Buying the Dip: Top 5 Altcoins for 2024

I wouldn't be surprised by ,000 salon at The end of the cycle for ethereum uh That would potentially put us all the Way out towards you know 14,000 bucks if You're bullish on ethereum and you need To be more bullish on L too in this Video we dive into five tokens that we Think could form a solid altcoin Portfolio for 2024 in our selection we Focused on what we believe are the most Promising crypto sectors in 2024 if you Want to build an altcoin portfolio but Have no idea where to start or you don't Want to miss out on the next altcoin Season this is a video that you cannot Miss before we get into it I want to Stress that this video is made for Educational purposes and does not Constitute Financial advice I also want To disclose that I own some of the coins Covered in this video before we dive in I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming Return of block show the leading event In the crypto and blockchain Industry This time it's teaming up with block Down a Pioneer in the web 3 conference Scene get ready to join us in Hong Kong For this crypto celebration from May 8 To 9 don't miss out click the link in The description to learn more about this Event and remember early birth tickets Are limited I'm joavan your host let's Get Started while Bitcoin is the king of

Crypto ethereum claims the throne in the Realm of altcoins no altcoin portfolio Is complete without some e here is why At the time of recording ethereum boasts The largest blockchain in terms of tvl Or total value locked with over $49 Billion tvl is crucial as it reflects The trust of developers and investors in The platform the money regardless of What happens in these other chains the Money is on ethereum it seems to be the Most secure and trusted and safest uh in The perception of people who are Participating in defi one of the main Drivers of this dominance is the Narrative around the potential approval Of an ethereum ETF this approval would Be Monumental for ethereum as an ETF Would lead to a massive inflow of Institutional Capital into the ecosystem I wouldn't be surprised by $220,000 Ethereum a four or 5x is nothing in a Real bull market for any of these large Cap tokens another bullish Catalyst for Ethereum is the denune upgrade this Upgrade promises substantial Improvements to ethereum scalability Through Layer Two scaling Solutions We'll talk about those shortly also for More insights on Danon check out our Latest dedicated interview the link is In the description ethereum's current Bull market is unique since it is the First one occurring after the protocols

Transition to a proof of stake system Stakers have been ripping eels by Staking eth on chain the amount of Stak Eth has recently reached an all-time High of around 25% of the overall Supply This reduction in circulating eth Theoretically boats well for Prices over here we we can see that the Probabilistic ranges on the weekly as Far as basically Q4 goes that's Essentially 6 to 8 months out uh Starting with September brings us all The way up to at the 50% level uh about 10,000 bucks um so we essentially expect What that means is that we essentially Expect a 50% probability of price to be Somewhere in this range here by that Date end of year um you know December That puts uh the 50% Range High around 177,000 bucks 618 level will be 22,000 Again getting really crazy there and 786 Much higher than that not saying things Are going to get there but as you can See we can actually generate Probabilities as to how likely those Things [Music] Are we'll also go over um what if Present would indicate that these Projections are going to fall flat and You're going to see something uh Something else happen for ethereum that Same number would be 2200 uh kind of far away for for right

Now in fact i' even said you could Probably move that up to 2500 although That's not a not a major difference to Begin with it's essential to acknowledge That ethereum is not flowless despite Numerous upgrades it grapples with two Persistent issues high gas fees and slow Transaction throughput as a result an Increasing number of transactions on Ethereum are being processed via Layer Two scaling Solutions this is both a Necessary step to address scalability Issues and a potential bearish Catalyst For its prices whenever you uh do a Transaction on Layer Two you aggregate a Bunch of transactions so it's much lower Cost hence a much lower demand for Ethereum coin demand for ethereum Doesn't increase unless the defi Activity surge by 20 times which I don't Think it's going to happen over the next Six months that is why you may want to Consider including Layer Two tokens in Your crypto portfolio and that is the Topic of the next Section If you're bullish on ethereum you need To be more bullish on layer 2 yes one of The hottest crypto sectors in 2024 is Layer 2 scaling Solutions these are Protocols that aim to solve ethereum's Scalability issues by providing fast and Affordable transactions a good example Is optimism a blue chip layer to

