BlockFi files for bankruptcy, Blackrock lost $24 million in FTX, and more!

Welcome to the crypto minute magic Eden Has royalty enforcement tool and block Five files for bankruptcy Putin thinks We should have a distributed Ledger for International settlement novel idea the Amount of wallets will hold at least one Bitcoin hit an all-time high I didn't Hired or not a team to verify their Reserves lotsrock CEOs said they lost 24 Million in FTF Jack Dorsey special block Are suing Richmond Ave froze Lending platforms after a failed 60 Million attack your Telegraph is Launching an nft collection week Invented collect articles oxide OCS to See 30 million dollars in FTX 275 Billion the elderly launched commission For crypto trading for retail nfts are Now live on unisplot Apple blocks of Coinbase Roll It Up release and launch 30 of fees Alameda took over 200 million Out of FTX us before filing for Bankruptcy SPF is being sued by blockfy Over Robin Hood shares telegram is going To build a cryptocurrency exchange and Non-custodial wallet Kraken lays off 30 Of their staff where do we begin with The SPF interview so he says ftxtus is Fully solvent and withdrawals could like Be open today apparently had no Knowledge of the coming Leo fun and he Apologized quite a few times that fixes Everything just four days 3.5 billion Dollars Bitcoin was taken off the

Changes keep stacking and I'll see you Next week


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