Bob Van Dijk on the future of EdTech

No absolutely and and uh I think for us What what the the red threat has been is When we um when we start investing into A new a new area we typically do it out Of our Avengers group Avengers group uh Is spread all over the world they're Mainly based out of San Francisco and They they they got us into lots of new Things that are exciting so they got us Into food delivery which is now one of Our biggest yeah we'll go into that Later yeah yeah and but also into uh to Attack and What attracted us initially Is that just such a large uh Global need Right people need to educate themselves I would say even more so now than before And even more in the Futures people need To reskill and if you look at how people Learn in many ways it's still pretty Old-fashioned right you have a teacher a Bunch of kids and and books or a bunch Of grown-ups and books but technology I Think and so much enhance the way people Learn and and we think that's just a Tremendous long-term opportunity to use Technology to make people much better Off


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