Buying Crypto in 2024 – Should you WAIT Until After the Crash?

Bitcoin has just broke $60,000 for the First time in over 2 years in fact the Last time Bitcoin traded at these levels Was in November of 2021 shortly after it Reached its all-time high and with Bitcoin at the $60,000 level today Compared to bitcoin at the $60,000 level Near all-time highs is this time Sustainable has anything changed should We be confident that this is going to be Sustained this time around what's Different now compared to years ago Historically the the way that this has Evolved is that net new buyers Drive uh More adoption and and Market cycles and I think the question to ask is who are The net new buyers in this cycle and the Net new buyers is the Global Financial System which is a very very big group of Net new buyers the Bitcoin ETF is just Um an initial offering that allows the Global Financial system to have Basically investment rails payment rails Ways to put Capital towards Cryptocurrency and towards Bitcoin Within structures that they find Comfortable for them and normal and Something that they can do from a risk Point of view so I I think if you look At the total net New Market that's Opening up through things like ETFs and You do the basic arithmetic on that then Even within certain conservative Estimates uh you can see that there's

Still a lot more value that can flow Into not only Bitcoin ETFs but other Cryptocurrency ETFs and in my opinion That's really just the beginning Because the next stage is then asset Tokenization where Banks see all these Inflows into ETFs and then they make Assets to compete with the ETFs or to Get some of that Capital so the largest Asset manager in the world continues to Aggressively buy Bitcoin Black Rock Bitcoin ETF shatters inflow and volume Records Holdings now exceed 141,000 Bitcoin and they're not stopping in fact This is the second consecutive Record-breaking day with over 1.3 Billion in trading volume and black rock Is not the only Bitcoin ETF issuer in Fact all nine spot Bitcoin ETFs see over $2 billion in volume for the second Straight day yes I would say that's a Watershed moment where the top uh asset Managers in the world the biggest asset Manager many of the other large asset Managers have gotten to a level of Comfort with the asset and the legal Dynamics around the asset that they're Willing to put out very structured uh Financial products that's definitely a Watershed moment that if you talk to People about 5 years ago even I think They would have very serious doubts About that possibility and that Watershed moment is basically a way for

A very large Market to access Cryptocurrency and the size of that Market I think isn't fully understood by Even um you know the average consumer or Even some of the other institutions I Think it's really quite a massive market Now subscribers of altcoin daily were Ready for this we literally shared with You the potential of Bitcoin like here Like here like here and even here before Black Rock announced like seriously you Can go down to our most popular videos And see over 10 months ago we shared With you Black Rock CEO Larry fin Secretly investing again 10 months ago Was right around here if you've Subscribed to altcoin daily you continue To do well but now that we've breached 60k and appears we're pushing higher What's next there is another trend of Real world asset token Co-founder of chain link Sergey nazro Explains how big this moment is and how Crypto is not stopping where Banks uh Are basically going to do another wave Of securitization but now it's going to Be called tokenization and the massive Amount of things that can be tokenized Extends from their Core Business of Money market funds interest bearing Assets to the more cuttingedge things Like carbon credits real estate private Equity tokenization so really uh I think The offering of already existing

Cryptocurrency products in a legally Compliant rapper is meeting current Client demand because they understand What cryptocurrency is and the next Stage is not for asset managers and Banks to Simply repackage existing Cryptocurrencies but to make their own Tokens so while Bitcoin is running now In a bull market altcoins are next and Haters in general are in disbelief it's Depressing I I don't want what has Bitcoin ever done Do you are you everit own a Bitcoin Phone WatchON come here I need you I Mean What well coming up United heare is uh Apparently and altcoins the altcoin Market capitalization is still lagging Behind that's usually what happens when Strength is surrounded by Bitcoin alone However once Bitcoin is going to Stabilize it seems likely will have a Potential 2x on altcoins to come wow a 2X would be incredible that would put Solana at over 200 cardano at over a120 And chain link and polka dot at over $40 And over $20 is this possible comment Down below Solana eyes $600 Target in Upcoming crypto surge because in recent Quarters Solana's increasing onchain Activity points to a strong underlying Demand for soul tokens obviously price Could do anything but with increased Onchain fundamentals do Solana's

Fundamentals support bullish sole Predictions well tvl is on an uptrend The most we've seen since the beginning End of 2022 when the bare Market started And looking at Solana's Network usage The Network's average daily fee payers During Q4 of 2023 surged 103% in the Same period its average daily decks Volume Rose almost 1,000% with also a 39% increase in average daily nft volume News today in the ethereum L2 ecosystem Cody has announced their devet as well As growth fund just as a reminder Cody V2 powered by garbled circuits Introduces a 1,000 times faster and 250 Times lighter privacy solution that can Be operated on any device so they're Aiming to be the dominant eth l too and The news today is the Cody foundation Will bolster the growth of the Cod Ecosystem using its substantial Development Fund the first step will Start with the upcoming developer Network devnet to be launched in early Q2 this year so to incentivize Developers to come to Cody and along With their upcoming grant program will Allow developers to experiment and build With the technology and be rewarded for Their contributions and again they're Using the same programming language as Ethereum using the familiar smart Contract language solidity developers Can bring privacy to existing

Applications or innovate by creating Brand new use cases for the ecosystem Another piece of news comes out of the Do your own research decks or Dior decks We are advising for this project a basic Way to think of this would be a much Easier to use Dex tools obviously Dex Tools is very popular it's just not Ideal for average people Kind of complicated I loved this clip on How user friendly it is how user Friendly is it because sometimes these Things are so complicated that you just Get so frustrated you're like I don't Want to deal with this yeah our Graphics Designer actually works for Adobe we Want the Apple feel of crypto right While it may be less technical it is Easier for the general person to use and Understand the uiux and that's really Our goal is to be the most Technical and Performance can actually make it how you Want to be able to see it right if You're looking at transaction history You can turn on like oh I want to see What the price is but you can add in Like okay what is the market cap change Between these two trades what's you know My hold what's the holder count Difference what does this mean in terms Of you know X Y and Z I mean you're Going to be able to completely customize Dozens of settings for every different Feature set that we release my name's

Austin if you're wondering should I buy Cryptocurrency today or wait for a Bigger crash understand nobody can see The future Bitcoin has already crashed $3,000 compared to 63,000 where it hit Earlier today and of course we've seen Crashes along the way dollar cost Average is always the best way to go but My name's Austin click subscribe see you


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