Solution for the ethereum blockchain its Secret source is called optimistic Rollups as essentially an optimistic Rollup is a blockchain that pigb backs Its Security on another parent chain in This case ethereum that means Transactions are recorded in a trustless Manner on optimism and later secured on The ethereum blockchain this guarantees Faster and cheaper transactions while Maintaining the high security of Ethereum's base layer why are they Called optimistic because every Transaction is considered to be honest By default until it gets challenged by a Validator The optimism protocol is governed by a Da a decentralized autonomous Organization called the optimism Collective the op token is used by Holders to vote on governance issues Optimism was launched in mid 2022 and it Start wasn't great the tokens price Crashed by over 80% at launch due to a Poorly conducted airdrop but since then The situation has changed dramatically Optimism currently supports hundreds of Decentralized apps including Blue Chips Such as Unis swap Sushi swaps and 1 in Last year coinbase the largest crypto Exchange in the US launched Bas its Layer 2 blockchain using optimism Technology however optimism's most Ambitious plan is building this super

Chain project a network connecting Layer Two blockchains that share the same Development stack bridging communication Layer and security basically the Ultimate scaling solution for ethereum Last year optimis made an important step Forward in the direction by completing The Bedrock hard Fork which reduced Transaction fees by 40% and deposit Confirmation time from 10 minutes to Less than 1 minute OB and arbitrum seem To be the leadership right now in terms Of volumes and deposits tvl and history Has shown us that to beat those leaders It takes a long time now let's talk About some downsides the main one one is That optimism faces harsh competition From other similar layer 2 Solutions Examples are arbitrum which also uses a Variation of optimistic rollups or Polygon which is based on ZK rollups a Privacy Focus technology I would expect A lot of ethereum layer twos to Outperform ethereum when ethereum starts To perform well it's almost like a Leverage play on trading ethereum so if You decide to invest in optimism Remember to keep an eye on the Competition as Well For Optimism um I really don't think that we Can go that far out here to be honest With you uh basically beginning to May

50% level would be 7 and A2 bucks 618 Level would be 8 and 1 12 bucks 786 Level would be 10 [Music] Bucks for optimism that would be below Three and a half let's call below three And a half bucks um sorry make that $3 $3 that's where things start to fall Apart [Music] The latest bare Market Expos the Fragility of centralized exchanges major CI platforms such as FTX or Celsius Turned out to be fraudulent that's why a Crucial sector to keep an eye on in 2024 Is defi particularly dex's decentralized Exchanges one of the biggest players in The field is unis swap Unis swap is a Decentralized Exchange a protocol that Uses an automated Market maker to allow Users to exchange tokens in a Permissionless decentralized manner Launched in 2018 uniswap operates on the Ethereum blockchain it is the largest Decentralized Exchange in terms of Volumes active users and liquidity High Liquidity is crucial for a seamless Trading experience it reduces price LePage improves order executions and Enhance overall Market stability un swap Has a very solid track record when it Comes to security unlike many other defi Platforms it has never been hacked so What are the bullish catalysts for UNIS

Swap this year the Unis swap Foundation Recently introduced a proposal According To which protocol fees will be Distributed among those holders of the Uni token who participated in staking Moreover the fourth version of Unis swap Is scheduled to be released in Q3 of This year that could be an additional Bullish Catalyst for the price of uni With without delving too deeply into the Technicalities of the upgrade it is Supposed to make the platform more Efficient and less costly for liquidity Providers if you're bullish on Decentralized exchanges you should also Keep an eye on curve and 1 inch however Investors should be careful of the Regulatory risks around Unis swap like Other dexes Unis swap does not offer kyc Procedures and Regulators could Theoretically Target it impacting the Token's price that means if you decide To invest in Unis swap make sure you Keep up to date with the developments of Global defi Regulation I would say that this one's Very likely to retest this alltime highs Um probably make new highs into end of Year um assuming that you know the Overall Market stays [Music] Strong for UNIS swap that would be below 4 and a half or sorry not four and a Half but five and a

Half Besides layer twos a balanced altcoin Portfolio should also include Alternative layer ones these are Protocols that are directly competing With ethereum perhaps the most prominent One is Solana often dbed the ethereum Killer Solana was the rising star of the Last bull market it went from a market Cap of zero in March 2020 to about 55 Billion in January 2022 but that Impressive rise was followed by an Equally dramatic collapse when the Market went down its price reached Record lows after the collapse of the Crypto exchange FTX which was the second Largest holder of the token Solana has Been recovering spectacularly since then Rising by around 500% in the last year It is currently the fifth cryptocurrency In terms of total value locked however Solana is still criticized for its Excessive centralization as you can see In the chart a large number of sold Tokens were distributed at its launch to VC investors as you probably know the More centralized the crypto token is the Higher the risks for regular investors Moreover Solana has experienced outages That paralyze the network from time to Time causing the token's price to tank However the impact of these outages on Prices has been gradually going down the Latest one back in February went almost

