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Of all the charts I've traded in crypto I've made the most money trading this Chart today I interview AJ of AJ writes Crypto bitcoin's next move I think Everybody's wondering what do the charts Say as he shares his technical analysis For Bitcoin and what comes next minimum 120 like minimum 120 I I would like to See it push and watch today's whole Interview as AJ shares advice for new Traders today what's some advice or some Perspective you would give to like a new TR trying to figure out the charts join Me on buybit with referral code altcoin Daily and grab a $20 signup bonus as Well as earn up to $30,000 in exclusive rewards link down Below and AJ let's start with your Background hey thanks so much for having Me really really appreciate it been Watching all Quin daily since 2019 and uh to be on the channel That Means the world to me thanks a lot I I Love that and I appreciate you saying That and you put out great perspective Great charart Um just for the folks at home that don't Know you could you talk about your Background and how you got into Trading yeah sure I mean like I grew up Like racing motocross and skateboarding And playing in uh like pop punk bands as A kid and then you know those things Once you grow up you have to like get a

Real job you know and then like the my 20s was a roller coaster and then Towards the end of my 20s I started to Learn about crypto like slowly but Surely dipped my feet in from like 2016 And then it just got I learned more and More as I went and then I would say Probably like you know 2019 2020 is when I really started to take things Seriously 2021 I was a writer for bitboy Crypto and I worked with him for a Couple years and um we still are in the Same office now but he owns his stuff I Own my stuff and we coexist together and I uh you know I have my own YouTube Channel it's only been out for like six Months really my YouTube channel isn't That old but I've been around for a While so um yeah I just kind of Progressively got more and more involved As time has gone on and yeah I'm I've Been full-time crypto for a couple years Now and it's certainly like the best Choice I've ever made um for my life you Know well the link for your YouTube Channel your Twitter down below I Encourage our audience if they like what They see if we get into these charts and And and the perspective is is quality Which I think it will be check out the Links down below AJ let's Jump Right In Bitcoin's next move I think everybody's Wondering what do the charts say sure so On your screen right here is the Bitcoin

2day chart and a couple things yell at Me the second I look at this chart the First thing is let me pull this over Here the first thing is you know it's Unfortunate we kind of have this Slightly lower high idea like kind of Pushing that direction and that's not The direction we want to see the trend Line go so there's kind of this idea This is the two-day keep in mind another Thing that yells at me is like you know The oscillator down here is Market Cipher B is sort of like an RSI and see How like in the past when we were over Here how high up it came you know that Would like kind of represent uh it being Overheated you know and this time it Kind of did not come up as high it's Kind of a slower curve there and it has A red dot which kind of indicates like a Push a negative push down we also have a A 17 negative five on Dual Band strength Index where anything over a 14 is a Strong degree of certainty so keep in Mind this is a two-day chart so it Certainly looks like the next push down Is going it it the next couple days are Likely to be bearish but last time we Pushed down we bounced off the 50 EMA And continued so just because we pushed Down a couple days doesn't mean we're Going all the way down we could just Come down and retest the 50 EMA which is What I'm hoping because when you come

Over here to the daily chart you will See that you know overall Bitcoin is in An ascending broadening channel uh you Know it's go it's going up and to the Right and Bitcoin could really come all The way down here to you know 53 54 55,000 and still technically be in an Uptrend so you know hopefully a lot of The test you know it's kind of like like The boss fight is the analogy I like to Use like the the 50 EMA is like the Minions all right and if you if you go Past the 50 then you have to fight the Boss to really have like a change of Direction and the boss is the 200 EMA so We're still above the 50 EMA on The Daily for Bitcoin uh you know the money Flow is kind of a long curvature out of The green kind of coming down in the Vwap a little bit so it things could Probably go sideway ways for a little Bit but I'm kind of looking at a push Down like I said from the two-day chart Uh to the 50 EMA which should be like High high 60s I would really not like to See to be honest with you smaller time Frame 6 hour this support resistance Level at 672 we really don't want to see from From over here we don't want to see Bitcoin go below that and this is more Of like a local up channel here and and The price action just in the past couple Hours is right on that level at you know

