Bridge Builder of the Year – CoinMarketCap Crypto Awards 2024

This next category celebrates the Established Brands companies and Institutions that have boldly started to Navigate web 3 the nominees are Visionaries that are already seeing the Potential of blockchain Building Bridges Between Worlds old and new here are the Nominees for the 2024 bridge builder of The Year [Music] Award our first nominee Starbucks the Global coffee giant has transformed one Of the world's biggest and most valuable Loyalty programs into a futuristic web 3 Experience Starbucks Odyssey is Gamifying and transforming the Relationship between companies and their Customers with Starbucks Odyssey we've Launched a new experience members Participate in a series of entertaining Interactive activities called Journeys Once the journey is complete they earn Collectible nfts as well as Odyssey Points unlocking benefits and immersive Coffee experiences they're the first Company to explore anything like this on Such a massive scale bridging their Millions of customers a day into the World of nfts ensuring their place as The Barista of the Future next up we have PayPal the Established digital payment giant not Only have they integrated crypto buying And selling into their platform they've

Also built and released their own fully Back stable coin we are obviously a Payment company and we are interested in Digital currencies because we do believe That they have the potential to Transform the the payment ecosystem PayPal has shown a huge commitment in Bridging fear and digital currencies Bringing crypto into the realm of Everyday transactions and international Payments their web three development has Introduced a new era of accessibility And usability for it's more than 430 Million users if that's not Building Bridges between trafi and defi then we You don't know what Is our next nominee is the world's Largest asset manager Black Rock with Over 10 trillion dollars of assets under Management Black Rock has opened the Traditional Financial floodgates with Three simple letters ETF the filing and approval of black Rocks and 10 other Bitcoin spot ETFs in January marks a historic moment for Bitcoin and the crypto Market you can't Really underestimate the significance of The spot ETFs not only does it give Bitcoin legitimacy it also allows Institutions Brands and traditional Investors to invest in Bitcoin through a Familiar ETF Rapper our next nominee Nike has been Making strides in the web 3 space for

Years Bridging the Gap between fashion Sport and crypto with their digital nft Collectibles Nike's web3 portal. swoosh Has also connected with immensely Popular web two games like fortnite as Well as collaborating with EA Sports Games introducing Millions to the world Of nfts through the portal of Pop Culture they're not just playing the Game they're rewriting The Playbook on How to connect sports Tech and the Crypto World finally we have Reddit it's not Just cat memes it's a thriving digital Town Square of the Beating Heart of the Crypto World reddits at the Forefront of Mainstream crypto adoption through its Simplification of nfts in the form of Digital collectible avatars based on SN The Reddit mascot Reddit is setting the New nft standard and every company is About to follow suit these collectible Nfts and their experiments with Community tokens have provided an easy Onramp from web 2 to web 3 for reddit's Vast Community you know what to do get Voting now clicking the link on the Screen in the description below or Simply visit our website [Music]


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