Buy Solana or Cardano? BlackRock Ethereum ETF Coming? Best Crypto to Invest in?

What's interesting is that ethereum ETF Could even be more compelling for a lot Of investors than a Bitcoin ETF it's More like holding Apple stock or Something like that because you get that Dividend payment and massive exposure to Massive Innovation right across the Crypto space is Solana more likely to Succeed than cardano what do you think [Music] Spicy spicy it's a controversial Question I love it a few things that I've been looking at allocating to Um one of the big ones recently I built A big position Do you think ethereum will outperform Bitcoin this coming cycle Yeah 100 as it has in previous Cycles Now there will be a time especially when Bitcoin ETFs get approved that everybody Will say it's only Bitcoin baby nothing Else Bitcoin maximalists will come Crawling out of the woodwork everyone's Wrong ethereum is going to go to zero Blah blah blah blah all the stuff we've Heard before there are times and seasons For different assets and there will be a Bitcoin ETF and it'll pump Bitcoin like Crazy Bitcoin dominance will rally super Hard all the money you'll chase after That and then ethereum ETFs will be Approved spot ETFs not Futures ETS Future ztfs are garbage spot ETFs are The real deal and then ethereum will be

The new paradigm of money and then the Market will start taking off more Broadly But I just think you have to look at the Reality that ethereum will outperform Bitcoin on a total percentage basis so If you were to invest ten thousand Dollars in Bitcoin and ten thousand Dollars into ethereum The ethereum I believe will give you Higher gains by the end of the cycle now How much higher gains it's probably not Going to be super significant it's not Like ethereum is going to 50x and Bitcoins only got a 5x it's more like Bitcoin or 5x and ethereum was 7x Something like that so we'll outperform It it's not going to be super dramatic Out performance so that's something I Need to highlight here but there's so Many things working in the favor of Ethereum outperformance bitcoin's got The Bitcoin ETFs Bitcoin has the having All very exciting Ethereum has ultrasound money massive Deflation huge amounts of ethereum being Locked up in the staking contract it's Like 28 million coins right now it's an Over two year weight to get out of the Staking contract so that's a massive Supply lock Demand Rising all the time for ethereum Layer 2 networks such as sucky more eth Off of exchanges ethereum exchange

Balances at a five year low down well Over 50 percent in the last couple years Down to about 14 million coins there's Now twice as many coins in the staking Contract you're locked up for like you Know a long time a long time yeah that Execute versus what's on exchanges so Ethereum's got the moon math behind it Without a doubt plus more use cases Obviously than Bitcoin Yeah dude I I know what you're saying Dude um before we talk more about the Ethereum ETF let's just you know Bitcoin ETF is coming that seems very likely Perhaps by the time somebody's watching This video in the future it's already Happened so could you just like for People who don't don't understand how Big a deal a spot Bitcoin ETF would be a BlackRock ETF like can you just explain Why that is a big deal Absolutely so there's a lot of money on The sidelines right now of the Cryptocurrency industry that does not Want to buy coins directly they don't Want to buy a coin they don't want to Put it on their Ledger they want to be Able to buy a regulated product from Their brokerage account put it into Their Ira or whatever it might be There's a lot of funds out there that Want to take spot Bitcoin and put it Into their ETF funds and stuff like that Diversified baskets of different assets

There's so much money that can come into The market once we have clear regulation And we have a clear regulated product Which is the Bitcoin ETF now we've seen Bitcoin ETFs be very popular in overseas Markets can't Canada's Bitcoin ETF when It came I think we saw about 30 40 000 Bitcoin sucked up off the Markets Canada Only accounts for two percent of global Equity markets A U.S Bitcoin ETF is massive because the United States stock market accounts for Between 50 and 54 depending on the day Of total Equity markets globally so Seeing a Bitcoin ETF approved there it's Been estimated to bring between 20 to 30 Billion dollars of buy side pressure as All these funds race to buy a Bitcoin to Put another Bitcoin ETF products which Sucks more Bitcoin off of spot exchanges We're talking a few hundred thousand Bitcoin at least At least potentially more 30 billion Dollars at the current price buys about Half of all the Bitcoin currently Sitting on exchanges and of course you Can't just buy half all Bitcoins Certainly sitting on Exchange without Seeing the price spike up massively and Half that Bitcoin sitting on exchanges May not even be for sale it might be Just sitting there because people are Too lazy to take off coinbase or Whatever so they're storing it there

