Buy 1 Bitcoin BEFORE BlackRock ETF! (Here is Why)

There's a lot of reasons why you need to Buy yourself a Bitcoin it is a big deal Bitcoin is digital gold Bitcoin is International it is a tech instrument And a store of value what happens when You introduce an ETF Ran give me your Bitcoin investment Thesis I mean you're bullish on bitcoin Tell me why I mean look a lot of people are talking About the crypto bear Market that we're In now I don't see a bear Market I gotta Be honest and I know people are saying Well you know you're delusional how is It that you don't see a bear Market the Way I look at it is the NASDAQ is 40 up Since the 1st of January Bitcoin is 83 Upward depending on I'm not looking at The exact price but call it 80 plus up Since the beginning of January then I Look at other metrics the one metric That I really look at is blockchain Usage so we have a chart of all the Blockchains and the amount of usage on All the blockchains combined and that Blockchain usage chart shows that Blockchain usage today is an all-time High so I know that altcoins haven't been moving At 100 X's like I know we're not in that Market anymore but you really can't put Your hand on your heart and say that We're in a bear market and if you do Then I really want to hear your thesis

Like how do you say that you're in a Bear Market when all the metrics are Showing you that we're in a bull market If you allow me just to share my screen I just want to here we go so this is the Returns by asset class and you can see That as at 30th of June Bitcoin was up 83 the NASDAQ was up 39 the nikai is up The Indian Stock Exchange which is the Nifty is up at an all-time high we're Actually in a raging bull market across All asset classes the problem is that Investors have post-traumatic stress Disorder from the previous cycle and so They're struggling to believe that They're in a bear market now usually They get convinced towards the end of The cycle and that creates what we call A blow off top or whatever else but I Think at this cycle I'm playing a Slightly different Mm-hmm And then just continuing down your Bitcoin investment thesis like what are The properties I guess that you think Would cause Bitcoin to for their to be Demand in the Bitcoin asset well I mean Look this week we had Larry Fink Who is the Godfather of fund management Of institutions of Wall Street he Manages the biggest asset manager in the World BlackRock which managed nine and a Half trillion dollars worth of assets And you know you don't need a thesis

When you hit when you hear his thesis And his thesis he pretty much said he Said Bitcoin is digital gold he said Bitcoin is international he said Bitcoin Represents the tokenization of every Single asset in your asset class he said That the the tokenization of assets is The next Revolution after ETFs now Anybody who's been in finance knows that ETFs revolutionized Finance because it Gave the masses away into managed fund Portfolios but at very very low fees That was a revolution in in in in Finance Um it was a very similar Revolution to The revolution that we're seeing now in Crypto in the old days money managers Used to take huge fees for managing Assets it's the middleman used to take Huge fees for managing assets Into the ETF and the ETF made it very Simple for the man in the street to get Into managed funds And that's exactly what he said he said Bitcoin is now the the next um The tokenization of assets and that is The next part of this of the cycle so to Speak so when you hear that coming from Someone like Larry Fink You kind of just have to ride you just Have to write the thesis and ride the Asset with him and I think you'll be Fine And everybody says that this Black Rock

Spot ETF is a huge deal is it like Really that huge of a deal could you Help us understand like why like if if This gets approved why this is going to Be so big So ETFs give investors a simple way To get into asset classes and if you Think about ETFs the people that sell the ETFs or The wealth advisors The Wealth Advisors Manage most the capital in in in the World in the United States and if you Let me share my screen again I'll Actually show you a few things here That is like if you look at the wealth Advisors in the world that is in the States this is what they specifically Manage so BlackRock manages nine and a Half trillion Vanguard 8.1 trillion Fidelity 4.3 trillion and so the list Goes on and on right now if you're a Wealth advisor and you believe that you Want to be in Bitcoin and the reason why You may want to be in Bitcoin is because Bitcoin has been the best performing Asset class how do you get your Investors into Bitcoin what's your entry Point how do you do it One way is that you can be a custodian Yourself and try and store the the Private key somewhere or the 12 magic Word somewhere but that's quite Negligent You could open an account in coinbase

