BlackRock’s WILD Plan to PUMP & DUMP the Crypto Market! (Finally Revealed!)

We do believe that if we can create more Tokenization of assets and securities And that's what Bitcoin is it could Revolutionize again Finance pay very Close attention because this man is one Of the most powerful Shadow men on the Planet his name Larry Fink and his Company BlackRock the foundation of BlackRock is about hope you invest for Retirement because you believe tomorrow Is better than today BlackRock is Launching a spot Bitcoin ETF in the U.S And Larry has just revealed his exact Plans for this I never realized this is How he thought about it it's an Advancement of technology I mean it's no Different than the spirit around Ai and What Aya can do these are going to be Good long-term holds don't tune out tune In reminder BlackRock has 10 trillion Assets under management and their Clients are ready to inject billions Into Bitcoin day one Once by blackrock's Spot Bitcoin ETF is approved if you Subscribe to altcoin daily I know you do You understand that Larry Fink has been Hinting about this with his friends for Quite some time this is not going to be An easy task capital is moving and it's Going to move very rapidly this ETF will Cause Bitcoin to Skyrocket listen to This Larry Fink lays out exactly how Much easier investing in Bitcoin will be For himself for his friends for

Institutions if slash when the BlackRock ETF gets approved listen very closely to What Larry Fink says if you look at this As an opportunity to move one step Further in terms of providing investors You know fractions of shares fractions Of this democratizing the cost of Investing You know over the last 10 years we've Lowered the cost of ishares ETFs by 30 So what we're trying to do is make it More accessible or easy the attempt in Terms of what we're trying to do with Crypto is make it more democratized with All the crypto and making it much Cheaper for investors right now the bid Ask spread for crypto is very expensive It does erode a lot of the returns that You speak about because it costs a lot Of money right now to transact Bitcoin And it costs a lot of money to get out Of that and so we hope our Regulators Look at these filings that it's a way to Democratize crypto and and and and we'll See in the future how that plays it's Amazing to see just how far BlackRock Larry Fink and Bitcoin have come Larry Used to be the biggest Bitcoin skeptic Of them all well I mean maybe not bigger Than Buffett and Monger I try and avoid Things that are stupid Bitcoin it's Stupid because it's very likely to go to Zero but he's top three this is the 2018 Larry Fink interview that blackrock's

Trying to bury the BlackRock doesn't Want you to see Is it true that you're building out a Cryptocurrency capability uh uh no I Mean we're looking at it we're looking At blockchain Technologies and we're Looking at all the questions in crypto Blockchain is just the underlying Technology don't your clients want Crypto exposure no I don't believe any Client has sought out crypto exposure Really yes But at some point they might Do you need to be prepared I don't at The moment no I have not heard from any One client they're looking to and to uh To buy a cryptocurrency at this time but Right now I can tell you it worldwide I have not heard from one client who Said I need to be in this now let's Compare that answer to his answer today Because Larry Fink basically gets asked The same question six years later except This time it's framed answer for Yourself you changed your mind explain Yourself listen to why he says he Changed his mind you were never a crypto Skeptic like Buffett I mean Buffett and Charlie Munger come out and they say Well this bad stuff about it well you Were kind of skeptical yeah I was Skeptical as the early users were it was Heavily used for let's say illicit Activities

Um and I think as it became more Accessible And also I do believe the role of crypto Is it's digitizing gold in many ways Instead of investing in gold as a hedge Against inflation a hedge against the Onerous problems of any one country or Or the devaluation of your currency Whatever country you're in let's be Clear Bitcoin is an international asset It's not based on any one currency and So it can represent a asset that people Can play as an alternative the Foundation of BlackRock is about hope You invest for retirement because you Believe tomorrow is better than today Hey guys this video is sponsored by tmn Global tmn global is the first and only Blockchain company to combine technology Metals and rare earth metals with Cryptocurrency technology metals or Metals with high demand that are used in Technology like smartphones and Computers in 2021 the market leader in Commodities trading in Europe up emhhe Partnered with a new blockchain company Called area World AG to develop a Virtual asset called tmng which stands For technology metal Network Global this Company or at least its crypto product Is in its early stages but they're Combining crypto and precious metals in An interesting way check it out if you Like based in Zog Switzerland TMG Global

Is currently going through a token sale Prices increase on August 15th from 21 Cents to 25 cents follow all laws in Your respective jurisdictions this is Not an offer to buy or sell Securities Only informational and if you do Participate they have a giveaway or Sweepstakes going on as well with prizes Worth a total of five thousand dollars First prize is an exclusive dream Vacation for two people second prize is The state-of-the-art 4K TV third prize Is a voucher for a luxury shopping trip Check it out thank you tmng for Sponsoring today's video look it's no Coincidence that BlackRock is doing this Before Bitcoins having when Bitcoin Supply flow will get cut in half wake up Larry Fink is a Bitcoin blockchain bull Now now he's on TV singing the Praises Of Bitcoin and crypto in this interview It's the TV anchor who's the skeptic and Larry Fink is the one standing up for The technology for the investment for The revolution listen to this I don't See the utility in the underlying Technology and isn't that bad Well no I actually believe the Underlying technology is fantastic Because because the blockchain will help You accelerate the processes of Transactions the blockchain will help You identify I mean let's be clear if You have a pure blockchain and you have

Knowledge of who the buyers and sellers Are we could then you know we don't need Custodians anymore we don't need you Know the whole process of Finance some Of the intermediaries are broken down And so this is why we're all studying But we're not there we're not close to There but it's an advancement of Technology I mean it's no different than The spirit around Ai and what AI can do We have a deep understanding of BlackRock and their plans for Bitcoin Now more than ever all you have to do is Pay attention like we do we watch him on TV we listen to him in podcasts we Understand exactly what he's doing I Mean Larry Fink is active on the Interview circuit nowadays singing the Praises of Bitcoin singing the Praises Of crypto we know exactly what he's Gonna do I believe the Next Generation For markets the Next Generation for Securities will be will be tokenization Of Securities and if we could have that Distributed Ledger that we know every Beneficial owner every beneficial seller We all have our our code of who's buying Who's selling instantaneous settlement I Mean the transformation think about Instantaneous settlement Bonds in stock No middlemen we're going to bring down Fees even more dramatically as for me I Don't have to vote on any shares anymore Because the beneficial owner will do all

The voting now is the time my friends Now is the time to seriously get Involved we have a bull market on the Horizon if you're interested in making Money in crypto I implore you subscribe To our Channel stay informed a bull Market is coming a bull market is here The economy is really strong now and Getting stronger it's not getting weaker We have of the three large Stimulus's packages that were enacted Over the last year the infrastructure Act the chips Act and the IRA it's all Just starting the J curve this is going To and it was a trillion dollars over Many years ago but of stimulus it's just Entering the economy too much yes but It's it's been it's it's entering the Economy cycle of spending that do you Know halfway three quarters five percent Whoa that's it we just we're just Starting Charlie this is just happening And so this think about how many jobs it Takes to rebuild Uh airports and and freeways and ports The job demand from these acts is going To be enormous


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