Brainly CEO talk about bots and content quality on the platform

Yeah so so you know like on Bots like we Definitely do a lot to prevent that uh Yeah that's that's just pure Responsibility to the numbers that we Share on content quality like we we do a Lot there is a pre-moderation uh meaning Even before the content is being posted We check it automatically uh and then There is a post moderation done by our Experts and we have thousands of people Around the world who are helping us as Experts to verify content uh and and Check the content quality that said our Approach is also to give a chance so if We see a small mistake in an answer like We we ask the user to correct it to Correct it yeah so in fact like the user Gets a notification hey we spotted up an Issue with your answer could you uh Could you correct it and then at the end You know we have also social moderation So our answers are rated by students They say hey was it really helpful Wasn't it really helpful and what I Think was something that is really cool That we are doing is that thank you Button because it's an amazing feeling When you you know when you gave an Answer and somebody said thank you to You so there's like a multi-layered Process for us to verify content quality Yeah


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