 10x miles on hotels and rental

Cars booked through their portal so Literally I think it's hard for me to Even think of any credit card that's Going to offer you ten percent back on Booking these type of things so if a Hotel happens to be on their portal this Is a no-brainer at all I recently took a Day trip to the Georgetown area of Washington DC and I saw a huge coffee Shop and I looked on the sign and it's At Capital One Cafe just in case you Didn't know they're doing a crazy good Job right now expanding their territory Increasing the offerings that they have So lounges are getting nicer they're Having like different cafes and on top Of that they offer something called The Venture X Premiere collection which if You guys ever heard of the AmEx Hotel Collection is very similar in some of The benefits that you would get so as an Example if you ever book through the Capital One travel portal you'd be Getting those 10x miles but you'll also Be getting a hundred dollars experience Credit to use during your stay you'd be Getting free daily breakfast for two you Get complimentary Wi-Fi you also get a Room upgrade when available and you get Early check-in and late checkout Whenever I travel you will rarely ever See me book through a regular travel Portal or book Direct on that hotel's Website unless I own like the world of

High card which I do and I book directly On them and there's some type of Incentive or promotional benefit but 99 Of the time little travel hack here Always book through one of these portals Early check-in at 10 to 9 A.M it is so Amazing late checkout at three to four Pm it really does begin to make me just Enjoy traveling a lot more so that right There is a pretty quick rundown of some Of the benefits of this car at this Point I want to go over though who this Card is best meant for because it seems Like Capital One is a little bit harder To plug into most people's wallet setup As most you guys know we have the whole Chase Trifecta we have the mid game the Late game and I will say for this credit Card it would actually be best for Mid-game card holders and if you are Late to end game like I am you know After you get to a point where you have 15 credit cards I would consider that End game and this is a credit card that I'm still considering here heavily and That's because this is what I would call A zero dollar credit card zero dollar Credit card just means that it is free For me to hold so because of these Credits and because of how much they Offer in cashback rewards and that high Welcome bonus at the time of filming This video it makes it a no-brainer Other times people will choose to opt in

For like the Chase Staff I preferred or Even on the American Express side the Mid game card would be the American Express gold card but if you happen to Travel even more I feel like this car Just beats out most credit cards within The ranks if I were to do it again and They had this card with the same Benefits with what they had now I would Have applied for the Capital One Venture X Card first before moving forward with Some of the other higher tier cards Another reason why this is great for Late game or end game users is because When you get to some of the higher tier Luxury Premier travel credit cards the Chase Sapphire Reserve has an annual fee Of 550 the American Express Platinum Card has an annual fee of 695 dollars This card here is next on the list 395 Dollars and I would consider this a very Strong competitor to those cards so if I'm not traveling so much and I don't Know how much I'm going to travel this Year I think with the bear Market your Boy is going to be laid down in his home I'm paying a lot of Annual fees with Some of my primary travel cards if I Can't get full benefits from that what I'm probably going to do is downgrade my Platinum card or my business platinum Card because there's no need to be Paying over a thousand dollars every Single year to hold both of them and I

Would consider just getting this card it Really fills in that Gap where if I end Up not having the Chase Sapphire reserve And I don't have the AMX Platinum for a Single year this would be almost like The substitute but it would be a very Good plug for it now at this point you Might think this card is pretty amazing And I would agree with you there but There are a few downside too one of them Is the fact that you still would need a Higher credit score and another thing is That Capital One is also very inquiry Sensitive meaning if you have applied For a lot of credit cards before in the Past they may deny you for that overall Though if you can look past just a few Of those things and realize that this Card here is a very strong Contender it Is an underdog it is very underrated Within this space if you do the math for Yourself and realize the data points of People who hold this card that's still Up and holding it and realize this is Just a keeper I think this would fit in Most people's wallet so ladies and gents If you did enjoy this video let me know Down Below in the comment section if you Guys have any other questions about this Card please let me know too one last Thing if you guys do want to join my Credit card group this is where other People just like you have joined it's a Facebook Community I created a while ago

We got 30 000 Plus members in there be Sure to check out the link Down Below in The description you'll have access to my Newsletter as well for the best credit Card offers and Deals including any type Of other travel plans or some type of Crazy stuff that I'm seeing within the Market and if you guys are also Interested as well in applying for this Credit card be sure to check out that Link Down Below in the description or Scan wherever it's going to be the QR Code on your screen if you're watching This on your laptop or your TV Now Ladies and gents if you haven't done so Already be sure to subscribe to this Channel as well I'd love to hit you guys With some more Banger credit card videos And like always if you guys haven't Followed me on Twitter and on Instagram If you want to do that as well shoot me A follow there too in the meantime thank You all so much again for watching and Until next time peace out


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