BREAKING: Wells Fargo & JP Morgan Disclose They Are Buying Bitcoin & MORE!

Huge news today for crypto Wells Fargo America's third largest bank owns spot Bitcoin ETFs this is per recent SEC Filings and according to the filings Wells Fargo holds positions in Gray Scales spot Bitcoin ETF proshares Bitcoin strategy Futures ETF and shares In Bitcoin Depot Inc making a notable Entry into the Bitcoin market and while All of them are nice it's the grayscale Spot not Bitcoin ETF that affects price As grayscale has to buy the actual Bitcoin maybe Wells Fargo is the reason We've officially started to see some Days of net inflows into gbtc of course It's very possible that Wells Fargo was Buying before this they could have been Buying into the selling because the Reason we're starting to see these Disclosures is because May 15th is the Deadline May 15th is the date for 13 F Filings for Q 1 they required Disclosures by institutions this is the Exact same reason that actually earlier This week investment firm giant sasquat Aana International Group revealed an SEC Filing that it now holds 1.8 billion in Spot Bitcoin and other Bitcoin ETFs Institutional investors are accumulating Bitcoin in Bulk and really the only thing bigger Than having America's third largest bank Now owning Bitcoin is that we now have Number one a few hours after Wells Fargo

Made the disclosures America's largest Bank JP Morgan Chase disclosed spot Bitcoin ETF Holdings as well this is Breaking news this is a huge change and Turns out JP Morgan the largest US Bank Has been buying these Bitcoin ETFs even While the CEO Jamie Diamond has been Publicly hating on it I could care less what Bitcoin trades For how it trades why it trades who Trades it if you're stupid enough to buy It you'll pay the price for it one day I've also told people that it can trade At $100,000 before it trades to zero Know tulip buls traded for $75,000 on Something like that the only value of a Bitcoin is what the other guy will pay For let me ask you about Bitcoin because That was another famous comment that you Made that it's a fraud now we see ins Which I regret making the blockchain is Real you can have crypto dollars Yen and Stuff like that icos you got look at Everyone individually the Bitcoin it was Always to me is was what the governments Are going to feel about Bitcoin it gets Really big and I just have a different Opinion of the people I'm I'm I'm not Interested that much in the subject at All I personally think that Bitcoin is Worthless but I don't want to be a Spokesman for I don't care it makes no Difference to me and I've made my views Perfectly clear about crypto tokens are

Like pet rocks and this and and and People hyping this stuff up that doesn't Doesn't mean blockchain is not real that Doesn't mean smart contracts won't be Real or Web3.0 Bitcoin itself is a is a hyped up Fraud it's a pet rocket you're back to That really of course yeah how do you Know it's going to stop at 21 million Because I mention to peoplei everyone Says that well maybe it's going to get To 21 million and satoshi's picture is Going to come up and laugh at you all Even at the beginning of this year a few Weeks after the Bitcoin spot ETFs came Into existence Jamie Diamond said This number one I don't care so just Please stop talking about this and And I don't know what he would say about Blockchain versus currencies that do Something versus Bitcoin that does Nothing it maybe that not different than Me but you know this is what makes a Market people have opinions this is the Last time I've ever State my opinion I Think there's a good chance that when Bitcoin when we get to that 20 million Bitcoin go to 42 no that satachi is Going to come on there laugh Hysterically go quiet all Bitcoin is Going to be erased And I don't know why a crypto dollar Would ever be something that you know a Store value would be worse than a crypto

Uh Bitcoin so uh that's my view and I I May be wrong and which I doubt but I Predicted this subscribers of altcoin Daily were ready for this because what Would Jamie Diamond do if he wanted to Buy a lot of Bitcoin well he would go on CNBC and trash it he would say it's Going to zero the price would dip and he Would buy that's not illegal they fud Crypto in public and buy it in private In fact looking at the recent JP Morgan Disclosures we can see they own some of Fidelity spot Bitcoin ETF some of black Rock's spot Bitcoin ETF also bitwise is Spot Bitcoin ETF but this is the most Important part of today's video most Other crypto channels won't share this With you I will I'll keep it real with You if we look at how much coin JP Morgan Chase actually own through the ETFs about $47,000 of Bitcoin Depot Inc $25,000 of the bitwise Bitcoin ETF $2,000 of bitwise $1,000 of fidelity $2 Of grayscale and then 445,000 plus 32,000 of ey shares that's black rocks Bitcoin ETF and although this amount the Amount of money allocated to each ETF Seems a bit underwhelming compared to What other institutions are choosing to Allocate to purchase Bitcoin Bloomberg ETF analyst James safer breaks down the Truth that JP Morgan and susat Hannah And others are just market makers and or

APS that stands for authorized Participants for these ETF issuers and JP Morgan's ownership isn't necessarily Indicative of anything other than this Is how many shares they had on the last Day of March meaning they're just Holding the Bitcoin they're just Redeeming the shares as authorized Participants for Black Rock and others And if you're making markets in these Things the number of shares held could Swing heavily day-to-day the 13f data is Simply a snapshot of long positions held On the last day of March 13fs don't show Shorts or derivatives so we don't even Have a full look at their true exposure On three 31 so in all transparency this Does not make Jamie Diamond a hypocrite Not not this not yet as senior ETF Analyst Eric balunis States we'll Probably see many of the big Banks Report some Holdings in the role as Market maker Slaps that is different from them buying For the exposure and thus less Hypocritical in jpm's case again other Channels won't share this with you I Will click subscribe to join this Revolution but because of these Disclosures that are due on May 15th What is notable in my opinion is the Sheer number of holders that each has so Far ibit that's black rocks is up to 250 that's Bonkers for the first quarter

Of the market so looking at the data Black Rock has 250 number of holders Fidelity has 136 bitwise has 60 Arc has 42 which Doesn't seem that significant but then Here's the comparison of the other ETFs Launched in the same weekish as the BTC Ones they have a lot of zeros and then a Lot of ones and threes and also we still Have like a week of 13fs to roll in yet And looking at altcoin news polka dots Dot price has fallen more than 20% in The last 30 days to $6.90 as a press time but record Breaking user engagement M on polka dot The network boasted around 650,000 Active addresses on chain at the end of April dot is under value now according To analysts we have xcad launching their First Creator token on actual exchanges This has launched fan token platform Xcad has released its creator token Launch for one of the biggest YouTubers In South America the datato YouTube it Appears to be a success Don has had a Very successful launch yesterday even Hitting 100x a great win for the xcad Network excited for other crater Launches after this one I'm sure a lot More will follow in the near future and Obviously that return has subsided as All launches do and to me I have no clue Uh the long-term value of one person's Creater token I don't live in South

America but to me it's just interesting That creators are launching fan tokens Off of xcad and they're going on actual Exchanges that's wild and that is the Video my name's Austin like always see You tomorrow


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