672 and if we lost that too much we Would actually go out of the local Uptrend as well which would you know Kind of start a range of bearish ideas So yeah it it things are looking down For the moment but it it doesn't have to Be permanent on like day two day chart You know so you're saying your next Price targets likely to to the downside A little low 60s worst case scenario Maybe 53 52 but even then that wouldn't Be the end of the world we'd still be in The Brader uptrend yeah yeah and to be Fair I I would kind of be looking more Like 63 64 is I mean even when I come back to Like a lot of like the range inside of This like kind of like the heart of this Range kind of exists between like 64 and 65 uh I would really and there's a a Little a volume Spike here around like 63 64 I would really not like to see Bitcoin like go under here we would like To stay in this value area which would Be you know best case scenario for Sure AJ when Bitcoin inevitably breaks And sustains all-time highs again um What's your thoughts throughout the rest Of the cycle how soon till we see the Cycle top how long do you see this cycle Lasting and also what range are you Looking at yeah that's a really good Question so uh my like bitcoin price Prediction honestly is probably I would

Minimum 120 like minimum 120 I I would Like to see it push you know 170s 180s Maybe even the 200s like I think we we Had this conversation uh the other night When we were hanging out at the Conference and really the perfect storm Is brewing in terms of a lot of things Happening in the macro we still haven't Seen the interest slashes yet uh you Know now that both parties are fighting For the crypto vote that we've never had Crypto without the fear of Regulation You know imagine crypto without being Worried about the regulation so there's Like a lot of like really positive Positive macro longterm you know I could See Bitcoin going further than that we Expect personally my personal Target for Bitcoin is like 150 160,000 and I think That would be more than fair in terms of How large bitcoin's market cap already Is in terms of how long it will take to Get there well it some some people like Literally act like they've gone to the Future they saw Bitcoin they came back And now they're telling us Exactly what happened with this cycle And I'm like listen like no one can go To the Future you don't have a crystal Ball you don't have a DeLorean with a Flux capacitor it's impossible and I'm Going off the Playbook you know we're Post having now and you know a year and A half after the having has basically

Been it every single time you know so I Would like to go off the Playbook and There is kind of a shortened Cycle Theory that it's going to you know be Shorter than before that remains to be Seen and now with the ETFs in play I Mean I don't know Austin does Wall Street play the short game or is Wall Street playing the long game that's kind Of where my head's at seems those Wall Street Wales always played the long game Um right the cycle could be longer in my Opinion yeah yeah yeah that is great Perspective and I want to get to Altcoins but before we do that one Question as somebody who's an expert Trader meaning you do this every day to A Nomas Trader I'm more of a long-term Holder what's some advice or some Perspec perspective you would give to Like a new Trader trying to figure out The charts take your time like Everyone's in a big hurry to get rich Everyone wants they want the lambo they Want the mansion and they and they want It now you know I take your time like I I I've used this analogy before trading Is just like anything else people think Like because it's trading they can just Throw their money at it and it's just Going to magically work out but it's Just like any other skill any other Activity like if you're going to you you Want to get really good at playing

Basketball you can't just just get into The NBA you got to go to the gym every Day you got to play pickup games you got To put years and years and years of time Into learning your craft and trading's No different you people think they can Just show up and throw money and win and That does happen sometimes but that kind Of creates the illusion the real traders That are winning consistently over time Aren't looking for that outof the park $5 million trade they they want to win Con 5 million consistent calculated Trades you had one altcoin that he had Some t perspective on what is that Altcoin and sure and yeah what is that Altcoin yeah so a lot of people right Now would expect me to say hadera uh Harar or algorand or vchain or the graph Uh I was thinking about talking about Jasm which I do like as well but it did Kind of pop and there's not much to go Off of on that chart because it's sort Of in its own discovery mode but if Anyone knows me knows that my favorite Chart to trade is no other than Phantom FTM and of all the charts I've traded in Crypto I've made the most money trading This chart I don't know what it is about This one but I I can I can predict I'm Just so used to this chart that it the Way it moves makes a lot of sense to me Uh where some charts can kind of throw Like a curveball this one makes a lot

