Buying Bitcoin Today Will Change Your Life (Mini Documentary)

I talk to a lot of Bitcoin Traders and And folks that seem to have a very good Pulse and touch on this Market I don't Say that I I do because I don't really Look at it every day but they seem to Think that this thing is on a death March to 100K Bitcoin just hit $70,000 for the first time ever we're Going to get to a Tipping Point where Everybody really talks about this we are Now consolidating near all-time highs I Still don't think we're there yet I Think we're just at the beginning but When you see inflows into these ETFs Che Out it's like a very big deal and Bitcoin's demand right now is undeniable Bitcoin is just driven by supply and Demand there's only going to be 21 Million of them the more people that buy And the fewer people that sell that Means the price is going to go up that's Just the nature of it it it's a great Store of value that's why I have an Investment in it you know because I do Feel that the demand is going to um Exceed the number of people selling and The rising tide of Bitcoin tends to Raise All Ships like now the other thing I'll say is that it's not just Bitcoin But as goes Bitcoin there are a handful Of other things people are now Speculating that there's going to be an Ethereum ETF even altcoin Founders like Cardano founder Charles hoskinson admits

The time is now so another thing uh Which I think will benefit the cardano Ecosystem as a whole is the effort to Get cardono native assets listed on Exchanges you know U the time has come For that and one of the things we're Going to try to do with the foundation Is work with the community and intersect To get a coalition together and just go And cram it down the throats of the Exchanges and say come on guys stop around now the Bitcoin ETFs Today now have over $50 billion in Assets under management this is really Unprecedented chali to see this much Money poured into new ETFs the ETF Industry has really never seen 10 funds Launch all at the same time with a Identical strategy and it hasn't even Been 3 months and we're already seeing About $9.4 billion of net inflows Heavily respected investor Rick Edelman Is anticipating $150 billion of net Inflows this is from about a week and a Half ago I'm anticipating that by the Time we get to the end of 2025 we're Talking 2 years we're going to see total Inflows of more than $150 billion we're Only at five right now and what is what Is going to propel that's a big claim That's a big number what's going to Propel that it really isn't all that big When you do the simple arithmetic Individual investment advisers

Independents those that are operating Their own firms collectively manage Around $8 trillion in assets and three4 Of them in every industry survey done by Dak FP as well as by bitwise all show That 3ars of advisers say that they're Going to allocate to these ETFs and that Their average allocation is going to be About 2 and 1.2% of assets do the Arithmetic $8 trillion time 77% * 2 1/2% Is $150 billion wor the flows and that's Just in independent advisors it excludes The wirehouses it excludes the regional Broker dealers it excludes the Institutional Investor and these are the Conversations happening all over the Country in boardrooms family offices Kitchen tables speaking about why Bitcoin Bitcoin freedberg is incredibly Resilient just on a technological basis The fact that it hasn't broken down Under stress it hasn't had you know a Denial of service type of Attack or a government hasn't been able To capture 51% of the mining or or some Great amount of it or just even be Hacked in any way you have to be Impressed by the the fundamental Technology here at freeberg maybe you Could speak to that level of success That this thing is so stable and Trustworthy and reliable to date and Looking at the latest data on chain from Glass node as we stand today the Bitcoin

Short-term holder cost basis is just Under $50,000 and that means putting it Differently on average investors that Bought Bitcoin within the last fiveish Months are up around 37.5% on their Investment when looking at the current Price 68,000 and they'll always be Profit taking meaning if the average Cost basis for new buyers in the last Fiveish months is around here low $50,000 yes they'll be profit taking That's why we're seeing that bullish Consolidation but more and more Institutional investors are realizing Bitcoin is the only asset where Supply Is unaffected by demand so Bitcoin is The only economic entity where Supply is Unaffected by the demand so even with Gold if gold which is $1,800 today if Gold goes to $18,000 there will be a lot more gold Mined because mins that are unprofitable Will become profitable only 21 million Bitcoin can ever be created or close to It it doesn't matter if Bitcoin is 100,000 or or 20 million there's only Going to be that many of them all you Have to really believe is that the Demand for Bitcoin will grow faster than 1 and a half% you know over the next Number of years and the price inexorably Will go up now those who subscribe to Altcoin daily have been ready for this

We've literally been sharing with you The potential of crypto for years but Ever since Black Rock announced mid last Year that they were jumping in the price Of Bitcoin has ran up so far so fast Most investors still haven't bought yet Or are at least under allocated still And again looking at the data I think We're gearing up for an epic bull market In Bitcoin just like in the most Aggressive Cycles in the past 2012 2015 We are seeing very minimal price draw Downs in other words Supply is low and Dips are getting bought a aggressively When will Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions admit they were wrong on Bitcoin and the Dave Ramsey Show which Boasts over 18 million combined weekly Listeners are walking things back a Little I don't think this is a right or Wrong thing and our stance on crypto and Bitcoin uh has not changed and it's not Out of sheer grit it's that we were Never angry at Bitcoin the problem is People cashed out their retirement Accounts betting on a coin and if you Ask anyone who actually knows about Crypto they'll tell you oh it's not Investment it's it's speculation this is Speculating this is betting it's not That dissimilar to gambling and Vegas And there's been many segments on crypto Over the years but this all started back In February of 2014 where don't you wish

Back in 2014 somebody actually took the Time to educate you on bitcoin and I Know intelligent people who while They're intelligent are not wise that Have put a bunch of money in Bitcoin but it's a really good way to Turn a million dollars into Nothing to play in unstable currencies That there and here's what you have let Me tell you what Bitcoin is it it's Www it's the Wild Wild West you're back To the Western banking System because all of the sudden one of These computer nerds just flips a switch The whole freaking thing's gone and I Like Dave Ramsey he puts out great Fundamental Financial education for the Masses but don't confuse Bitcoin on the Speculative altcoin game most altcoins Are like gambling but owning zero Bitcoin is a mistake be sure to click Subscribe for a daily video keeping you Informed about crypto and by the way Crypto exchange bybit is giving away $1,000 in a contest only if you're a Member of altcoin daily campaign is March 9th through the 15th so only one Week and as you know bybit in general is An exchange partner with altcoin daily Use code altcoin daily and get access to Rewards well just in the next week Complete three steps to be entered to Win $11,000 there's a link to this form Down below to use more or also this QR

Code in the corner and if you're asking What's the catch to any of this just Know in a bull market exchanges are Trying to get your business and you can Take advantage so again QR code or link Down below like always C


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