Bombshell Updates In Bitcoin & Crypto TODAY (Vivek Crypto, BlackRock Ethereum News, SHIB & MORE!!)

Looking at the Bitcoin price as we rally Higher yes we took a dip today but as Crypto adoption continues to happen There's a frenzy of international Interest in this asset class if we want To talk about is this entire bunch of Cryptocurrencies Manisha is here to tell Us more Manisha what's going on I've Also you know been seeing some reports Which just have completely crazy Target Prices on bitcoin and while the bigger News is probably what just happened with Black rock a new filing with ethereum as Well as why is Avalanche pumping why is Polygon pumping why are altcoins pumping This is international interest Bitcoin As we've been talking about is trading At the highest since May 2022 but the Last 24 hours absolutely belong to Solana which gained up by nearly 11 to 18% on the higher side it's now the Sixth largest crypto in sense of Market Capital there and Solana of course is Seen as more efficient cost effective Even more than ethereum and that clearly Has been been the major favorite within The old coins but the revolution that is Happening today on American soil with This upcoming US presidential election This is becoming Mass marketing for Cryptocurrency as all these different Candidates are forced to take a stance On their policy my view on the promise Of Bitcoin though is deeper than that it

Is an opt out from the broken Financial Architecture created I have an update From the video we put out about 5 months Ago what every single president Presidential candidate their stance on Bitcoin just in presidential candidate VC ramaswami lays out his three freedoms Of crypto policy framework I got to ask You if you become president of the United States what changes from a crypto Perspective I think what changes is that Regulation by enforcement ends what does That mean that the rules are delineated Clearly in advance rather than you Having to wait for an enforcement action For the SEC to figure out whether or not A given coin was a security or not the Gary Gensler refuses to say today for Example about ethereum what also changes Is that any unconstitutional regulation Not just as it affects crypto this is Part of a broader administrative State Reform for me but any regulation that Congress did not expressly given agency The power to pass is null and void it Turns out that applies to most Regulations governing the crypto Industry so first and foremost clear Regulations which I like and I'll get to Other candidates in a minute again we'll Cover everything so you have all the Information but Number One V says he Will protect code AS freedom of speech And I I put these into three categories

For the areas of reform that I've laid Out one is the freedom to code it's my View that code is speech and while it's Perfectly appropriate for the government To go after Bad actors if you take the Tornado cach example going Upstream for The actual developers of the code that's Wrong you got to draw the distinction Between the code itself which is Protected versus people who misuse it to Steal that's something that's not Happening today that's freedom of speech Is is principle number one it's the Freedom to code principle number two is Financial self-reliance I'll give you The punch line here there's a lot that That's behind it but the punchline is Self-hosted wallets should not be Touched I mean that's part of the Jeffersonian Jacksonian vision of Financial self-reliance and Independence We can't have a regulatory apparatus That effectively creates self-hosted Wallets and prevents them from being Able to exist so that's Point number two So selfhosted wallets are just regular Def crypto wallets now there's custodial And non-custodial non-custodial like a Metamask like anything you control are Self-hosted while custodial would be Like the coin bases or an exchange where They hold your keys they say it's yours But they're really in control and then Point number three is just the freedom

To innovate and I say this is somebody Who comes from multiple different Regulated Industries in the past the wet Blanket on American innovation isn't Even Congress it's the regulatory State That's making up its own rules Regardless of the laws that actually Exist in this country and so we'll Rescind all of those unconstitutional Federal Regulations we'll downsize the Federal employee headcount by 75% which I think is a good thing a lot of these Toxic regulation and enforcement action Come from the fact that if you have a Bunch of people showing up to work who Shouldn't have had that job in the first Place they find things to do will put an End to that and the good news about all Of this is these are things I can get Done as the US president without asking Congress for permission or for Forgiveness because this relates to the Executive branch many people do not know This that the United States is one of The largest Bitcoin holders in the world So obviously Satoshi owns a lot the Winkl vi twins own a lot exchanges are Big holders but because of criminal Confiscations and hacks the US Department of Justice in public wallets Which we can check have been quietly Accumulating and holding Bitcoin so it's No wonder after all the rumors all the Speculation Black Rock officially files

For a spot ethereum ETF with the SEC the Form S1 comes a week after Black Rock Registered their ishares ethereum trust Entity with the Delaware state that's Exactly what Larry thinkink did before He registered his Bitcoin ETF and if/ When approved this will be listed on NASDAQ if you hold ethereum you'll like This according to James seert who is a Lead Analyst at Bloomberg intelligence Ethereum has achieved commodity status But the SEC won't admit it the SEC and Share Gary Gensler won't publicly Acknowledge that ethereum is a commodity But multiple actions since 2018 show They implicitly accept its commodity Status he lists multiple examples why And then how this affs su he says that If the SEC officially declared ethereum A security that would likely lead to a Duel with the cfdc which the SEC doesn't Want Bloomberg intelligence expects the SEC to treat ethereum more like Bitcoin And approve a spot ethereum ETF in 2024 Hey why is polygon pumping well you can Always tune in to altcoin daily and find Out just in yesterday polygon proof of Stake chain processed 6.71 million Transactions that's the highest amount Of daily transactions for polygon since October 2021 also looking at net inflows When compared to the other major Blockchains new compared to all Blockchains polygon POS and polygon ZK

Evm have recorded the highest net inflow Over the last 24 hours beating Avalanche Beating optimism coming in a 1 and two And also major news news as we shared in Yesterday's video polygon deck volumes Are up over 200% in the last 30 days now Why is this happening well as explained By one of the founders of polygon sand Deep he says I hear there's some game Baby shark launching could that be the Reason someone told me just now that the Minting stopped and we might go back to Less crazy levels so just understand That Matrix like this will probably Level off but also understand this Represents actual Building Development Use on boarding onto the network due to Specific deps and big announcement Tether plans major expansion into BTC Mining with a $500 million investment so This is tether the stablecoin company And they have Ambitions to reach 1% of BTC mining computing power under their New CEO and their new facilities in South Africa Africa will be part of the Push the company will build mining Facilities in Uruguay Paraguay and El Salvador as it grows its computing power To 1% of the BTC mining Network so they Will not let price go down bitcoin's Network will only get stronger and if You're asking why is Avalanche pumping Avalanche pumps 14% after JP Morgan Adoption so banking giant JP Morgan will

Be using the blockchain to tokenize Their portfolios JP Morgan's Onyx has Tapped an avalanche subnet or a Dedicated version of the blockchain in a Proof of concept with Apollo Global Meaning this is just sort of a trial run Right now but this proof of concept Illustrates the potential of blockchain Smart contracts and tokenization to Stream portfolio management boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao announces a Partnership with shibba enu thank you sh Community for supporting the manip Pacquiao Foundation we are excited about This partnership God bless all right Nothing more to say pretty cool if you Hold ship if I missed anything comment Down below reading now like always see You tomorrow


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