Can The Light Phone solve phone addiction? | TechCrunch Minute

While apple is busy turning our iPhones Into our AI overlords light is here to Save us from our Tech Addiction with the Light phone 3 a phone That's the digital equivalent of a juice Cleanse that's right light is saying Less is more and this time they've Slapped an OLED screen on it now picture This a phone devoid of social media Internet and email it's like going back To the Stone Age but with a fancy screen No wonder the battery life is so good There's nothing to waste it on this Minimalist Marvel comes with a larger OLED display and an NFC chip for future Payment tools because who doesn't love a Good mystery feature and a camera yes a Camera you can now document your offline Life in all of its black and white Glory The light team assures us that the new Light phone 3 is easier to text on and Feels like a vintage Blackberry got a Sleek modern makeover the AMOLED screen Only lights up the white pixels so you Can pretend you're still using an e in Display it's all about that minimalist Aesthetic baby the lightone 3 keeps the Essentials like Maps text calls and a Simple music play But it kicks social media and the Internet to the curb the device is Targeting 25 to 40y olds who want a Primary phone that doesn't suck their Soul out and a light phone 3 also

Appeals to privacy Buffs the company Promises your data is not getting Auctioned off to Tech Giants every time You use the GPS sweet relief you have to Brace yourself though it cost 800 bucks That might feel like a steep price for Minimalism and you can pick up an Android phone and delete all the apps For less than that but early birds can Pre-order it for $400 today so if you're Tired of the Endless notifications and You just want a phone that's more about Mindfulness than mindlessness the Light Phone 3 may be just your digital detox Ticket oh and finally if you're bored of My face don't worry Amanda is back with A tech crunch minute tomorrow see you Soon


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