In the bear Market there is a maximum fear where 
the bears become euphoric so you have a maximum   Euphoria of the Bears when FTX happened 
everyone was in the short or everyone who   Hated Bitcoin they were super euphoric and 
they were like yeah yeah bitcoin's going to   Zero bitcoin's going to be 5K 1K that Euphoria 
among the Bears marked the bottom in my opinion   Pearl are you confident enough to say that Bitcoin 
won't go any lower and if it does you'll eat your   Shoe on stream [Music] Carl the moon Forbes 
30 under 30 back on altcoin daily Carl great   To have you back in today's video I look forward 
to talking to you about the price of Bitcoin your   Outlook on bitcoin and fundamentally what is going 
on in the cryptocurrencies face Carl great to have   You on today I want to make it very simple if you 
look at this chart here you can clearly see that   In the previous Cycles we've seen a very very 
similar Market structure where we have a a bear   Market support this red support in the bear market 
and then when we break this support back here in   2014-15 that was when Bitcoin capitulated into the 
bottom where this green line is and and this green   Line was of course the uh the optimal time to buy 
Bitcoin when Bitcoin was down to 200. and then   Another bull cycle three-year bull cycle and you 
can see that in the previous uh bear Market here   Um that I was in and I know that you 
also um survived this bear Market   Um again we saw a bear Market support holding 
up and then we capitulated eventually into the   Optimal buying Zone essentially the bottom of the 
bear Market uh back in 2019 and I believe that a   Very very similar structure has been obvious in 
this cycle where we had a bear Market support we   Capitulated below this uh red line and now we are 
in what I am 100 sure well let's say 99 to leave   A little bit of Doubt open here but I am very 
confident that we have seen the bottom already   Um the only thing in my opinion that could change 
this and that would go lower would be some very   Very bad news a Black Swan event something we 
couldn't have really you know done anything about   Let's say U is DT um is deemed illegal by U.S 
authorities or let's say usdt is a security BNB   Is a security like these kind of things would 
actually throw everything off the table but   Um if we disregard those scenarios then I believe 
we definitely saw the bottom already look at this   Like it's so obvious and the Bitcoin having is 
coming up very very soon it's uh just one year   From now approximately um and I think that the 
Bitcoin having is the reason why we see these   Cycles so I see so many reasons for Bitcoin to 
to um to go up from here um not not I mean we   Can also talk about the macroeconomics of course 
that's a whole other topic but I think that the   Uncertainty we're seeing around the world um 
just gives even more value to bitcoin people   Don't know what uh where to store their wealth 
where to um flee their country with their money   Bitcoin solves so many uh problems for many people 
in specific countries right now maybe not in your   Country exactly right now but in dozens and dozens 
of countries around the world currently people are   Absolutely fleeing to bitcoin as their safe haven 
because they have no other choice and um I believe  

We're going to see more and more of that so yeah 
I'm very very bullish for the next three years now   Still bullish on bitcoin as you said you know 
depending on what country you're from it could   Have different use cases for you whether you like 
its unconfiscatability if you store it properly   Whether you're like it's permissionlessness 
whether you like it's undebase ability   Things like that right exactly so for example the 
Bitcoin inflation rate after the next having will   Be lower than the inflation rate of gold which 
is absolutely uh incredible this means that the   Bitcoin price could very well go up and match that 
of gold so the Bitcoin market cap is I think lower   Than one trillion currently um and the uh the gold 
market cap is approximately I believe 11 trillion   Um don't quote me on the exact numbers but 
approximately a ratio of one to ten and this   Means that in the next Bitcoin cycle I believe 
that we're quite likely to see Bitcoin go up and   Match the market cap of gold and logically that 
means that from where we are right now Bitcoin   Could go up uh approximately 10 times in the next 
uh five four or five years here in the next cycle   Um and this is basically just going back to 
the fundamentals of monetary policy you have   Supply and demand you have interest rates 
stock to flow ratio all of these things   Um are essential to um pricing in assets so the 
reason why gold is very valuable is because it   Has very low inflation rate and a um predictable 
inflation rate uh with Bitcoin you have a perfect   Predictability never before seen by the way 
it's only in a digital world where you can see   Something like that but even better the inflation 
rate is actually going to be lower than gold   Next helping so honestly I'm I'm super excited 
about that and I think that that narrative is   Going to um to um take a very very big um part in 
the mainstream um media I hope next year obviously   We're talking like one year in the future here 
but I think that that means now is the time like   I showed you the chart right the green buying 
area um in the Cycles are usually the perfect   Perfect time to to accumulate Bitcoin so yeah 
um the having I think is the big thing coming up   So it's so popular to be bearish these 
days many people calling for lower prices   In Bitcoin getting a lot of Engagement with lower 
prices in Bitcoin but you're here to stay to say   Carl except for some Black Swan event you're 
bullish on bitcoin and you think we bottomed   Yep 100 I really think so because it is um hey 
what else can can can pool Bitcoin down right   Now we've seen the worst FTX was like the final 
nail in the coffin that was that was really really   Um a big big hit on the market uh 
and that came after Celsius and the   Luna and uh all of these things they 
came one by one as a domino you know   Um I believe that um the only way we can go 
lower is to have very very bad news out there and   Um I think that everyone who wanted to sell they 
already sold you know when FTX happened in the   Following months there anyone who were thinking 
about selling I'm pretty sure they already did you   Know so um who is possibly going to sell Bitcoin 
at this stage I I honestly don't know I mean I'm  

