Buy Bitcoin NOW! Crypto is about to SKYROCKET! (Here is Why)

I'm more comfortable being along Bitcoin Today than I was six months ago and now We've got an ETF on the way Bitcoin is In a bull market now is the time to Solidify your position if you plan to Buy low in this cycle and sell near the Top of this cycle now is the time to Solidify your position in my opinion Billionaire crypto investor Mike Novogratz explains why governments love To spend money in the long run someone's Got to pay for that and that's why Bitcoin gold silver I put them all in The same bucket silver and gold trade Great bitcoin's got the additional Adoption cycle what drove Bitcoin this Year was retail and they continue to buy And they continue to buy and now we've Got an ETF on the way I'm more Comfortable being along Bitcoin today Than I was six months ago six months ago It was scary now we see the future kind Of spilling out kind of tongue-in-cheek When Kelly Evan says she wants a Two-year at five percent I go I would Just put it in Bitcoin I'm kidding Around and I but I sort of feel the same Way with the with the black rocks and The Charles Schwabs of the world so when I say that Bitcoins in a bull market I Mean technically the lows are in very Possible we continue to see chop Validation for the rest of the year and This is the time you solidify your cycle

Position in this chop validation when The lows are in when the bull Market's Confirmed new all-time highs next year Cycle top 2025 I think many people are Going to make the mistake and wait to Sell their Bitcoin when they think it's The top Bitcoin hits 250k they think About selling Bitcoin hits 300K they Think about selling that could be Fruitful but also very risky I'm Planning to scale out as Bitcoin climbs Higher and higher maybe starting at 150k And of course my long long term goals Are maybe four years from now at the Next cycle low I'll buy back in rinse And repeat I'll keep you updated on my Buy and sell strategy I've been making Videos daily for six plus years now make Sure you subscribe we publish a crypto Video every day keeping you informed on The entire Market the mainstream media Doesn't cover what we cover if you want To make money in crypto I think you Should subscribe to us and start Watching our videos daily and it's funny That so many big players are investing In Bitcoin investing in crypto and yet So many big players still seem very Critical of it the big question is is Gary Gensler and his Masters still a Threat to crypto seems like the Political Elites are still trying to Squash Bitcoin entirely explain this Tension got that on one side big name

People want these ETFs then you have Gensler in the SEC on the other side is Gensler do you think he's just Anti-crypto or anti exchanges that sort Of work unregulated because that's the Key difference you think he'd like to Take Bitcoin off the table as a Financial asset or does he just want to Regulate the way that it's traded I think it's like this Ripple lawsuit Taught us anything right Gary has been Saying come in the rules are clear the Rules are absolutely not clear the judge Just basically said to the SEC you're Wrong and so you know Richie Torres the Congressman from the Bronx put a Beautiful letter out to the SEC to Ganser saying guys it's time to come to The table for the White House for the SEC for Democrats to sit down with Republicans and give us some damn Legislation so we can get on with life I Don't think Gary inherently hates Bitcoin or hates crypto he did see an Industry Rife with a lot of fraud I do Think Elizabeth Warren and the Progressive side for reasons I can't Understand have been anti-crypto and I Think any Central Bank Governor gets Nervous about something you know Larry Think one on TV and said this is going To be the first Global Currency well Janet Yellen thinks that's her job right To defend the dollar as a Global

Currency and so there is attention I Like to think of Bitcoin as digital goal To store value that keeps the tempers or The the nerves of central Bankers down a Little bit when you start talking Currency they get nervous but there's That tension there so what's the bottom Line here what do all crypto investors Need to understand but I think listen The cat's out of the bag bitcoin's not Going away like you threw everything you Could at it and it's up 80 on the year With interest rates higher and so the Adoption cycle continues Big Ideas are Almost impossible to kill and this is a Really big idea Elon Musk very Pro-bitcoin very pro-crypto he likes Bitcoin ethereum Dogecoin these are the Three coins he's mentioned by name he Owns these coins his company owns these Coins in general I'm a supporter of Bitcoin and the idea of cryptocurrency In general I do own Coin Tesla's owns Bitcoins Basics on Bitcoin and I do personally I want to go To ethereum and those quarter course Yeah Elon Musk just did a major Twitter Rebrand to ax it seems like crypto is Going to be a big part of X essentially If Done Right X would serve people's Financial needs to such a degree that Over time it would become I don't know Maybe half of the Global Financial System or some big number not sure what

The numbers were pretty big it would be By far the biggest sort of financial Institution not really in the way that People are used to thinking about Banks Just the most efficient database for the Thing that is money least amount of Fraud everything's real time and if it Involves money in any way it can be Dealt with seamlessly on one okay think About it like this Bitcoin produces Block after block unaffected we just Reached a major milestone for the Network 800 000 blocks mined since 13 14 Years ago bitcoin's having is less than 40 000 blocks away this is when Supply Flow gets cut in half a major Catalyst For Price taking a look at the broader Crypto Market at large money continues To flow in to the Quality projects and Crypto and in general continues to build Get bigger and better there's a lot of Value and there's a lot of things going On in crypto a lot of quality that Wasn't around five six years ago the Bottom line is eight billion people will Go on chain over the next decade crypto Adoption will kick into high gear over The next decade says coinbase protocols Lead Jesse Pollock who predicts the vast Majority of people on Earth will come on Chain during that span quote our feeling Is that there's so much growth ahead of Us there's going to be 8 billion people On chain over the next decade it's going

To be really interesting to see how this Space develops over the next five ten Years we're going to keep you informed Every day so make sure you're subscribed My question to you is what are your Thoughts on world coin worldcoin is a VC Backed project that uses Iris scanning Technology to create a global identity And financial Network it aims to help People participate in the global economy And provide a form of universal basic Income to put it broadly and the news is That they just migrated to optimism World coined the decentralized ID and Wallet protocol has migrated its Operations to optimism and ethereum L2 Scaling layers so in essence this is Kind of good for ethereum with this move World coin aims to prepare for its Future launch taking advantage of the Scalability features that its deployment On optimism brings including migrating User accounts and bringing uniswap Support to the world app and crypto Exchanges are lining up to list World Coins newly launched World token binance Bible okx Gate to name a few now crypto Native people like vitalik are warning That worldcoin has major issues it will Take years to work we'll see the most Important thing you can do right now Don't tune out tune in get involved There's a lot of opportunity opportunity In emerging bull markets in crypto I

Think there's going to be a lot of Opportunity over the next one two three Years I'm positioning myself accordingly Are you


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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