More sense and you know right now Phantom you know obviously we you know Had like this nice come up here uh the Sonic upgrade has been really big news So Phantom even has news it came up to A123 here and then kind of put in this Lower high uh you know right around a Dollar you know 97 cents but now you Know there's this support resistance Level that I'm watching here and this Level is at you know 60 excuse me 768 You know just under 77 cents but when You kind of zoom in it actually looks Like Phantom is trying to put up a fight At this level and it looks like it's Fighting to stay above the 50 EMA I'm Actually looking for this is the 12-hour Chart I'm looking for a Green Dot to Print right here and to come up you know In in the oscillator in the vwap and Maybe we can kind of continue into here And maybe fight to get to like 83 to 90 Cents uh if Bitcoin like turns around And loses 67 66 uh I would imagine this Would lose support resistance as well But for now on the 12- hour chart it Actually looks like a pretty good trade I wouldn't be upset about you know going Into like a dayong swing tree just based Off of the idea of it bouncing off the Support resistance level I wouldn't be Surprised to see Phantom you know 85 886 In the next couple days it's at 79 right Now but let's hope Bitcoin plays plays

With us you know AJ let me ask you this Is because I've heard it both ways some People say trading ta is horoscope for Men and some people say it's Probabilities it's the best option we Have what is probability wise uh how Much of this is like how would you Define it yeah that you know that's a Really good question and it really it's Just like I said like the analogy like Playing basketball right like you're Going to have to put in so many hours to Get to a point where you actually Realize okay this could work out this Might not work out because like what I Do as a Trader I set really tight stop Losses tighter than most Traders do Because here's the thing I'm cool with Losing nine trades in a row because I'm Only going to lose 5% 4% I can reup on 4% it's not like I'm I I'm trading Without a stop and losing 40% of my Trade and I can lose eight nine trades In a row and then on that last trade I'm Going to make it all back so it's kind Of like you can have a bad win rate and Still be a profitable Trader and I I Think when people look at risk Management in in the same angle I do in That light they go oh so I don't have to Risk my life every time I enter a Leverage trade like I could do this Little bites at a time what happens is People get like emotional it's like

They're G Ling and instead of just Letting getting stopped out they'll move The stop loss they'll chase the trade no If I get stopped out I get stopped out I'll just do it again you know it's not You you know it's just like you kind of Get calloused to the roller coaster a Lot of people they're they're really Emotional because they're not used to The swings it's kind of like playing Poker when people it's like if you're if Some people lost $700 they'd be like oh No I just lost $700 but when you play Poker for years and years and years You're like yeah it's only $700 we'll Just keep playing it's like that but With trading like it's kind of a Gambling uh analogy but the point is you Have to get calloused and get toughened Up and be ready for the roller coaster And I think that is a really tough Lesson for new traders to learn AJ Awesome perspective I want to have you Back on in two three months revisit These charts links for your channel are Down below final thoughts for the alone Daily Army hey I really appreciate you Guys everybody make sure you smash a Like and you know get rich or get Wrecked that's really what it comes down To and that is the decision it's not Just a tagline it's not just this thing I say it it's a decision you make every Day you can wake up earlier than

Everyone else and read all the Articles And spend time reading books and Watching videos like here on altcoin Daily and put in the work or you could Sleep in and eat bad and not exercise And not you know do what you're supposed To do to feel like okay I'm making Progress like you know deep inside am I Making progress like this is not a Static environment you're either moving Towards your goal or moving away from it So you're either going to get rich or Get wrecked and live live in the Positivity and move forward towards Chase your dreams that's what I'm saying I love it thank you man yeah yeah I Appreciate you thanks so much for having Me on


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