BlackRock’s Top 5 Crypto Altcoins to BUY NOW

And we believe it's so important to be Anticipating the next move Black Rock Launches their first tokenized fund Build on the ethereum network We Believe The Next Step going forward will be the Tokenization of financial assets it's Actually happening the tokenization of Real world assets and that means every Stock every Bond will have its own Basically qip a multi-trillion dollar Opportunity it'll be on one general Ledger every investor you and I will Have our own number our own Identification and with ethereum as the Chosen Network and a spot ethereum ETF On the way based on who black rock is Working with which altcoins are next and What's next for Bitcoin look the reality Is if you told me a year ago that we Were going to have a correction down to 63,000 I would have been ecstatic that Would have been a fantastic fantastic Price for us yes the ETFs have had a big Impact on the price appreciation in two Fold the first one is the fact of course That if you make something easier to buy There will be more demand and more Demand than Supply means prices go up But the most important Point here is Actually what the ETF for Bitcoin being Approved meant it actually means that Regulators can't stand in the way of Legitimate products and financial Products forever so what we're going to

See and what the market is actually Counting on is definitely a set of new Crypto products that will come to Market Soon um e ethereum ETFs Solana ETFs many Of these other crypto products that I'm Sure are coming to Market so it's really This starting gun and which altcoins are Next because as Black Rock describes This new Venture through the Tokenization of the fund bule will offer Investors important benefits by enabling The issuance and trading of ownership on A blockchain expanding investors access To onchain offerings providing Instantaneous and transparent settlement And allowing for transfers across Platforms the Bank of New York melon Will enable interoperability for the Fund between digital and traditional Markets so bny melon is obviously the Traditional infrastructure needed but According to Black Rock's head of Digital assets he says we are excited to Work with securitize securitize is proud To be black Rock's transfer agent Tokenization platform and placement Agent of choice in digitizing and Expanding access to its investment Products and no other channel is sharing With you this Alpha I will make sure you Click subscribe to stay up toate on Crypto but 2 years ago securitise is Proud to partner with Bridge Tower Capital chain link and Avalanche

Blockchain in expanding institutional Access to Defi and permissioned markets So literally the company that black rock Is using as a transfer agent is already Integrated with chain link and Avalanche And with swift already using them and With chain links ccip already heavily Requested chain link ccip is the only Level five security cross chain protocol With our growing ecosystem each protocol Has a different preference and chain Link ccip is one of the standard that Had and have been requested quite a bit So we're excited to be one of the first To really work and integrate this into Our bridging uh solution I think the Blockchain space is not just isolated in Different networks now it's actually a Big interconnected Network and and CH Ccip is is bringing the security the Interoperability and and peace of mind For for Builders and users as well so Lana another key player the highest Demand anyone has ever seen in Blockchain right salana is processing More daily transactions than you know All other uh l1s and l2s combined when You look at that sort of space today and That is really a testament to the Engineering work that was done Throughout the last two years to get Salana into this state actually black Rock is building on eth JP Morgan's Onyx Is building an avalanche and mastercart

Is building on salana although they are Very much all in bed with each other but Salana is nowhere near finished as a Code base there are major new features That are being rolled out there's a lot Of improvements being made to improve The experience and from a reliability Standpoint one of those major uh Investments is a project called fire Dancer which is a new validator client For the salana network which will help Uh increase both decentralization and Resiliency to downtime in the future and Speaking of Solana multi-chain gaming Token wolfy expands to Solana via Airdrop so we know that Solana ecosystem Tokens in general have been popping off This year and while investing in crypto In any capacity can always be risky Especially with a lower cap tokens and Airdrop is something we can all take Advantage of thank you Wolfie for Sponsoring this segment of the video There is only 7 days left the Wolfie Airdrop snapshot is coming March 28th And anybody can take advantage as long As you either hold Bon tokens on Solana Or also anybody that has pre-ordered the Solana mobile phone this has been Reposted by Solana mobile we're excited To announce that we're dropping wolf Tokens into wallets of more than a 100,000 Solana mobile chapter 2 owners On Solana a snapshot of the chapter 2

Pre-order token holders will be taken on March 28th at 400 p.m. Pacific time but Also Wolfie will take a snapshot of the Bon to holders on the salana network on March 28th 400 p.m. Pacific Time same Time and those who have Bonk in their Own wallet can expect to receive a share Of the Wolfie airdrop actually 10% of The total Supply and you need to hold at Least 25 million Bon tokens and stake Them via Bon rewards to be eligible for The airdrop at the time of writing 25 Million Bonk has a value of around $11,000 hey actually I just did the math And after this recent dip it's actually Closer to $500 and Wolfie has actually Already done this successfully on the Wax blockchain as well as the nft Community on wax so wax holders love This and just looking at their website They're already partnered slork with Over 80 different companies SL games SL Communities ones you'd recognize as well As marketplaces in infrastructure so for Me I like anything that's distributed Entirely for free so it's fair it's Acess accessible to everybody and if you Want to take advantage next wolfy Airdrop snapshot coming March 28th hello Everybody I am incredibly excited and Maybe if black rock is interested in the Future of artificial intelligence Onchain the first demonstration of quite A sophisticated AI running on blockchain

ICP maybe on the radar that blockchain Of course is the internet computer the Only blockchain in the world today that Can run compute at scale a world's first A demonstration of AI running on Blockchain as a smart contract there's a Lot of talk about you know blockchains For AI tokens for AI and things like That this is the real deal now this is About 90 seconds long let's watch the Full clip so today I'm going to Demonstrate image classification which Involves a neural network running inside A small contract in fact that neural Network has been compiled to web Assembly um which is what you know runs On the internet computer okay so without Further Ado let's get started um so this This uh web page you see here is being Created by canister smart contract with The AI and sight so I'm going to click This logo and it's going to ask me to Select an image file to classify so the First one's a tiger let's see how it Does now um be warned this is going to Take about 10 seconds um currently uh It's it's processing about 20 billion Instructions to classify the the image But that's going to come down very Dramatically in the future well there we Go it's correctly classified this file As depicting a tiger this one's a bit More complicated it's like an espresso Cup on a pair of jeans let's

Go so um uh enhancements in the near Future include support for something Called Sim instructions which is going To dramatically speed this up okay this Is actually very impressive it's Correctly identified that it's an Espresso that there's a coffee mug um And that it's sitting on a pair of jeans As the crypto Market evolves make sure You click subscribe we drop a video Every single day you do not want to miss One and just for the altcoin daily Audience for the next 10 days there's a Special two for one promo so grab your Tickets to the roast of altcoin daily Link down below


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