Not selling more I'm sure you're not selling 
people watching this video I'm sure are not   Selling now unless they I mean they probably sold 
already if they wanted to sell and I think that   Um that's usually the case with these bull 
cycles here you have a maximum Euphoria and   Then you have your maximum um fear and the funny 
thing is that it works the same so um in the bear   Market there is a maximum fear where the bears 
become euphoric so you have a maximum Euphoria   Of the Bears when FTX happened everyone was in 
the short or everyone who hated Bitcoin they   Were super euphoric and they were like yeah yeah 
Bitcoin is going to zero Bitcoin is going to be   5K 1K uh that Euphoria among the Bears uh marked 
to the bottom in my opinion Carl are you confident   Enough to say that Bitcoin won't go any lower 
and if it does you'll eat your shoe on stream Um should I eat this shoe yes dude yes the 
more expensive the better it's a lot of the   Spikes as you can see I think um I will feel 
really bad after I do that so I'm not sure   Um maybe maybe next video we make we can come 
up with some kind of bits that could be fun   I might still use it as a title guys but 
we'll see you can roast me in the cookies now   All right Carl by the way guys I'm gonna do a 
video on Carl's Channel 2 going over the the   You know daily doings and news cryptocurrencies so 
check out that subscribe to Carl linked down below   Carl appreciate you coming on giving us the macro 
look on bitcoin reminding us the having is on the   Way personally I'm long-term bullish too but 
you know I never thought back you know several   Months ago Bitcoin would ever get below 20K so 
anything could happen and I guess also In The   Same Spirit as Anything could happen you know 
recently in the past couple months we've seen   Bitcoin nft ordinal inscriptions whatever you 
want to call them kind of a new thing where you   Can put nfts native on the Bitcoin blockchain 
and the only reason I bring that up is because   You know for the past year before that I feel 
like a big conversation in Bitcoin communities   Is oh Bitcoins not developing a fee Market 
to keep its you know hash power high in the   Coming years what's going to happen Bitcoin 
uh you know it doesn't have this fee Market   Uh which would uh secure the Bitcoin blockchain 
well now with Bitcoin ordinals that's taking up   Block space if there is a lack of demand and now 
seemingly as long as those keep going Bitcoin   Fee Marketplace is never going to get past this 
certain threshold below but you know exciting time   Is to be in the cryptocurrency space Carl give us 
your final thoughts for the altcoin daily audience   I think it's very very important that people 
take advantage of the bear Market because people   Think the bull market is the time to to make 
money but it is the bear Market when you find   The opportunities where you can invest in great 
projects when you can buy cheap um coins that that   Were maybe extremely overvalid in the bull market 
but now they're extremely undervalued potentially   Something look if you go to coin market cap you 
will see hundreds of uh tokens and coins that are   Down 99 99 to 97 some of them are are never going 
to go back up but some of them are fundamentally  

Undervalued with huge cash flow with big cash 
reserves um and I believe that those discounts   Are very juicy and um uh take advantage that's 
what I would do that's what I am doing actually   That's what I'm doing thank you very 
much Carl see you on your Channel


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