So here in my hand I got something Insanely special and this is a brand new Credit card by American Express cost you 0 to hold and it actually comes with Some surprising benefits so I don't want To hold you up what is this brand new Credit card well this is going to be the American Express white card just kidding It's not the white card it could be Called the white card but this is Actually that American Express companion Platinum card that we talked about a few Weeks ago well I ended up ordering one Just because I have a sister and she Does not have any of those luxury tier Premium credit cards and I noticed that She also doesn't have the benefits like TSA pre-check and also some of the Things that this card offers you so Anytime you can get free benefits for The cost of paying $0 I feel like that's A winwin and in this video we're going To be going over how I managed to pick This card up how you can do the same We're going to go over the exact Benefits and talk about whether or not This card is worth it so first of all Let's talk about the details of this Card because I really do wish that American Express came out with a brand New product and I do think the white Card would actually do pretty well now That's definitely going to depend though On the benefits and the perks that come

Along with this card because if we take An example like the American Express Green card that's more of a newly Revamped product but we still haven't Really seen it get that popular just Because the main staple cards with AMX Like the gold card and even the Platinum Card are still such good products that a Lot of people aren't really looking to Go for any alternatives all right so Here's how this card looks like in more Detail up close I also went ahead and Put my American Express business Platinum Card right next to it just so You can get a better comparison of the Lighter color that the American Express Companion platinum card has here's Another comparison of how the companion Platinum Card looks alongside some other Silver gray credit cards like my world Of highight and my Amazon Visa Prime Card all in all in terms of the material This is as cheap as American Express can Go very bendy very flimsy and it's Nothing like the actual Platinum Card Itself now this card was only made Available recently ever since they made Those changes and in order to actually Get this card it's really simple all Right guys so setting this up is Actually really easy all you do is go Into your account services you click on The credit card the platinum card and Then from there you just go into manage

Other users and it'll say add someone to Your account once you click on add Someone to your account choose the Credit card of choice and then from There you just click on ADD an Additional card member to your account And then here you'll see the additional Platinum card with a $195 annual fee or The companion platinum card with $0 in Annual fees so I'll click this and then You just fill out the names and the rest Of this is all optional you can either Have it mailed to your own address or Whoever you want to add to your account To their address now going over this Card's benefits there's not much and It's more expected when this card is Completely for free so technically if You want to get this card all you have To do is pick up the American Express Platinum Card go into account services And then request it and honestly I think You could request it as many times as You want so you could even get maybe Five of these if you really wanted to Just for the purpose of filling up those Credit card binders so the purpose of This card is Whoever has access to it is Going to be able to use it as an Authorized user so I think this is Perfect for any family members and more Specifically I would say younger or even Older siblings if they are just not Really into the credit card game but you

Would like to give them the free perk of Having global dining access by resi and Also the fee credit for Global Entry or TSA pre-check now if they already have Paid for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck or They do happen to have a credit card That offers that this card is not really Going to be of any value unless they're Traveling and you love them so much that You plan to pay for their own trips There's good people like that props to You now if we compare the companion Platinum card to the regular American Express Platinum Card that you can get As an authorized user just even see Seeing on your screen you have way more Benefits like Marriott bonvoy Gold Status Hilton Honors gold status and Access to the Fine hotels and resorts Program also the biggest benefit is that You get access to the Centurion lounge If you have the other version of the Platinum card and if you pull up with The white version the companion card Version they will probably I don't want To say they're going to laugh in your Face but they're going to be like yo What is that is this guy just trying to Get in here with a fake platinum card And uh yeah you're you're going to have To deal with that so is this card really Worth it well if you have a family Member or a close friend that happens to Not have TSA pre-check or global entry

And they want to get it I feel like this Is just a easy great simple perk where You can pretty much just give them that Benefit for free without them having to Pay for it keep in mind TSA pre-check Costs $78 for 5-year membership and $70 To renew and then Global Entry costs $100 for a 5-year membership so you're Still saving them just a little bit of Money there now if you are interested in Learning more about the Platinum Card Itself I actually made a video not too Long ago going over the 15 benefits that You must do with the platinum card and I Also recently went ahead and compared The platinum card to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card to the capital 1 Venture X The reason I compared those three cards In particular is because those are three Of the best luxury premium tier travel Cards to exist right now on the market So if you plan on doing any type of Traveling I definitely check those Review videos out and if you plan on Applying for any one of these cards at Any time be sure to check out the links Down Below in the description thank you All so much again for watching this Video And yo I'm I'm like filming right now And I don't know what what are you doing Astro you're straight up having a yoga Session now you're Frozen he's Frozen He's not moving little camera Inception

Moment right here right guys um I don't Know who to look at but okay we'll do This one I appreciate you guys for Watching this video like always if you Don't yet follow me on Instagram or Twitter be sure to check out that too Link is down below in the description we Also have a sick membership group Completely for free on Facebook and on Discord and yeah it it's free so just Join that I'd love to learn and talk With you guys about life or whatever it Is anyways all right that'll be it see Y'all soon peace


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