BREAKING: Coinbase Wins MAJOR Crypto Legal Battle [Bitcoin to $170k]

Coinbase the largest cryptocurrency Exchange in America has just won a major Legal battle you know coinbase is Involved with a few legal battles in the United States right now most of which Question the legality of coinbase's Business model and if coinbase is Breaking us Securities Law now founder And CEO of coinbase Brian Armstrong Himself has made it clear that coinbase Will not roll over they will not delist They will fight for the rights of crypto In the US good news the United States Court of appeals for the second circuit Ruled in favor of coinbase confirming The secondary sale of crypto on its Platform do not violate the Securities Exchange act meaning crypto tokens Traded on coinbase do not constitute as Trading Securities so coinbase has been Cleared in this lawsuit this is a Significant victory for the US exchange As the Court's decision affects a Nationwide group of people who traded Tokens on coinbase from October 8th 2019 To March 11th 2022 at the heart of this Dispute was whether cryptocurrencies Traded on coinbase met the criteria for Securities so understand exactly the Lawsuit that coinbase just won this was A class action lawsuit against coinbase Alleging unregulated security sales Where the plaintiffs said that 79 tokens On coinbase Meet the definition of

Securities but they were not warned of Those risks and what It ultimately came Down to was interpreting coinbase's user Agreement which evolved over that time So even though the class action lawsuit Really didn't win they're arguing the Ruling as a step forward and holding Crypto platforms accountable under Securities Law advocating for investor Protection in the evolving crypto space Something we can all get behind but Conversely coinbase is asserting the Decision reinforces its position that Secondary crypto sales aren't security Transactions coinbase's Chief legal Officer Paul G expressed gratitude on X Social platform saying we appreciate the Second Circuit Court confirming today What is clear under Federal Securities Law there's no private liability for the Secondary trading of digital assets on Exchanges like coinbase why because Contracts matter coinbase's biggest Fight against Gary Gensler and the SEC Is still ongoing doesn't change the fact That coinbase keeps racking up those Wins and ultimately this is part of Brian Armstrong and coin base's greater Goal of helping spur regulatory change To make the US a leader in crypto Technology the naive view of crypto is That this is some speculative asset that People are trading and they're going to Lose their shirts that's missing the

Forest through the trees fundamentally Crypto is not a financial product it's It's a technology that can update all Kinds of financial products it can Improve settlement times it can make it Cheaper to send money to your family Overseas in another country it can be a New way for artists to get paid Cryptocurrency regardless of what you Think about it it's not going anywhere It can't be uninvented most of the world Is embracing this technology now to Update their financial system and what I Fear is that we're going to be sitting Here in 5 or 10 years and we're going to Come back to crypto and think about it Like we did with 5G or Semiconductors and say wow now it's a Matter of National Security that we get It brought back on Shore we need to see What the potential of it is and where it Goes and we to do that we need a clear Rule book in the United States now this all doesn't change the Fact that decentralized exchanges dexes Like Unis swap continue to eat the lunch Of sexes take market share away from Centralized exchanges and in fact Unis Swap just hit 2 trillion in lifetime Trading volume rivaling that of major Sexes the trading volume figure Encompasses transactions conducted Across various blockchains supporting Unis swap or Unis swap supporting

Various blockchains including ethereum Polygon optimism arbitrum cell BNB chain Bas blast and avax network as you recall Unis swap launched in November of 2018 It initially took 42 months to surpass That 1 trillion trading volume Milestone Back in May of 2022 however it managed To surpass the second trillion Mark in Less than 24 months even in the face of Increasing competition within the Dex Space there's just so much momentum Behind uniswap and other decks is I mean For instance Unis swap which is the Largest amassed a staggering 21 . 6 Billion in volume over the past week Alone pancake swap a derivative of Unis Swap followed in second place with 9.6 Billion in trading volume and other Notable dexes such as curb balancer Trader Joe round out the top five with Volumes ranging from 800 million to 1.8 Billion listen centralized exchanges Have their place but I find myself using Decentralized exchanges more and more Particularly they continue to add Functionality they continue to make it More usable more userfriendly It's nice to see so many different Sectors of crypto exploding with growth It's good for the user so with all that Being said Bitcoin is taking a breather Right now but I believe Bitcoin goes Much higher question is how high can it Go Anthony scaramucci of skybridge

Capital just updated his thoughts I Wholeheartedly agree with what he says At the end about the having listen Bitcoin's back why what are all the Reasons you think well I mean I think The ETF was a big reason I think the Regulatory hurdle where the United States government is now allowing ausf To be attached to bitcoin is a big Reason and I think you know Wall Street As well as anybody when Wall Street gets A product like this it's like a selling Machine and it's generating lots of Demand for the product and I think we're Surprised that there's over 10 billion In the first quarter of new flows for Something like Bitcoin why why are you Surprised uh well it took it took a year For GLD the gold ETF to get the 10 Billion And so this did it in 25% of the time And you know not to bore everybody but Bitcoin's the network spits out about 900 coins a day that's going to get cut In half probably April 20th or so and so You're going down to 450 coins and you Probably have two to 3,000 coins of Base Demand uh at a time when the supply is Going to get cut so they said earlier That Bitcoin uh the the price of Bitcoin The ETF was priced in they're now saying That the having is priced in and I don't Believe that either I think I think Bitcoin has a lot more to go here so

What's his price prediction how high can Bitcoin go hey this is a continued Conversation make sure you subscribe for Daily content and make sure you get your Tickets to the roast of altcoin daily Thursday April 11th this week 6:00 p.m. To 10 p.m. Santa Monica at the expert Dojo this is a roast so there will be Comedians roasting us and you know this Will be full of laughs but this is also Kind of like an altcoin daily Meetup Come and say hi ticket information is Below I hope to see you there and let me Know do you agree with scar moi's price Prediction here do you have in your mind A Target level as people still try and Throw those out what you think is Reasonable so I've been consistent with This and I I basically say that the Having is going to come honor about April 20th uh typically what's happened Over the 18 months since the having you Get a Forex move in Bitcoin let's be a Little bit more conservative on that I've been saying that it's about $170,000 for this cycle uh but Bitcoin Is a cyclical product in my opinion uh Waves of people come into it the demand Is there and then it goes through you Know pulls and drags if you will so I Think it gets to 170,000 by the end of The cycle we also like salana fully Disclosed we have smaller positions like Alaran and and and smaller positions

Like Avalanche we're looking at some Other tokens but bitcoin's a big Guna The US dollar has lost about 22% of its Value since January of 2020 coin's gone Up 8 to1 now you can say okay well Anthony you're you're you're dot Plotting you're picking a high dot for Bitcoin maybe Bitcoin drops 50% due to Its volatility but I think the Arc of it Is an inflation hedge it doesn't Necessarily mean that it's a short-term Inflation hedge but if you own Bitcoin Anybody that's owned Bitcoin in a Rolling four-year period of time they've Actually done well they've never lost Money if they're able to hold on to it For for periods like that


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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