But most big funds aren't regulated to Be able to open an account on coinbase You could buy shares in grayscale's Bitcoin trust which is not really an ETF But it's illiquid it's traded on what They call an over-the-counter Market So what happens when you introduce an ETF is you open up the world to the fund Managers who meet with their clients Regularly to be able to put Bitcoin into Their portfolios Okay now what does that do well now you Get the average advisor and whether the Advisor is a big pension fund or whether The advisors or endowment or whether It's just an advisor who plays golf with High net worth individuals and he says That you know this Bitcoin thing has Gone up 83 in the first six months of The year and it's very still 50 of its All-time high and you know maybe we just Put two percent of our portfolio and Then what happens is it becomes like Switching a switch like all the rest of The investment products in the world It's not a hard sell right now you Imagine that same game of golf with that Same fund manager wanting to go into Bitcoin and he's thinking if my client Tells me to get into Bitcoin what the Hell am I gonna do like I'm gonna open An account at Bitcoin and I don't know How to custody this thing and you know The truth is also investment managers

Earn a Fee for selling investment products it's Like you know if an investment manager Sells a fund he typically earns if you Know those fees are quite regulated But going forward they'll be able to Earn a small fee for putting you into The Bitcoin ETF so they kind of have a Small incentive to do that as well so I Think it is a big deal now do I think That it's going to be a case of on the Day that the ETF is approved we all of a Sudden get billions of dollars flowing Into Bitcoin no that's not how it's Going to work we're gonna get the ETF And then they're gonna get trained on How to sell it and then they're going to Sell it and it's going to take time but Over time I think that'll be the entry Point for two three four five six seven Percent of Assets in the United States And in the world to start flowing into Bitcoin and um because Bitcoin is a Scarce Supply or limited Supply asset The more buying you have specifically of The spot instrument the more the price Goes up and we've we know because we've Been around for quite a few bull markets We know what can happen we're in that Price rise starts and so yes I'm very Excited about it You keep things real have a great Perspective that's what I'm really happy To have you on and I guess the big

Question is you know you talk about the Bull market you talk about the value Prop the ETF as far as price and timing Goes give us a thoughtful prediction What are you thinking I don't really like to make price Predictions because you know you know The problem with price predictions is You have like a one in a billion chance Of getting them rotted and the rest is Of getting them wrong and you'll always Be ridiculed Um and also you don't know what the Macro factors are going to be I don't Know if the war in Russia is going to Escalate I don't know if we're going to Get another blacks one what I can tell You is that there's been more adoption And more usage of Bitcoin every single Day and the number of active addresses Goes up every single day and the number Of accumulators goes up every single day And when those metrics are all going up And this asset is in limited Supply Which is programmatically limited then There is no other way but app now are we Going to have dips along the way sure if We get another covert tomorrow if China Invades Taiwan if Putin files a nuke who Knows what could happen but relative to All other assets I think Bitcoin is in Its infancy stage I think it's found itself a unique Niche What is the unique Niche it is a tech

Instrument and a store of value so Tech Investors value it on adoption and and Stuff like that and and institutional Investors see it as a limited Supply Alternative to gold and how much more so When Larry Fink again I keep going back To this Larry thinking because I think It was a real turning point in Bitcoin Um this is the same person who came out In 2017 and said Bitcoin is an index for Money laundering you know that's what he Said in 2017 in fact if you again just Let me share my screen here I pulled up This article today Larry Finn calls Bitcoin an index of money laundering and Today he came out and he actually said It's the future of Finance Um so you know it's I think it's he's Going through the same cycle that that We've all gone through in the beginning I must say when Bitcoin was first Introduced to me I'm going to be honest Like talking straight here I said people Are going to play with this magic video Game money until one day they all Realize that it's backed by nothing and Then they're going to want to get out And there's going to be no buyers only Sellers and that's how I dismissed my First opportunity to buy Bitcoin and two Years later I landed up buying it and as Michael Saylor says everyone gets Bitcoin at the price they deserve so I Probably deserved it for brushing it off