So the potential here is absolutely Massive people want a regulated product People when asking for a regulated Product for a long time and the SEC has Not been protecting investors by Refusing to give them a regulated Product forcing them into you know Shady Offshore exchanges and all this stuff Has not been a great strategy to protect American investors And then after BlackRock Bitcoin spot ETF How likely do you think in a BlackRock ethereum spot ETF would be I think it's almost guaranteed that It'll come within Probably within a few months after the Bitcoin ETF launches we saw that in Canada first Canada got their Bitcoin ETFs approved we saw a few different Bitcoin ETF filings they were all Approved in a very short amount of time They all came out a short amount of time With each other and then about a month Later approximately maybe six weeks Later we got an ethereum spot ETF that Will be really interesting is if we see Ethereum spot ETFs come out which I am Very certain that they will after we get A Bitcoin ETF approval the SEC has of Course been getting their butt kicked All over town but one thing that they Basically have admitted is that ethereum Is not a Security even though they don't Necessarily always want to say that

There's of course the famous seat of Gary guns are being asked about it uh But I think we'll see an ethereum ETF And what's interesting is that an Ethereum ETF could even be more Compelling for a lot of investors than a Bitcoin ETF because the Bitcoin ETF is Like holding a gold ETF which is cool And ethereum ETF is like exactly it's More like holding Apple stock or Something like that because you get that Dividend payment and massive exposure to Massive Innovation right across crypto Space if your bullish on Layer Two is if You're bullish on nfts if you're bullish On stable coin payments if you're Bullish on crypto gaming if you're Publish on any of that stuff you buy an Ethereum ETF because that's going to do Exposure to all of it Plus a dividend yield How likely do you think it is that Ethereum hits 10K is that like just uh Somebody's imagination or you think That's likely I think it's relatively likely this um This time especially if again if we go From a market cap last time we had three Trillion if we go to a market cap of Like six trillion dollars so just double The previous one so uh last cycle in 2017 we got around a trillion Um in 2021 we got up to 3 trillion let's Assume diminishing returns we only go

Double next time it's up to six trillion Dollars That has an outsized effect on the price Of assets and we're talking about Peak Peak market prices here right not to say That ethereum is going to go up to 10K And just stay there forever you know Ethereum might be if it gets to 10K it Might go even beyond that at the peak Price you might see 12 13 14k for Example as a peak market price Not crazy especially if we if we assume That ethereum will slightly outperform Bitcoin right so if ethereum if Bitcoin Goes to 150k which I think that it can That's approximately a 6X from here so If ethereum goes 6X or slightly more 8X What are we looking at we're looking at 1314k Price Tag again Peak prices right So we're talking about Peak market Prices the prices might only be there For a few hours a few days maybe a week Or two Before of course we see Corrections Coming to the market so you got to Remember that these big price tag Prediction numbers they sound super Exciting but almost nobody will sell at That point and we run out of buyers at That point because the price starts Getting too high all this kind of stuff So you don't have to sell the peak right Look for other indicators besides you Know some influencer or content creator

Or whoever else media giving you price Predictions look for the market factors To sell versus an arbitrary number Let's talk about some alts is Solana More likely to succeed than cardano what Do you think Spicy spicy it's a controversial Question I love it You know cardano has been this absolute Slow Burn for years and You know I stole my cardano a couple Years ago great Prophets Like 50 x props can't complain about That right but Um I feel like they've been almost too slow In the market we've seen for example I Know it's really exciting we've seen What 300 uh total value locked growth on Cardano this year and that's a great Sounding metric Until you realize you Went from like 50 million to 200 million Comparatively Coinbase's base is probably well over That but I've looked at their TBR Recently but I guarantee it's going to Be higher than cardano which has been Around for such a long time So there's a very strong Community for Cardano and of course I hope uh Ada Rocks it out and all cardano holders Make truckloads of money I'm not I'm not Hating on cardano here I'm just looking At the realities of the slow Innovation

