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The first ever major crypto bill has Passed in the House of Representatives In general what this has done is changed The landscape for crypto particularly Politically in this country the United States of America is now endorsing the Cryptocurrency industry this is hard for People to believe who don't follow the Market every day like we do but from Donald Trump to Fair regulations passed To the ethereum ETF this is how it Happened in beginning of May Trump was Asked a question about crypto and he Said if you want crypto vote for Trump I'm fine with it I want to make sure It's good and solid and everything else But I'm good with it if you like crypto In any form if you're in favor of crypto You better vote for Trump that clip went Viral and actually changed things in Washington we saw multiple votes over The last several days that were Pro Crypto we had two-thirds of the House Representatives vote in favor of clarity For crypto uh it it creates a legal Framework giving the SEC a proper role And the cftc a proper role it settles What is a digital asset gives a legal Framework for uh trading and the Purchase of those assets and I think It's an important thing the president Said he was going to veto those and then Kind of backed off so I think there's Been a sea change here in the regulatory

Environment and it's a welcome one from The industry so Bitcoin is looking great Finite Supply Plus growing demand equals Rocket ship ethereum is looking great Think of it this way when the Bitcoin ETF was approved 9 million was added to Bitcoin's market cap if ethereum gets Even just one fifth of that added Ethereum would trade at $11,000 per coin You're not bullish enough plus now black Rock is selling it the reason for the Call today John is something just came Across my desk John it is perhaps the Best thing I've seen in the last 6 Months if you have 60 seconds I'd like To share the idea so besides Bitcoin and Ethereum what else is there just like End of 2020 beginning of 2021 there's a Lot of opportunity in altcoins right now Looks like we're gearing up for a Massive alt season now even the Mainstream media is asking what else is Viable to invest in in cryptocurrency The trade now is who's next who is next Though I mean I think you've got to Think about salana as probably the next One right I mean Bitcoin ethereum and Salana are probably the big three for This cycle aside from a salana what is Your number one sort of moonshot coin Trade oo that that's a great question I Think you can look at at um a couple Different on look I like CNBC but let's Be honest here they don't know

Everything going on in crypto that's why You subscribe to us so let's go through My top altcoins updated because the Landscape is updating we'll go through Some of the high caps first then we'll Get into lower caps they mentioned Salana I like salana I agree that's a No-brainer this cycle salana they really Is demand for this blockchain xrp may Have a second wind on the horizon Coinbase just reinstated xrp trading in New York this speaks to the new Landscape in the US the fact this is Happening in New York which is hard to Do is a big deal xrp makes our list let Me know in the comments if you like xrp Chain link this is a no-brainer right at Some point chain link will probably have A spot ETF even if it doesn't chain link Is actually being used by big players For its utility chain link completes Tests with JP Morgan temp Bny melon and other major US Banks to Accelerate the tokenization of funds I Like that and chain link really is one Of the only protocols that meets both The interoperability and data Connectivity requirements of tokenized Rwas for more onchain link make sure you Check out this video Avalanche is Another L1 that is doing big things has Significant Partnerships like JP Morgan And is one of the few major blockchains Besides Bitcoin and ethereum where many

Are saying an avalanche ETF Could Happen Here's leadership at avac my prediction Is after there is a Bitcoin ETF shortly You'll see ethereum and even better You're going to have a big Trend in ETF Right now are active manag ETFs suddenly You're going to have actively managed ETFs for the crypto asset class and then You're going to have things like Avalanche in there you're going to have Things like chain link coin in there and All of a sudden it's a whole index of of Assets in the crypto space you're Thinking that far ahead at what point do You get wrapped up into an ETF wrapper Well I I just think if uh you want to do Um a rapper you have to include Avalanche ton blockchain is one of the Fastest growing ecosystems in the Cryptocurrency market right now the ton Blockchain has seen rapid growth across Multiple fundamental metrics over the Past 6 months this coin is associated With the telegram app that's a very Popular app AIT if you like AI coins I Like AIT our team is fully dedicated to Ensuring the stability and growth of AIT We've made significant changes to Enhance the sustainability and value of Our ecosystem such as reduced inflation Over the next 6 months updated Max Supply reflected token burn 45% of the Tokens in circulation AIT season is Loading I like AIT for an AI play and a