The first time Yeah like do you think a 100K Bitcoin I Understand your thoughtful response but Do you think that 100K Bitcoin is likely Or just like no way higher way higher Way higher than 100k It if if we're in this because we think That the market is only going to two and A half X from where we are today we Shouldn't be in it Um way higher like I'm talking 10 times Higher than we are today but I just Can't tell you if it's going to take a Year two years or five years Um you know Bitcoin is about Network Effects Network effects occur when every New user to a network increase the value Of the network exponentially Now the powerful thing about Network Effects is Most people don't understand this about Network effects and you only really Click when you start thinking about it In terms of Your mobile phone And I don't know about you but if I land In a new country and I have a choice of Whether I can use WhatsApp or some local Messenger Truth is I have to go to WhatsApp And when I do go to WhatsApp I actually Make the network more valuable because I Give the network more opportunities to Make calls right and stuff like that no

When a company or a protocol has Network Effects only three things can stop it And only three things can stop the Acceleration of it so just think about Like something that can't be stopped but You can also not stop its growth imagine Like try get that idea into your head We are at that point with Bitcoin now When that happens there are only three Things that can stop it being studied It's been studied on mobile phone Networks because of anti-competitive Laws and stuff like that and the only Three things that can stop Network Effects so the first thing is government Intervention you know if the government Comes in and says look Bitcoin is Illegal to earn well then the network Effect is stopped Second one is a technological breakdown For a long enough time for consumers to Start switching so if you think about WhatsApp if the network goes down and Consumers can't use the Network anymore Well you know then they're going to Switch networks and go to another Network and the last thing that can stop Network effects is a 10 times better Competitor But at 10 times better competitor has a Less than a one percent chance of Market Penetration okay so even if you have a 10 times better product to bitcoin it Has a less than a one percent chance of

Penetration so I'll give you a perfect Example just so you understand how it Works Think about email say email is written On a certain protocol right that's it's SMTP protocol there are many better Protocols out there today Technologically but because we all use The same protocol email is on the same Protocol the same as Internet the Internet's on tcpip they're probably Today many better protocols out there Than TCP but they're not never going to Penetrate because we're all using the Same internet And so that's the same thing with Bitcoin and so to me like Bitcoin is Kind of Unstoppable now it's you can't Stop it now it's finished you just can't Stop it unless regulation We can't rule it out although most Countries are kind of regulated Bitcoin Favorably Um technological breakdown probably Ain't going to happen because bitcoin's Been battle tested now for years 12 Years later 13 years later it's it's Still building block after block after Block and then is there going to be a Better competitor to bitcoin yeah maybe It's got a less than one percent chance Of penetration Okay well I'm with the chance that I'm Willing to take

So I guess my final question on bitcoin Is Like a lot of people Wanna accumulate one Bitcoin right now It's well over 20 000 seems unlikely is A fraction of a Bitcoin any significance Like 0.5 or something Yeah I think I think uh there's a lot of Reasons why you need to buy yourself a Bitcoin Um and not a Bitcoin but some Bitcoin You need to learn how to use digital Blockchain money because it's a new System it's not the same system you Don't phone a bank you don't use it via Banking app there's no regulators You can't make mistakes you know like You send a Bitcoin to the wrong address Well it's gone and You need to learn how to use the Technology because that is the future of Money you know whether it's Bitcoin or Dogecoin or I don't know maybe even Pepe Who knows what the next money is going To be I just think it's going to be Bitcoin but who knows I mean we're going To be we've got to be open-minded here You need to learn how to use blockchain Money you need to learn how to use the New monetary systems that's the first Reason why you should accumulate Bitcoin Second thing is that you don't need to Buy it all at once I mean I don't buy All my Bitcoin all at once I didn't get

My first Bitcoin all at once or a little Bit and I bought a little bit more and I Bought a little bit more or a little bit More and um once you get into that Mindset of just buying a little bit more And a little bit more a little bit more If you look at the chart over time You'll realize it was probably one of The best investments that you've ever Made now will it continue to be the best Investment I don't know but what I do Know is that the adoption is growing and That we're in the very early stages of Adoption so to me it kind of feels like It's probably a good investment to make I'll say this I've been here since 20 December 2014. And I'm still Accu and you know my first Bitcoin was back then I think it was Around 500 or something And I'm still accumulating today even at Bitcoin at thirty thousand dollars I just keep accumulating and I Accumulate Bitcoin more aggressively and Accumulate any other crypto assets so if You want to know my level of conviction Around Bitcoin yes I play in the Altcoins yes I'm a VC investor Um and yes I believe that they're going To be a lot of altcoins that are going To do many magic things but the one that I accumulate the most is Bitcoin


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