And the slow tvl growth and all that Stuff first is Solana which has you know Massive scalability right now and I know Cardano's Hydra is going to bring in big Scalability as well can't ignore that Factor that could be a game changing Moment for cardano right not counting Cardano out by any means but I feel like There's a lot more critical mass forming Up behind salon right now I don't own Either koi by the way I mean I don't Know I've probably got like five dollars Of cardano sitting on my Roy wallet and I probably have like 50 bucks of Solana Sitting on my Phantom wall just so I can Use those chains when I want to do Something there because I do play with It from time to time But the thing is is that Salon isn't Getting the Partnerships Salon has been Getting the height and height in Partnerships and narrative are a lot of What drives markets So that Shopify announcement the other Day for Um Solana was really big news really big News that could bring in millions of new Users to the Solana Network which Cardano couldn't even handle millions of Years Ten percent of all um Global e-commerce Goes through Shopify and you know Solana Pays integration that is a huge deal Let's talk about other altcoins that you

Like that Yeah just what other altcoins do you Like lark yeah absolutely so a few Things that I've been uh looking at Allocating to Um one of the big ones recently I built A big position in chain link Um I think the recently VIP upgrade yeah The reason ccip upgrade Um I just looked at as you know chain Link for me it feels like a safe play And hey I can't tell you guys what to do With your money not Financial advice of Course but I've been building big chain Link positions I feel like look that's That feels like an easy 10x at least in The next cycle maybe a bit more as the Height builds up behind it and I like What I feel like could be an easy play The Technology's there I mean when you Look at chain link it's being used So broadly across the entire Cryptocurrency ecosystem basically every Blockchain every decentralized exchange Is integrating Chain Link Technology the Ccip upgrade making really the ability For assets to move from one place to Another absolutely as we see huge Banks Already testing that we've seen um banks In Australia testing out Uh Forex stablecoin transfers across Chains like People are paying attention to what Chain Link's been doing and I feel like

That gives it the potential to have a Significant price Rally from the current Prices as we go into the next cycle is It gonna 100x no I'm looking at like a 10 to 20x maybe right but I feel like It's a safer play Um and the other thing would be the Layer two thesis now there's a lot of Layer twos launching a lot of layer Two's launching Which one's gonna be the winner I don't Know but I think we're going to see a Lot of layer twos uh the ones that can Capture value Taking off in the coming cycle so I've Been buying like um arbitrim for example And it's you know arbitrary right now Everyone's chasing the shiny new thing Which is coinbase and then it's going to Be Stark net and all the other chains as They come out and the new tokens come Out but I think arbitrim has been an Early leader in the layer 2 space so I've got a big position of that as well My final question is General any other Hot takes you have in the in the altcoin Space you've been here for years you've Seen Cycles narratives come and go any Current hot takes that you know maybe You want to talk about but not sure if It's good to bring up Um The first thing comes to mind is take Your profits that the market will take

Them for you always remember that guys But I think right now we've seen a lot of Great narratives forming up we're going To see a lot of new narratives forming Up and we're going to see a lot of Narratives come back and this is the Thing that people maybe not always don't Always realize like gaming for example I Love gaming I don't play games but I see That people love playing games and they Games that are coming out in the near Future are looking beautiful nice new Games better tokenomics learned a lot of Mistakes from the past we will see a Large repeat of just like we had a mean Coin season earlier this year We've had multiple mean coin seasons in Crypto we're going to have multiple Gaming seasons in crypto is whenever one New project for whatever reason they're Gonna be the one it's gonna take off and It's going to drag the entire sector up With it for a short amount of time We're going to see metaverse come back We're going to see you know the layer One trade come back all this stuff so be Ready for those narratives right and be Paying attention because you often hear About the earliest Whispers of these narratives on X or Other social media and then things start Moving pretty fast you usually have a Couple weeks to yourself positioned

Before everybody's talking about it when Everyone's talking about that's me don't Buy that's when you of course sell Because you got in early right but Narratives will repeat the market I Think that's probably one of the things To I want to highlight for people that Watch out for narratives to repeat and If you have some underwater bags of what You think are fundamentally strong coins From narrative it's not trending right Now there's hope in the future I love it appreciate you coming on Keeping it real giving us the alpha Um give yourself a plug you know where Can our audience find you and just General final thoughts for the altcoin Daily audience Yeah uh I'm gonna find me over on YouTube or on on x Both under the Lark Davis uh name and um Yeah I hope you all make Truckloads of money in the coming cycle If you're here now if you're listening To this conversation then you are ahead Of the curve you are early in the cycle So be ready and I hope that you get rich As heck Boom


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