Buy Bitcoin Here? or Sell? Is a Price Crash Coming? or Rally? + (2 Altcoins I Like)

Is it time to sell and take profits or Keep huddling let me know what you're Doing in the comments below let me know What you would tell a friend and let's Talk about this the percentage of Bitcoin Supply that has not moved in at Least a year just breached 70% for the First time look at this wow I think Bitcoin and crypto is in an uptrend There will be dips even bad dips we know This but I believe if if and when we go Down Bitcoin will make a higher low Particularly as we get closer to the January 10th Arc invest ETF date let's Talk about what's going on in the world Today and how Bitcoin and crypto relates To this I urge you see the forest Through the trees the fiscal situation In the US is beyond the point of no Return the monetary base is Mathematically programmed to expand in Order to service interest payments on Government debt Bitcoin is going to 500,000 per coin by 2030 this is just Math wake up and by the way anybody Saying that this is just moonboy math Can't do basic arithmetic and or has not Done their homework on understanding Bitcoin when you finally do your Homework and you finally understand What's actually happening in the world And how Bitcoin and crypto relate you Understand that Bitcoin is going to Hundreds of thousands of dollars per

Coin there is no option strike CEO talks About this on Fox Business strike is Like PayPal for the Bitcoin lightning Network Bitcoin is going to hundreds of Thousands of dollars per coin Jack merer Explains why what do you see what's the What's the future the near-term and a Longer term future that you envision for Bitcoin oh my gosh uh this thing's going Hundreds of thousands of dollars per Coin Charles I mean the US government is In so much debt the way I think about Bitcoin's price bitcoin's price equals Technology plus Fiat liquidity so it's Going to go up because it's Innovative Tech and it's better money but what Really shoots it up at a neck breaking Pace is uh when our government is tens Of trillions of dollars in debt and has To roll that debt over so they got a lot Of money to print and financial assets Are going to soar and Bitcoin goes up The most because it's the hardest to Make more of it's over man this thing's Going to the Moon you know it's so Interesting too because it's not just The US I was just reading today globally Uh the these countries these Advanced Nations with all this fiat currency are Going to have to spend $2 trillion on The interest alone and they won't stop Spending Jack they just won't stop Spending money and it's coming back to Haunt them and it's coming back to maybe

People realizing fiat currency is not The place to be huh Charles this would Be my message to America give me a Second on this one guys the US Government's got about1 trillion dollars Over the next two years to roll over Refinance that's debt our country's in Debt it's a huge problem they got three Options one they could pay it back it's Not a real option because we don't got The money we're broke two our government Could come out Charles and say you know What guys we screwed up after World War II we changed the way money worked we Got off the gold standard we issue debt All over the place we got way too cocky And actually all of our banks don't have Your money they're in solvent all the Airlines you fly and Travelon aren't Actually good businesses that should be In business Health Care shouldn't Actually be free we screwed up we piled On so much debt and screwed up the Younger generation and we're in huge Trouble so we're going to have to let Everything fail and reset this country Now they're not going to do that are They Charles they have third option Which is unique to the government they Could print the money that they're Missing and when they print the money That they're missing they're stealing From all the people that hold US Dollars And so what they'll do they'll have to

Do is print dollars and the only way to Save yourself is own not dollars and That's when you see things like the S&P 500 and gold and Bitcoin sore and so That's what's going to happen over the Next two years they got to print three Times more than they did during Co Char Love your enthusiasm Jack by the way Make sure you subscribe to our channel Daily videos just like this keeping you Informed on the entire cryptocurrency Market if you're interested in making Money in cryptocurrency subscribe to our Channel daily videos so I think we're in A bull market I think Bitcoin is going To continue to grind higher again there Will be dips but there's a huge bull Rally coming and some people call It Fomo season fomo season starts when Bitcoin's two-e RSI crosses 70 for the First time so in this line down here Passes this line right here like it's Done here like it's done here like here And right here if we repeat the gains of The last bull market bitcoin's price Goes to $137,000 I love this I think this is Accurate let's get to some altcoin news If you're bullish on salana if you're a Salana holder you might be eligible to Claim this airdrop nearly a million Salana wallets are eligible for the Jupiter airdrop the Dex aggregator is Giving away 4 billion Jupe tokens so

Salon users could be in for another Treat following the blockchain's recent Boom nearly 1 million Soul wallets are Eligible for 4 billion tokens from Decentralized Finance aggregator Jupiter So the 4 billion Jupiter tokens are About 40% of Jupiter's total Jupe token Supply now what you need to know is this Airdrop takes place next week with 1 Billion Jupiter tokens to users who have Made a minimum of 1,000 in swap volume On the protocols so if this if you think This applies to you you could claim this Airdrop Jupiter is one of the biggest Dii projects in the salana space the Swap aggregator which claims to be built For smart traders who like money allow Users to find the best rates when Trading tokens in other news somebody Just paid $400,000 for this ethereum nft of Vitalic as ajuster $400,000 the painting of vitalic named Eth Boy by Trevor Jones and a lot of Money broke records in 2020 the ethereum Nft just sold for a lot more stuff like This shows me the speculators are back Bull markets coming back I love news Like this you know I'm bullish on chain Link I think chain link has some great Tokenomics particularly going into this Next Bull Run they do a great job of cap Generating revenue and capturing that Revenue so let's talk about you know why

I'm bullish on link the ecosystem and Link the token the economic system for Link is ingenious whenever Chain Link Services are needed link their token is Also required need price feeds for your Defi protocol buy link need real-time Weather data for your crop insurance Protocol by link need to transfer your Tokenized T bill from one blockchain to Another by link these are only a few use Cases but you get the point demand for Link is directly proportional to the Demand for chain link service services This is why I'm so focused on chain link Compared to other projects utility over Everything so let's answer the question Am I selling my crypto right now or am I Huddling still my crypto right now and The answer to this question Is I'm still buying actually and here's The thing do not make the mistake of not Having a Tak profits strategy this cycle Do not make that mistake I certain have One but I'm bullish going into 2024 with The pending ETF approval I'm bullish With the upcoming having with Bitcoin I'm bullish with real working altcoin Projects capturing value in the Cryptocurrency space today the fact is This cycle is unlike every other crypto Cycle we've ever had in many many Metrics and and again keep in mind this Video is not Financial advice no videos Are ever Financial advice it's always

Just a opinion and Information but I'm bullish I'm bullish Retail isn't here yet not even close so I ask you am I crazy for not taking Profits here am I crazy for not taking Profits here am I absolutely insane hey Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel join us on this journey next Year is going to be an insanely Good Year we're going to put out another Video tomorrow see you then


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