Unnoticed one could say Solana is not Reliable as e and that is true but the Price impact was minimal so investors Are saying I don't really care for any Of that it's a combination of hype right We get all the speculation all the meme Coins but I also think there really is a Fundamental reason that's that people Just find it easier to use so it seems That from the Market's perspective Solana's downsides are compensated by Its main value proposition which is high Transaction speed 655,000 transactions Per second that is 4,000 times faster Than ethereum more improvements are Underway for Solana this year the Solana Foundation will launch fire dancer an Upgrade that aims at fixing the outage Problem and making Solana even faster I Don't recall any other chain that did to Billion dollars of transaction on a Single day apart from Solana it could go Up 50% over the next six months I would Expect that salana will continue to rise I wouldn't be surprised by $1,000 salana At the end of the cycle for example so Here is a long-term prediction according To a bullish report by Vanek Solana Could go up over 10,000% by 2030 due to Its potential to capture some of the Market share of ethereum if you believe In The Narrative of alternative layer Ones you should also have a look at Solana's competitors like poad do

Cardano and algorand to conclude Excessive centralization and power Outages should be reasons for caution When investing in Solana at least at the Moment though the Market doesn't seem to Care and believe in the bright future of The ethereum Killer this is really representative of Very volatile asset I'll say this skew Here um but September 50% Range High Would be 700 or around six sorry make That like 650 um the 618 level will be Another uh 150 above that at just below 900 and above there you got 1,200 at the 786 level again I think it's quite Unlikely um moving on until the end of The year basically the last day of 2024 50% Range High would be uh just under [Music] 19900 what if present would negate this So for salana um pretty easily below $100 below $100 something else is going On you cannot trust these probabilities Going Forwards And finally one of the hottest Narratives of early 2024 is at the Intersection of AI and crypto the main Narrative is that crypto has an Important role to play in the booming AI Sector proponents of this narrative say That blockchain can make AI Decentralized preventing large Tech Giants from monopolizing this

Revolutionary technology one of the Pioneers and most prominent projects in The sector is singularity net Singularity net is a platform that aims At democratizing access to AI Services Developers can publish their AI services On the singularity net blockchain making Them available to anyone who wants to Use them Singularity net envisions a Decentralized AI Network the platform's Native token agx is used as a currency To pay for those Services Singularity Net recently entered a partnership with Cardano one of the most prominent Competitors of ethereum the team behind Singularity Nets is perhaps its Strongest point Ben gzel the co-founder Of the project is a true Guru in the AI Space he's one of the main theorists Behind AGI or artificial general Intelligence a type of artificial Intelligence that can perform any human Task the risk is that in the short term The hype and buds become larger than Actual substance keep in mind that Crypto AI is a very nent sector and There are no real use cases that have Found widespread adoption 99% of the Tokens that are launch claiming to be AI Tokens are scams so prefer something That has at least one year track record In trading so if you believe in the AI Crypto narrative then Singularity net is One of the projects you should keep an

Eye on other prominent AI crypto Projects you may want to keep an eye on Are degraph and W coin but be careful of Short-term price Volatility going into kind of uh end of End of April beginning of may you know Maybe extend this move up to two 2 and 1 Half bucks um assuming that the uh the Overall cycle continues just like Unis Swap this one has reversed the macro Trend into an uptrend um freshly with The last couple [Music] Months that would be below about about 45 to 50 cents that was it Guys these Were five picks that in our view could Form the backbone of a strong altcoin Portfolio for 2024 don't forget the Golden Rule do your own research and Diversify keep an eye on the main Narratives then pinpoint the most solid Projects within each sector once you've Got your altcoins make sure to spread Your Capital wisely among them hopefully Now you have a better idea of how to Build a strong altcoin portfolio and Take the most out from the next altcoin Season if you enjoy this video consider Leaving a like And subscribe to our Channel I'm joavan your host see you Next Time [Music] N


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