Token burning play you know that I'm I'm A big lime wire guy I like lime wire I Invested in this I think lime wire is a Leader in the music in AI space I'm Bullish on Lime wire but let me turn you On to another big player in the AI music Space sonaris is a music AI play that is Doing exciting things these guys will be Big I think or at the very least a lot Bigger than where they are today this Project is really gaining a lot of Momentum this is an AI powered music Protocol call allowing everyone to Become an artist sonaras has partnered With us today for this section of the Video you can become an artist your mom Can become an artist your dad can become An artist that's really what makes this Project unique this allows anyone and Everyone to become a music artist just Type in a few simple prompts and a Totally new song is created thanks to AI [Music] You can do this you can use this 200,000 Plus users are using this doing this Each time somebody uses this protocol Five SNS tokens five of their tokens get Spent and burnt this means decreasing Supply this is good for tokenomics SNS Right now it's listed on kucoin Mex C Pancake swap probably when you're Watching this it's just about to be Listed on a top three Turkish exchange Bitsy borsa so with continuous listings

On new exchanges and decreasing Supply Especially as more popular content Creators who are always facing problems With finding background music and Copyright I'll tell you I have such a Problem with music and videos because of Copyright problems that's an audience For this project as they start using This SNS token their token has potential For sure I'm going to leave a link below Check out sonaras with the SEC coming Around on cryptocurrency algorand may be Back in a big way interesting they're Making our list today because it seems Like algorand has really upped their Marketing and to be honest that's Exactly what they need I'll just play You a piece of this new alaran Commercial featuring The Great Anthony Scaramucci you guys take a Bitcoin right Sure do I'm going to be paying with Ethereum if that's okay okay yeah no Problem it's a good thing I'm paying With salana [Music] Should have Sho without Grand how do I Get in that Line next coin on our list is paid part Of paid Network this is basically like a Launchpad we're ambassadors to this so I Know they're about to really start Increasing their marketing and what They're doing on paid Network including This $5 million bonus round right now

The Commonwealth public sale is rocking But there will be more soon get your Wealth part of Commonwealth tokens now If you want if you're able I'm going to Leave my paid affiliate link below do Yourself a favor check them out propie Still a fan of propy they're highly Connected I'm bullish on real world Assets I'm bullish on the rwa leader in Real estate tokenized real estate this Is basically what propy does US licensed Escrow on Smart contracts 4 billion Transactions real estate nft inventor Pro is listed on coinbase hey proppy Makes our list Ando Finance makes our List institutional grade Finance onchain For everybody connected with black rock Connected with coinbase panta these guys Are one to watch internet computer is One of the Dark Horses of this cycle for Layer ones I mean they just celebrated Their three-year anniversary leadership Put out this 15-minute video basically Going over their value prop I'll just Play you one minute of it he goes over Three reasons why ICP is good the Internet computer is Third Generation Blockchain in motion let's check out the Internet computer dashboard which Provides some baseline facts there are Some mind-blowing things worth noticing Number one we're looking at the first Fully Sovereign Network the dots on the Map behind me show data centers in which

Node providers are running special Dedicated node machines those are Independent data centers not Amazon web Services number two this is blockchain On steroids today the internet computer Is processing an off the scale 350,000 ethereum equivalent transactions A second you can see stats that it is Processing more smart contract compute Than every other blockchain in existence The Network's technology enables it to Scale as needed we hope into the Trillions of transactions a second Number three the internet computer Network is controlled by a super Sophisticated down the network doesn't Need to Fork to upgrade it doesn't Depend on back doors and it doesn't Depend on centralized intermediaries Taking actions to evolve that's because It runs under the control of the world's Most sophisticated Dow which is more Than 3 billion States inside you can see That figure back up there it's like $3.1 Billion I'm bullish on gaming superverse Is one of my favorite gaming coins I own Super vers is all about Community play Reward distribution and constant Innovation the super token powers super Versus unified gaming Network only Elite Games join the ecosystem but all users Reap the rewards I'm bullish on Bitcoin Tokens bitcoin's new token economy and Then this is still gaming the weight is

Over T-Rex 20 game zone is now live get Back into the Retro world with our Classic arcade game Dino jump and it is For the community another tournament With no entry fee required they're Giving away 22222 tx20 tokens and if you wanted to Play you can do that let's talk about One of the favorite meme coins I own Foxy with ethereum's Resurgence in the US how can you not like a meme coin Associated with ethereum in this way an Eth ETF is on the horizon and no one is More pumped than Foxy the mascot of Linea build consensus is Linea so Consensus owns Linea foxy is The Unofficial mascot for Linea build Consensus linea's parent company has Been building on eth for years this is a Win for the entire Linea ecosystem we Like the fox and then I I haven't talked About Cody in a while but I still like Cody for in-depth reasons why I like Cody check out this video hey that's it Guys subscribe to our channel for more Videos just like this this is the year To Double Down triple down on your Cryptocurrency awareness and education Make sure you get your tickets to Bitcoin conference in Nashville in July Will be there 10% off tickets linked Below hope to see you there


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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