’s Generative AI Smartphone | TechCrunch

You can also generate interfaces from Interfaces well we we call this anything To anything so anything you see on an Interface any UI elements if you're Interested you press on it continue Talking to it to generate the next piece Of interface what screen does it Have and then it's rendering and coming Up with the right interface in real time Instead of me reading through this this Coming up with this design and and this Answer on the fly so show me an unboxing Video for this product literally instead Of me going between apps it's building The solution for me on a fly just scroll Through is following my flow of thought Recommend a gift for my grandma who Can't get out of bed you can see it's Kind of like thinking about how to build What kind of layout is going to build This interface into what kind of data How do I assemble the data use the right Models to to build this end to end again This native interface that allows me to Add to card directly front to Amazon or Different 7,000 different e-commerce Sites


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