BTC Will Not Break $30,000 This Year – Poll of 50 Crypto Experts Suggests

How high will Bitcoin reach this year a Survey of more than 50 analysts Predicted that Bitcoin will just barely Break 29 000 in 2023 and will not reach Its all-time high of over 68 000 anytime Before 2025. what do you think about Those numbers this comes from a poll Taken by which came up with Those numbers by looking at the average Peak price predictions of its 56 Panelists now CNBC had a much wider Range of opinions with analysts at Standard Chartered Bank giving Bitcoin a Low of 5 000 this year now my favorite Prediction comes from the billionaire Tim Draper who is predicting 250 000 by the end of this year let's go to The Moon am I right now what do you Think let us know in the comments below We would love to hear your numbers for The highest high and the so slow


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