BREAKING: Gary Gensler RESIGNS from SEC?! (REAL Reason Why 😲)

Is the SEC the best system to do this I Think the American public kind of cat Said that the system is not fully Working for them oh yes I believe that's True breaking news if you hold crypto SEC sources confirm Gary Gensler head of The SEC resignation and before we get to The meat of the article there have been A few signs breadcrumbs if you will that Something like this was coming here's The former SEC chairman Jake lane from Just a few days ago discussing Gary Gensler's abuse of the sec's power what You're hearing from the leaders of the Regulatory organizations is if we're not Losing cases if we're not being pushed Back on by the courts we're not doing Enough That think about that for a second that Is a fundamental shift in How We As Americans view the role of the Government I don't want to be in a place Where I know the government is going to Bring cases they think they're going to Lose imagine you're the person who is The subject of that case now we're Talking about corporations let's see if They can and if they're not stopped They're gonna yeah right but this is an Ethos now which is unless we're losing We're not bringing enough cases you know That may be fine for private litigants Against each other and think about but When you have the power of the state and

You're you're supposed to only bring Cases and only make rules that you think Are going to pass judicial muster and We're seeing a shift there and I think We should think about whether that's Appropriate or not we can go into the Details of of each one of these cases or Each one of these regulations but at a 30 000 foot level I think that's Problematic so obviously very damning Because it's one thing for random Investors like you like me to say Gary Gensler's unfair he's abusing his hour But when the former SEC chairman his Predecessor says this I mean that Carries whole new weight and let's Remember Gary gensler's Reign and Alleged abuse of power is much more than Crypto the SEC is in charge of keeping Investors safe regulating financial Markets more than crypto and in this Past interview on Fox Business the United States stock market is rigged Head of the SEC Gary Gensler confirms 90 To 95 percent of orders do not count Anymore for pricing we no longer have a Market because nothing you do matters Supply and demand does not exist well Over 90 percent of those trades go Straight to the dark Market to a Wholesaler that bought that order flow Rather than competing trade by trade Short sellers have found a way to make Sure that they can never lose by running

Everyone's order through dark pools so They no longer impact price and here's How it's supposed to work normally the More buyers a stock has equals the more Buying pressure equals the price goes up Selling pressure usually means stock Price goes down short sellers lose money If the stock they're shorting increases In price all that should be standard the Issue is Bernie Madoff created a scam Back in the day called payment for order Flow well speaking of Bernie Madoff who Came up with payment for order flow yeah Right no I understand but which lets Them route everyone's order off exchange Slash through dark pools and these Orders no longer count to pricing so Prices can never increase this ensures They can never lose Heyman for order Flow as you mentioned is a payment Between a broker that the broker Receives for your order flow and there Are inherent conflicts of interest there They are abusing the system so bad that 90 to 95 percent of the orders no longer Count for pricing and Gary Gensler Confirmed this on National Television Division 494 days ago and still nothing Has been done every day the Market opens And they let you be robbed we're looking At the SEC as to how to Facilitate and drive greater efficiency In this market so investors get a better Deal Heyman for order flow as you

Mentioned is a payment between a broker That a broker receives for your order Flow and there are inherent conflicts of Interest there we're looking at how we Can ensure greater competition when you Place a market order in the U.S a market Order and a retail platform well over 90 Percent of those trades go straight to The dark Market to a wholesaler that Bought that order flow rather than Competing trade by trade and that's what We're trying to think through under the Authorities we have Sounds like there are a lot of open open Doors that we need to get inside and Look more deeply into and again this Clip is from well over a year and a half Ago and still nothing has been done and With all that now in consideration the News today is this in a stunning Revelation an anonymous official from The Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has reportedly disclosed that Gary Gensler chairman of the SEC has Submitted his resignation following an Internal investigation I'm not saying This is without its challenges there are Real challenges they're real challenges Complexity helps give me a better system Give me a better system to do this than The one we have in place because the one We have in place is getting its butt Picked I I I I believe in this system I believe in

Our American democracy you're not going To get me to say I'm not saying in a Direct quote from that SEC Source they Say Gary Gensler has resigned from his Position as chairman of the SEC Following an internal investigation into Alleged misconduct the details of the Investigation are confidential but the Decision to step down underscores the Seriousness of the findings in a direct Quote from another anonymous industry Insider they say the resignation of Gary Gensler in the wake of an internal Investigation is deeply concerning it Calls into question the integrity and Effectiveness of the SEC under his Leadership the financial industry relies On the SEC to ensure fair and Transparent markets and any allegations Of misconduct at the top level erode Investor trust you know with all the Financial shenanigans that have gone Over the years the only person we've Really brought to heal is Martha Stewart And that's got to tell you some Something about just how tilted this Thing is forgot a little bit about Bernie Madoff but well speaking of Bernie Madoff who came up with payment For order flow yeah right no I I said But he did serve his time in jail One guy And and one woman generally it seems Like people don't go to jail for

Financial crimes they pay fines I think That's a fair statement that's that's That's fair but general department of Justice has the criminal Authority Understood we have the Civil that's Right and on the Civil side more than 50 Percent of the fines levied from SEC Judgments are not collected now while The exact nature of the alleged Misconduct or the details of the Internal investigation remain Undisclosed and I do want to preface This is just a rumor until I see actual Facts a direct statement from him or the SEC this article is based on Anonymous Reports and should be treated as Speculation until official confirmation Is provided but until then the public in The financial industry can only Speculate on the reasons behind his Resignation individual accountability There's nothing like individual Accountability to send a deter it across The whole Market if somebody's held Accountable we only have civil law Enforcement but that means barring them From the industry or trading or Appearing before us willing to litigate This this agency has to be willing to go Into court and you know take some losses From time to time


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